The mobile app development method is assuredly great for you. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, meditation can support reduces stress and tension, chronic pain such as headaches, and blood pressure (BP), as well as guidance you quit smoking and better, navigate a kind of mental health conditions. Technology has built various distractions, however, if the technology is used the right approach, it can rather keep us more attentive and present. The best meditation apps out there offer us the capacity to have a guided meditation method ready to go, in our pockets.

Today, millions of people follow meditation every day using amazing meditation apps like Calm, Headspace, Simple Habit, Shine, Pacifica 10% happier and Mindfulness.

Addressing the most successful, mindful meditation app, Calm has raised $27 million in a new financing round that considers the company at $250 million. The pre-money routine driven by Insight Venture Partners along with Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures also joining. Earlier, the company built around $1.5 million in seed funding.

Global Consumer Spending in Top 10 Earning Meditation Apps

Meditation applications normally earn money from subscriptions and in-app purchases feature, but the meaningful growth of this market in 2019 was a result not only of popular subscribers spending more for services but a stream of immigrants joining meditation apps.

Pros & Cons of the Best Meditation Apps


  • Track growth step
  • Masterclass from specialists
  • Sleep myths & breathing activities
  • No ads


  • Only seven days of a free trial
  • No monthly subscription
  • No specific purchase choices for different features


  • Track progress
  • Perfect meditation and rest techniques
  • Meditation sessions
  • SOS sessions for times of panic, anxiety, stress


  • Not a free app
  • No offline mode available
  • Auto-renewal of the subscription

Doctor Appointment App Development Cost & Features

Features of Meditation Mobile App Development

  1. Sign up / Sign in:  Offer registration by social media, email, and phone number. You can also enable users to select from different social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Make sure to create your signup page short and the registration process quickly.
  1. User profile:  They have the chance to monitor their successes, and you make a tool to analyze their behaviour and, accordingly, enhance the user experience. Because this is what will start to your growing to the list of the best meditation apps.
  1. Search & Categories:  Set all your meditation stuff into categories: sleep, work, contacts, emergency meditations, and so on. This will improve your users efficiently find whatever they require.
  1. Introductory Course:  To create an app like Headspace, you need to anticipate all potential eventualities including the chance your user has nevermore felt the practice of meditation before. Offers a free introductory course of education.
  1. Kits of Meditation Methods:  Mindfulness app development certainly involves the creation of this very feature, and you have to go on it quite well.

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  1. Gamification Involved: Your meditation app will go the additional mile if you integrate such a gamification feature.
  1. Action Button: Pay attention to such a screen if you intend to build good meditation apps. We are talking on a call-to-action, the start of the meditation method.
  1. Meditation Sessions & Track Progress: : When you select to build a meditation app, your core feature is to give users different meditation practices and techniques. For instance, there are hundreds of led meditation in the app. A user does not have to shift from one app to another if he goes all in one place.
  1. In-app videos: : Through in-app videos that enable users to save and download online or offline streaming, they can apply it to their own will. The expert will make more traffic to your online mindfulness platform and will make a reliable relationship with the target viewers.
  1. Push-notifications:: The reminders you receive every day regarding any activity from the app. Their pushes are clear, deep and thought provoking. Just like an application itself is.
  1. Personal Statistics:: Allow users to view statistics on how they are improving in everyday meditation. If you integrate into wearables, you can also show stats from smartwatches and fitness tracker to show how a user’s quality of sleep is updating over time.

Advance Features of Meditation Mobile App


  1. This type of app uses this monetization pattern. When the user downloads the app, one gets from one to two weeks on a free trial. At the end of the trial duration, the app user should purchase a paid subscription to continue using the app or receive access to more advanced features in an app version.

Pay Per Download

  1. The paid app is the small popular monetization guide for meditation mobile apps. Still, apps like Buddhify proceed using it. Here you need to examine that both platforms require transaction fees from 25 to 30% of the app’s cost.

In-App Purchases

  1. With this type, your app users will pay you to unlock premium, such as explicit session packs or paid features like video streaming with a meditation coach.


  1. You can charge other companies cost-per-click or cost-per-mile for managing ads on your platform. However, this monetization model runs only for apps with a significant amount of active users.

Pill Reminder – Medication Tracker App Development Key Features & Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Headspace & Calm?

The cost to create a meditation app like Headspace and calm cannot be given a range till we have a comprehensive understanding of what your exact requirements are – a condition that involves identifying all the app development costs.  Depending on your preference features, the estimates might vary as Android & iOS development normally is a bit more time-consuming process. The cost depends upon what features you want to join.

Some factors influence the cost of an application:

  • Mobile platform – Android or iOS or Both
  • App features
  • UX/UI design
  • Technology
  • QA


Deorwine team would be happy to provide you with the top-level meditation mobile app development service ensured by our large experience and high-skilled expertise. We are available to discuss your idea of meditation app development and offer the best solution to make it live.

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