The concept of on-demand solutions expanding worldwide and improving the lives of people in managing daily basic needs. Today, everything is available online, whether it is electronic, clothes, food delivery items or any variety of equipment.

Before 4-5 years ago, when a laundry person come to our doorstep or home to pick-up clothes for cleaning, ironing or dry cleaning work but the time is totally changed now with on-demand laundry mobile apps. Every business owner, students, working professionals want to use their good time on work productivity, where they do not want to consume their time with other unnecessary household duties.

As a result, now the on-demand laundry apps make a significant income for laundry business owners and entrepreneurs.

According to Statista, the outlook revenue of dry cleaning app services in the United States is expected to reach 7,660 Million USD by 2022.


Here is a list of some companies in the on-demand laundry area that has attracted funding and is making great.

  • Cleanly – Established in the year 2013. Collected seed funding of $2.3 Million.
  • Washio – Founded in the year of 2013 and has a funding of $16.8 Million.
  • Laundrapp – Founded in 2014 and earned $5.9 Million in funding to date.
  • Rinse – Organized in 2013 and collected $3.5 Million.
  • Edaixi – Founded in 1990. They adapted their business model to on-demand. Hit $123.2 Million.

How Does Laundry Apps Work?

Dry Cleaning apps development like washio have served customers to get their laundry done with a few snaps. Here is how these laundry apps perform it happen.


Customers download and install a laundry and dry cleaning app, place their laundry order and schedule a suitable time for pick-up.

Pickup Delivery

After ordering, a delivery agent pick-up the laundry at a scheduled time sets them in special containers and brings them back to the laundry service.


Once the delivery agents take their staff to work on cloths, the trained staff washes dries, and irons the clothes.


When the clothes are willing to be delivered at the customer’s address, the delivery agent sends a request for a proper time-slot for the customer to deliver behind the clothes.

The on-demand laundry apps perform the complete process more manageable for customers, making millions of dollars with it.

9 ways to earn more customer for your on demand service

Ways to Make Your Laundry App Stand Out

The App Store is a convenient place to gain just the appropriate mobile app for all circumstances. However, there are a number of solutions to critical issues there, so it’s simple for a laundry listing of programs to clutter a list of choices, hiding your masterpiece. Due to the success of Clean and other related start-ups, new on-demand Laundry app development is steadily launched.

We have a few ways, which can assist you with that.

Enable Customers to set a reminder

You should examine adding a feature that enables the setting of automatic daily or weekly pickups & deliveries, which people who are not interested in the laundry. A pre-set notification can automatically remind customers about pickup scheduled where they can either approve the pickup or reschedule it in cause they’re not ready.

Improve App Store Optimization

Apple shared, 65% of app installs got from search, and with 500 million visitors weekly, that is a number of searches. These estimates are amazingly effective, and from an App Store optimization viewpoint, certainly, highlight the need for a solid organic presence.

Bonus & Special Offers

Bringing new customers is difficult, but maintaining them is also more complicated. Therefore, it’s crucial to not only give kind of joining bonus but also special offers to utilize new customers into general, loyal customers.

You can offer additional discounts such as sponsors and free rides to the guest or similarly, for further orders or cashback for referring code to their friends.

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How much does it cost to develop a laundry mobile app like washio?

The most exciting aspect of the Laundry mobile app development is, often the cost of this development.

On average, laundry app development cost includes different steps of the process, rather similar to the development of the on-demand laundry delivery services app like washio, including the Mockup, design, iOS, and Android development, and back-end, admin panel. Therefore, when you create an app like washio for laundry.

Here are some approximate estimates are given:

  • Design – iOS and Android
  • Development – iOS and Android
  • API Development & Integration
  • Back-end development
  • Admin Panel

These are the estimates determined for an MVP-product; however, if you are looking for a more accurate quote. – We would love to serve our services and discuss them.

Estimated all the above costs, an average laundry mobile app can cost up to $5,000 to $15,000 and time 60 days for an Android and iOS platform. Apart from, the cost can be increased or decrease depends on Features, requirements, and working hours.

Laundry App Development - On-Demand Cost & Features (2020 Guidance)


The main purpose of on-demand laundry service is to give users with pleasing customer knowledge. An app for on-demand laundry service is a reliable approach to achieve your goal. With an on-demand laundry mobile app development, you can optimize business methods, implement a full cycle approach, provide a quick and cheerful service for users, and scale your business with minimal support costs.

Providing a comprehensive service with a comfortable touch will assist you to gain the targets. And to accomplish such efforts you need to have developers and latest technology knowledge walk hand-in-hand. If you are excited to make your Laundry and dry cleaning service app like washio then get in touch.

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