Technology is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. This is more evident clear and observed in Mobile apps and online markets. Every year we notice new trends, innovation in mobile phones making it plain sailing for the end-users to use such applications whenever & wherever they are.

Though the app features requirements will indeed vary from industry to industry and brands, every brand is trying their hands-on mobile app development which has few things in common to relate it with the users. All establishments want their product to be a cost-effective solution, developed within a scheduled time-frame and at the same time – engage with their customers and increasing their response while making the right buzz at the right time for more awareness. This has opened up a booming market for various programming & Social Media tools.

mobile app trands

Mobile apps are growing and we have all got accustomed to, given their appearance on location-based apps, to their development on the spectrum of augmented apps. Obtaining speed and impulse is expected to bring about an even brighter future for mobile app development. We will either be attending brand new on-demand app solutions  trend or a huge upgrade from what users are previously using.

All are keen to know what is trending in the Mobile App Industry and which new technologies are going to excel in the coming year. Let’s list down a few of them:

What are the new trends in mobile application development?

Location-based Services

Location-Based Services are no doubt the most basic but most trending services on our Mobile Applications. Irrespective of the nature of a business, these are services offered through a mobile phone and take into action the device’s geographical location. Local News, Local advertisement, Directions, Points of Interest, Directory assistance, fleet management, emergency, asset tracking are the most common applications we’ll find on Location-Based Services.

Wearable Technology with Mobile Devices

Wearable products

Wearable devices are a modern and quickly developing type of device intended to bring great mobility, live access to data. The great quality of these devices, from wristbands-to-chest sensors, offers the wearer the ability to fly smoothly through the world and extend themselves in many diverse forms. They all devices can be paired with mobile apps. Mobile Apps work with these Devices, Related to things such as:

  • Smartwatches
  • Wristbands and fitness trackers
  • Fitness bracelets
  • On-body sensors
  • Smart rings
  • Healthcare monitors
  • Glasses

All the moves of a person wearing it can be tracked through apps. Users can monitor their heart speeds and how many distances they walked in a day, among other things. And the result is, it encourages the use of technology and enhances engagement. Many companies will be looking forward to having their services integrated on their smartwatches.

Mobile Wallets and Payment Gateways

Mobile wallets are no longer just a trend they have matched a need of the modern time. However, to relish the advantages of this fast-evolving market, you need to assure the impeccable implementation of actions and features. Do the essential market research to develop an app for the mobile wallet solution.

Mobile wallets are one of the quickest growing trends in the future of mobile payment technology. That’s because mobile wallets provide advance speed, comfort, and security for users. Mobile wallets are easy to use providing user’s convenience to avoid visiting banks or ATM to get or send payments. Users can just download a mobile wallet app for their mobile devices, add payment information, and manage their mobile wallet as a payment method while online.

Fundamental to keep in remembrance while developing mobile wallet app solutions: – Few features to be included in the app it is much to discuss a reputed eWallet app development company for having insightful details-

Add all the significant gateways
Debit or Credit Card
Bank Account addition
A mobile wallet app specially designed
Payment status
Utility bill payment
Tracking devices and calculator

Rising Blockchain Technology

Top Mobile app development Company in USA corporations that depend on Blockchain tech to deliver better app build. Blockchain technology is going to serve the app developers as a futuristic tool that is able of using their apps to the next level. Blockchain-based apps can encourage innovation for the business processes and at the same time, improve security, productivity, and transparency for the customers. However, being a complicated technology, it requires skill and expertise to have it integrated within your business apps.

At Deorwine Infotech , we produce innovation for businesses looking to take on the Blockchain bandwagon with a futuristic mobile app.

9 Key Factors Affecting the Success of Mobile App Development

How is Blockchain technology being accepted in society?

Blockchain technology is there are steadily becoming used in modern society. There are many limitations and barriers to overcome, but the following is a list of ways that this technology is already being used:

1. Banking
2. Cybersecurity
3. Gambling
4. Supply chain management
5. Insurance
6. File sharing
7. Voting

Companies, governments, and forward-thinking corporations crossed the globe are utilizing Enterprise ethereal to reduce the cost of trust, improve efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for value creation.

  1. Greater Trust at Lower Costs
  2. Enhanced Security and Custom Permissioning
  3. Increased Efficiency
  4. New Business Models and Digital Assets

Enterprises On-demand Solutions

As a leading mobile app development company Analysts give customized app solutions for multiple industry areas. On-demand app development is the process of developing custom mobile apps, which are providing on-demand services or products. As per your services/products, the method flow, design, interface, characteristics, and target audience will increase. Enterprise Mobility solutions enable organizations to accomplish their business objectives proficiently.

On-demand app solution providers demand to keep these trends in thought to stay relevant in the ever-evolving domain of on-demand apps. They need to get ready to address the requirements of the B2B sector and start-ups to stay ahead of the curve. What’s extra, as enterprises manage to come up with feature-rich on-demand apps for their services, the mobile app development company should implement cost-effective app solutions.

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Deorwine has an expert Android App development and iPhone app development with the skillful mobile app developers will improve your business more customer-centric with feature-rich apps. Even if you manage startups or a small business, technology grows beneficial in making your business successful by offering your services to people on the progress.

Bring your business on mobile for the users to give ease and comfort. Avail excellent flexibility of business with on-demand mobility solutions to reach wider viewers on the go.

Biometrics Offer Added Security

Biometric security technology has been nearby for decades. Biometric technology added a level of security to mobile payment methods and can promote their appropriation.

These modes eliminate the need for a password; credit card payment processing can be approved with a fingerprint or, in some matters, just a glimpse.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality


AR & VR technology the so-called beyond the screen technology is creating huge influence over the audience. Gaming apps, Social Media and few trending apps are highly influenced by AR & VR technology. By turning a human face into a digital character to voice modulation, there is no such thing which is impossible with these new technology trends.

Instant Apps

With technology advancements in 2022, Instant apps are gaining popularity on Android devices. The interesting fact is that you don’t have to install the apps to enjoy the services thus saving on your Mobile Space. Apps like BuzzFeed, One Football, Sky scanner, etc. are few amongst others.

So 2019 will consist of varied highlights on these latest mobile app development trends. With the rise of Wearable, On-Demand Solutions apps and React Native App Development Artificial Intelligence will be making more impact this year. Deorwine is indeed keeping a continuous eye on what’s happening in the app industry and announcements made by Apple or Google to implement those changes for offering optimum user experience.


We at Deorwine Infotech, with all these mobile application development trends 2022, the app industry will proceed to expand at a speedy pace. The competition between the developers and mobile app developers will be strong. Therefore, it’s important that you understand all these trends before you start running on your app.

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