If you have heard about Flashfood somewhere and want to know more about this mobile marketplace, let’s go with us and explore the world of Flashfood. It’s a mobile platform that offers customers discounted food and announced 12.3M Dollars in Series funding from investor S2G Ventures. Customers can browse for specials suppliers taking part in food supply near them using the Grocery Booking App. Customers can also order products directly from the app and then pick up their Flashfood zone get at their participating retail outlet.

Flashfood funding support continues its development in the United States and assists the firm feed more households for less money by partnering with shops to sell food that would otherwise go to waste.

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Food Waste Reduction App Flashfood Raises $12.3M

The $37 billion in lost value that the U.S. retail sector suffers from is due to surplus food not being sold before its expiration date. That figure is changing thanks to Flashfood by offers a digitally-driven solution to grocery stores that allows them to sell surplus food and reduce shrinkage. This will also help reduce their carbon footprint while increasing their profits. Flashfood has diverted over 33 million pounds of food out of landfills in the U.S. and Canada through its partnerships with grocery stores.

Flashfood’s founder and CEO Josh Domingues stated that this funding round would enable Flashfood Grocery App Development to quickly work towards a more sustainable food system while offering consumers huge discounts on groceries, helping them save time and doing good for the planet. This funding is crucial at a time Flashfood is more needed than ever. It will help us reach out to more customers and form partnerships with environmentally conscious supermarket stores.

Flashfood connects buyers with supermarket goods nearing their expiration date and gives savings of up to 50% off. To date, Flashfood has saved more than $100 million on groceries. Online Kirana Shopping App and Giant Food of Maryland are among the more than 1200 partner retailers that sell Flashfood.

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Chuck Templeton (managing director at S2G Ventures) stated, “Our mission is to support trailblazing entrepreneurs who work to create a healthier, more sustainable food system.” Flashfood is a unique way for consumers and retailers to contribute to the fight against food waste. It’s a cost-effective and straightforward way for shoppers, retailers, and the planet. We are excited to help the app grow in the U.S. and elsewhere.

  1. Join Stores for Discounts

Customers may browse available discounts at any participating store using the Flashfood app. Shoppers purchase items directly in the app, reducing the need for in-store shopping and picking up their order any time during the day from the Flashfood zone in their participating store. The shop locator may be used to find all participating Flashfood stores and distribution centers.

  1. Reduction of Food Destruction

It aims to decrease retail food destruction by connecting customers with food near expiration. The app is available at over 1,200 grocery stores across Canada and the U.S. The Flashfood app authorizes customers to purchase items from grocery stores and pick them up in-store. These support reducing food trash. Too far, Flashfood has diverted more than 33 million pounds of food from landfills. It has also saved over $100 million for shoppers and fed hundreds of thousands more families. Flashfood works with Meijer and Tops Friendly Markets, Martin’s Markets, Family Fares, Martin’s Markets, and Stop & Shop. Flashfood is an iOS and free Android app.

  1. What is S2G Ventures?

S2G Ventures, a multi-stage venture capital fund, invests in the food, agriculture, and oceans markets. The fund’s mission aims to foster innovation to satisfy consumer demand for sustainable and healthy food systems. S2G has identified areas in the food system that are ready for change and is currently building a portfolio of multi-stage investments, including venture, seed, and growth-stage investments. S2G’s core areas of interest are agriculture, oceans and ingredients, logistics and IT, hardware, food safety, technology, retail and restaurants, and consumer brands. Builders Vision’s direct investment arm is S2G Ventures, a part of Builders Private Capital. This platform is dedicated to creating a healthy and humane planet.

  1. How Can Buyers Save Money While using Flashfood App?

Flashfood is one of many Imperfect Foods and Misfits Market startups making hard-to-sell food more affordable for consumers. It’s all about sales and trying to reduce the world’s food waste problem. According to a recent United Nations report, roughly 931 metric tonnes, or 17%, of all food production could have gone to waste in 2019. The most significant contributor to climate change is food waste.

Businesses offering cheaper goods are also in good shape with grocery prices rising. Mintel’s global food analyst Melanie Bartelme said, “The idea that you might be in a position to get something fresh and healthy at an affordable price could be the main carter.” However, there are potential challenges as customers will need to go through extra steps to buy groceries.

