A UAE-based On-Demand Laundry Mobile App and cleaning marketplace signed a successful deal with Gulf Investment Corporation for a six million dollars investment. With this investment, the marketplace is all set to launch new services in various middle eastern countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, UAE, etc.

It was founded back in 2016 as a business-to-customer marketplace and business-to-business marketplace in selected countries. Entrepreneurs behind this startup are planning to improve the technology and expand it to more services.

This investment has attracted a lot of entrepreneurs into the laundry app industry, and they are actively searching for a Laundry App Development Company to develop their app. This article features everything that you need to know about laundry app development, along with the advantages of developing such apps.

Laundry App Development

If you don’t have time to wash your clothes or iron them, laundry and dry-cleaning apps have got your back. You have to create your account and choose a service to place your order. Someone from the laundry service will pick up clothes from your location and deliver them back to you after washing and ironing them. Below are the complete working laundry apps so you can develop your Dry Cleaning Delivery App accordingly.

Working on Laundry Apps

After logging in and selecting the desired service from the available choices, schedule the date and time of the pickup of your clothes. If someone accepts your order, they will pick up all the clothes from your place and take them to the laundry center. After washing and ironing, cloths are wrapped and counted so they can be delivered to owners.

Why should you invest in laundry Apps?

According to research by a prominent website, the laundry app market is expected to cross the twenty billion dollars mark by the year 2027 at a CAGR of three percent. After the recent Pandemic, these apps have seen a new boom as nobody was allowed to leave their homes during the lockdown. Customers didn’t have to worry about washing their clothes with an On Demand Laundry App.

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Features of Laundry Apps

Now that you know everything about the laundry app market and have made up your mind, it is time to deep dive into the development process. Before moving on, it is best to learn about what other apps are offering to get an idea about which features you should add to your app.

Customers expect a lot from on-demand apps, and only those who offer the best features survive in this competition. Here are some of the best features that you can add to make your laundry app futuristic.

  1. Login

By entering your email and password, you can alternatively choose to stay logged in until you change the password. The app saves all your data on a cloud server so you can log in to your other smart devices as well. They can log in through social media or email accounts to avoid the hassle of creating an account.

  1. Order Scheduling and Tracking

You can schedule orders for the future by picking up the desired delivery time, date, and pickup location. After someone from the laundry company picks up your order, you will be able to track it from the app. It shows the current status of your order and informs you about the expected delivery time.

  1. Complete Order history

If your clothing items are missing, go to the app and enter your order date to view complete details about the order from the order history section. Make sure to add this feature to your app by getting the Laundry App Development Service of a professional company to avoid any issues.

  1. Rating and Reviews

Customers can rate service providers based on their services and leave reviews to help them perform better. With these reviews and ratings, new customers will be able to contact the best service provider and get the job done.

  1. Secure Payment methods

Instead of paying in cash, you can pay for your orders directly from the app with a large number of secure payments methods. This cut down the effort and encouraged contactless delivery, especially in the Covid period.

  1. Notification Alerts

Whenever there is a discount offer going on, you will receive a notification on your phone, so you can avail of it to save some money. There will be notification alerts for order cancellation, order status, and great deals.

Business Model of Laundry App

Before moving forward with Laundry App Development, you need to choose a business model. Running a laundry business isn’t a piece of cake as you have to keep in mind various aspects. For now, there are two popular business models which almost all the laundry apps available in the market today are using.

With the perfect app development approach, business model, and systemic approach, you can easily launch your laundry app and make money. Below are the two business models for your laundry app.

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  1. Aggregator Model

If you are launching the laundry app as a startup with the help of investors, the aggregator business model is for you. This model is also known as the marketplace model as it lets users connect with all the registered laundry services.

After customers upload their order, operators at the laundry app will search for the best match laundry service based on the location, order type, and customer’s preferences. Along with the order management, all the transactions will happen through the laundry app.

  1. On-Site Model

For those who have an existing laundry business and want to expand their business on the internet, the on-site model is the best choice. With On-Demand Laundry App Development, you will help users in placing an order for washing and dry cleaning from the comfort of their couch.

Monetization of Laundry App

Monetization is important as you need to earn money from the laundry app, and choosing the perfect monetization method is crucial. With the right monetization technique, you will be able to make money from other ways as well and increase profit.

  1. Advertisements

If your app becomes popular, you can earn revenue by advertising products and services of other businesses. Customers will engage with your app even if they don’t have a laundry-related query.

  1. Commission

This technique works best for owners of laundry apps that follow the aggregator business model. They can ask the laundry service provider for a commission for each laundry order. This method is already implemented by various laundry marketplaces around the globe.

  1. Featured Listing

In the aggregator business model, there is fierce competition between laundry service providers, and they want to appear at the top of the list on your app. You can charge them extra fees to feature their services at the top to increase their sales. With this method, users can earn in two ways, one with the commission on more sales and the second with the commission from featured listings.

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Step by Step Laundry App Development Guide

You need high quality and feature-rich app to make an entry in the laundry app market and get to the top; for this purpose, here is the complete step-by-step guide to develop your laundry app from scratch and launch it.

  1. Work on app ideas and do market research

Instead of blindly going to the development phase, work on your idea and ask experts for suggestions. Experts will help you with setting requirements to develop the perfect app according to the market. With proper research of the laundry app market, you can learn about the latest trends and features.

  1. Create App Design

The design of the laundry app is the first thing customers will experience, and intuitive design will put up a good impression on them. Instead of wasting time on adding visual effects, work on the simple yet powerful design with a personalized touch. The app should contain all the latest features, and users can access them from the home screen.

  1. Develop the App

You need a professional app development company to develop your laundry app. Share the idea of the app with a qualified team of developers along with all the requirements and finalize the rate to give them a green signal to start developing. Below are the members that indicate that you have hired a professional development team.

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designers
  • iOS/Android Developers
  • QA Experts

How Do You Find and Choose A Web Development Firm?

The development team matters but with the implementation of modern technologies, you can have a fully functional laundry app in no time at all. Below are the standard technology stacks that you can choose for the best results.

  • Front-end: React Native, XML, Angular JS
  • Back-end:NET, NodeJS, PHP
  • Database: MongoDB, Postgress, HBase , Cassandra, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment: Firebase Development, AWS, Azure, CloudFirestore
  • Push Notifications:io, Twilio
  • SMS, Phone Verification and Voice,: Twilio, Nexmo
  • Payment Services: Stripe, Braintree & PayPal, EWallets
  • Real-time Dashboards: Custom-development, PubNub
  • Navigation: Google Map
  1. Test App

Testing is necessary before the launch of the app, as nobody likes to use an app with bugs and glitches. With testing, you can better up the quality of the app and check its performance on a variety of different devices.

  1. Promote and launch the app

Now that the app testing is completed and you have removed all the bugs, it is time to promote the app before the launch event. With the promotion, you can get the attention of customers, and they will download the app as soon as it goes online. After the launch of the app, the work isn’t finished, as you have to read reviews of customers and work accordingly to make your app better.

Total Laundry App Development Cost

Like development costs of other apps, there is no fixed cost for laundry app development, but we can have an estimate based on the app platform, development rate, features, and complexity of the app.

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The example of the Justclean laundry app is in front of you as to how it secured such a big investment. If you want a good business that encourages modern technology, the laundry app idea is the best. Start working on your laundry app idea from day one and change life of millions of customers while earning good money.

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