Time is constantly moving, and keeping track of it with traditional methods is impossible, especially for organizations. With a free time tracker for employees, you can get more things done in a short period as everything will be available on your computer and mobile phone.

You will also receive insights and analysis about how your employees spend their time on various tasks to adapt your strategy accordingly. Those already using the best employee time tracking software are satisfied with the results. If you consider a time tracking app for your organization, learning about its benefits will help you finalize your decision before it’s too late.

Benefits of Time Tracking Apps

By using a free time tracking app for employees, you can keep an eye on the time and resources you allocate to a task and compare it with the financial data to see whether you are earning any profit or not. These apps allow the HR department to focus on other aspects as they will automatically receive time tracking reports at the end of each day. Here are some benefits of time tracking software for your organization, whether small or big.

  1. Effortless Project Management

Managing projects isn’t an easy task, especially when your team is working on various projects simultaneously, and you sometimes miss the deadline, which costs you money and reputation. You can add your projects to the best time tracking app android and track your team’s progress.

Some of this software is automated, and they provide insights about all the projects from time to time. Install the software on all the computers in your office and check on workers remotely. You can take instant action against employees who are violating the company policy. By developing the app with Iphone Apps Development USA, assign a new project to an employee as soon as they finish the previous project.

  1. Save Money

Sometimes, customers think that they are paying too much for the project and don’t listen to the company. Deal with such situations by sharing a complete-time able of how your employees complete the project by creating it with a simple time tracking software.

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These reports contain visuals graphs, and even some time with a bit of experience can understand these reports at first look. You can charge your customers based on these reports, and they don’t have to worry that they are paying you any extra amount.

  1. Motivate Employees

Undoubtedly, most employees work to their limit and give their best, but they also require motivation sometimes. Making your business big is very narrow if you don’t know how to motivate your employees, but you can turn the tide in your favor with the best free time tracking software.

Your employees can track their performance and set new goals to increase productivity. Based on salary and recent performance, the manager can create individual goals for each employee and share the time frame with them so they can deliver the project right on time. Hold your employees accountable for mistakes and late delivery.

  1. Manage Pricing

Sometimes, you lose a project because you ask too much for a project, but this thing will change forever, all thanks to some of the best time tracking software. Just enter the timeline and receive complete stats with a click to review similar projects before bidding on a new project. You can estimate your team’s time to complete the project and calculate your profit. This is the best approach if you struggle to make a profit with your business.

  1. Integrating Reports with Payroll

The organization has streamlined its work by managing all at once with the best time tracking software. This software can connect with other available solutions through wireless connections to process large sums of data in a short period.

Most companies process the pay of employees based on their working hours, and this software integrates the work report with the Payroll. This way, you can reward hard-working employees while cutting the pay of those who don’t complete the given task on time.

Sort timetables according to employees, departments, and projects to see what is happening. Learn about all the labor laws and regulations in your region through the time tracking app for small business. Meeting these regulations is important, but you don’t have to waste money on lawyers anymore, as you can file taxes based on data from these apps.

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  1. Better Budget allocation and planning

Learn from your mistakes and avoid them in the future to grow your business, and this is possible with a complete analysis of the performance of your company using simple timesheet software. Forecast the future of your company by understanding what has happened in the past.

You can change the strategy and your plan for the future to streamline the whole organization. Allocate the budget to save some money and meet the target. Create the portfolio of your company with recent projects and high this data to get some more orders.

  1. Easy Management

Decrease the time you need to complete a task and track your progress each day with these time tracking solutions. Get Android App Development Services and get your time tracking app to go digital. You don’t have to worry about paying more or less to any employee.

  1. Learn about the behavior of Employees

Behavioral studies will give you key insights into how things are going on in your organization. This software is the right tool to learn how your employees are spending their time. Develop your time tracking app with the Top Mobile App Development Company and give your employees bonuses or punish them as well as share a monthly report with them to motivate them.

  1. Track Efficiency

Paying your employees, a good salary is one thing, but you have to appreciate their skills as well. If you don’t appreciate them, they will lose interest and don’t work hard like in the past. Learn about employees who deserve recognition and those who aren’t working well enough so you can treat them accordingly.

  1. Integrate Solutions

Integrate the best attendance management software with your mobile phone, other smart devices, and third-party software, so you don’t have to go anywhere else for tasks. This software encourages quick decision-making as everything is available at your fingertips, and you can analyze it in whatever way you want. The faster your company makes a decision, the better it is for its growth as the competition is increasing day by day.

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Best Time Tracking Apps

Now that you have learned why is time tracking important, here are some of the best time tracking apps. You can also use these apps as an inspiration and get ideas about features to add to your new app by sharing them with a Mobile App Development Company.

  1. DeskTime

DeskTime features complete analysis of data, project management, and monitoring of all your employees to help you in learning about why your team isn’t working to its potential. You can add as many employees as you want to the same group to manage them at the same time.

It can take screenshots of screens of all your employees automatically after the given time and send them to your admin account. Instead of manual scheduling, you have to enter the time of each shift once, and it will start the shift by sending a notification to all the relevant employees.

  1. ProofHub

ProofHub is a dream come for those who are looking for collaboration and integration features in project management software. Just open the tool and start working without worrying about logging in, and it will generate a report when you finish.

Type the name of the employee or the project on the search bar to find it from the database. Sort the list with various advanced filters such as date, status, users, ascending and descending order. Directly share the desired schedule with your employees and management as an email attachment.

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  1. Hours

Hours is a basic time tracking application for small organizations as it doesn’t offer many advanced features at all. You can assign a different color to each task to easily identify them from the list as well as sort the list with advanced filters. If there is any mistake in the record, you can correct it with a single click.

Integrate it with the wearable watch and receive a notification when it is time to work on your task. This is currently available for iOS and web platforms. Create an excel spreadsheet and directly print the schedule of your team from the Hours app.

  1. Timecamp

The best thing about the Timecamp software is that it is cloud-based, so you don’t have to download and install it on your device. Based on the work hours and pay of each employee, it can prepare a detailed report and send them via email to each employee automatically. Create and save invoices by calculating the total cost and profit of each project to give a bonus to your employees.

  1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor provides its users with details information about what employees are doing right now and what their performance was in the past. Instead of going to a third-party app for processing salaries, directly process them from Time Doctor and transfer them to employees through various secure payment methods. Once you enter the details of employees, it automatically calculates their working hours and prepares a detailed report.

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These times tracking software offers many benefits, including insights and strategies to save costs while completing a project on time. Automation is yet another benefit that can free your employees from manual tasks, and you can use them for other tasks.

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