Flashfood sells items at half the price of regular prices, according to founder and CEO Josh Domingues. He said that meat is a popular item, mainly since prices have soared. Fruit and vegetable boxes, which cost $5 for 5-10 pounds of food, are also in hot demand. Users can use the app as a game by scrolling through various grocery stores and looking for deals.

Domingues stated that it almost became a treasure hunt, where shoppers click on stores to see what’s in stock and what deals they can find. This strategy can also be beneficial for retailers, Domingues said. They may attract new customers via the app because shoppers want to “go out of their way” and pick up their purchases.” They may also purchase regular items once they are in the store, increasing sales for the grocer.

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  1. How to Develop the Best Grocery Delivery App?

Everything is at your fingertips in today’s world. It’s easy to order food or book a taxi with just a few taps from your mobile phone. People prefer to shop online for their grocery items just as they do for other items. You’d be shocked to know that almost 25% of consumers order their groceries online.

This market is expected to grow faster as the demand for online grocery products rises. It is predicted that the online grocery market will be worth $133.8 million by 2022. This shift in shopping habits has increased demand for grocery delivery services and Grocery Delivery App Development Company. It opens up a world of opportunity for traditional grocery stores and startups to invest in their grocery deliveries mobile app development projects.


Needed Best Development Team

A highly skilled team is required to develop an app. For better user engagement, the team must have experience in implementing custom features and a captivating UI & UX. These are the essential members of your team:

  1. Team Leader / Project Manager

The Project Manager or Team Leader examines the specifications and communicates them to the developers in technical terms. Finally, he is in charge and responsible for managing the project.

  1. Team of Developers

Mobile app developers would handle the fundamental development of your app. They are knowledgeable about the underlying technologies and languages used in mobile app development technology.

  1. Team of Front-End Developers

Front-end developers make your mobile app interface more attractive and design apps more user-friendly. This team is responsible for making your app design more mobile responsive that looks professional and convincing buyers to buy items from your Appstore.

  1. Team of Back-End Developers

Back End developers are responsible for plugin development that makes your mobile app safer, secure & fast, database management to manage the stock of your items and APIs.

  1. QA Expert

The app is reviewed by a Quality analyst who checks that all features and functionalities work accurately and is also responsible for checking the design facts sincerely; if any bug is found accountable, communicate to the Front-End Developers Team.

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Cost of Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Cost?

The expense of creating applications such as groceries delivery services is an essential factor that needs to be considered. Many other factors affect the price of development.

  • A highly prestigious, experienced, and reputed mobile app development company like Infosys, Wipro, and TCS will charge more than those in the starting phase or small structure companies.
  • The location of the development business impacts the expenses as well. For example, development expenses in Southeast Asia might range from $15 to $35 per hour, but they can reach hundreds of dollars per hour in North America.
  • Time-Line is also a crucial factor that directly affects the project’s price. If you require a mobile app in a short time frame, the development company will automatically raise the price. It will be more expensive to hire a massive group of developers.
  • On the other hand, a fully-fledged app offers robust and complex functionality. Minimum viable products have only the required functions. An MVP app for grocery delivery in Southeast Asia may cost between 15 and 25 thousand dollars, while a fully complete app can cost 25 and 35 million dollars. If you’re new to this industry, it’s best to start with an MVP and gradually expand your app’s functionality.

Choosing Right App Development Partner

Suppose you’ve done much research into the field of grocery delivery. In that case, you’ll know that developing a flawless grocery delivery mobile application necessitates the assistance of a skilled mobile app development partner, as grocery delivery apps require numerous API integrations as well as customized features. As a result, selecting an e-commerce solution provider with extensive expertise in the industry and the necessary technological stack is critical.

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Here are the top benefits of creating an app for grocery delivery on demand. It can assist you immensely should you own a supermarket shop. If you’ve got a good grocery app, you could also be an industry leader in grocery. Apps for your business can help elevate your customer experience to the highest highs. The demand for apps on the market is increasing. This is why you have a chance to create an application for your business’s grocery. It can help improve the experience of your customers by a percentage.

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