Healthcare platform is the system that allows people to reach quality healthcare services through mobile app development installed on their mobile devices such as smartphones, patient monitoring devices, and personal digital assistants (PDAs), etc. Through the mobile app, it can be disease surveillance, treatment supporter, diagnosing ailments and tracking medical processes for patients.

The digital health market has demanded to reach $536 billion by 2025, rising at a cagr of 13.4%!

The global Health market volume is expected to approach USD 316.8 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 29.2% over the forecast duration.


What People Monitor With Their Smartphone

What people monitor with their smartphone

With growing technology and awareness about healthcare, Health apps have become a compulsion than an option. If research done by Statista is to be considered, the number of downloads in health care app, medical, apps have recognized a steep growth from 1.7 billion to 3.2 billion. This forecasts the truth that Health apps are being accepted, used, and trusted by customers worldwide.

9 Challenges in Healthcare App Development

The challenges handled by healthcare service providers and healthcare mobile app developer’s stand from both internal and external sources.  Healthcare apps are popular in demand. With wearables and IoT, it has been a challenging job for developers to deliver an outstanding app. Look at the largest challenges of developing an innovative healthcare application. Some of them include:

Handling Big Data

  1. In the healthcare area, big data takes in the advantage of foretelling epidemics, growing the quality of living, and developing medicines for healing disease. Thus, the standard for delivering patient-centric care is growing and what is driving this move so rapidly is the data.
  2. Today, mobile apps are being utilized as pedometers to measure your walk distance, like a calorie counter to maintain daily diet plans, like fitness and wellness master. Soon, people would be sharing their data with doctors that can additionally assist in treating an ailment.

Health and Fitness mobile App development – Types, Features, Cost

Integration with Existing IT System

  1. The Health Care App Solution is great to have interoperability. It can be defined as the ability of a health data system to work in collaboration within/across the organizational barriers. For example, a remote monitoring system should send information to an electronic medical record system, which can be then approved by the electronic health record system. Following this series of processing data, the healthcare system is not only experienced in working but it’s cost-effective as well.

FDA Regulations

  1. Some apps support unhealthy lifestyles that have been closed by regulatory bodies like the FDA that restricted the use of pro-smoking apps in North America. However, on the upside, FDA regulations have dedicated app developers to modify electronic devices into regulated medical services that allow tracking services for diet, nourishment, medication, and exercise.

Patient Data Security

  1. Patient information is a vital role in when it appears to quickly diagnosing health difficulties, as well as fixing billing and other payment issues. However, over 50% of all healthcare organizations fall prey to at least one cyber-attack. And one in three of these initiatives is a success for the attackers.

Implementation and Integration of Complexity

  1. Mobile healthcare applications, which are hard to integrate and implement sometimes with the existing systems and complex to use, defeat the purpose of productivity. The sharpness of deployment and ease of use are two factors that developers, mobile healthcare solutions providers, prefer.

Adaptability With Legacy Medical Methods

  1. Modern apps level conflict challenges with old enterprise systems in hospitals. Legacy systems are not cooperative with advanced healthcare apps that makes it difficult for these apps to provide services to hospitals and medical centres that still run using outdated technology.

Doctor Appointment App Development Cost & Features

Managing Market Volatility/Trends

  1. Every year, we acknowledge new trends in the healthcare business. This constant variation is contributed by a change in maintenance habits, the variety of devices that are being included, new technologies, ideas, and compliances. Moreover, investors outlook for solutions that integrate the most popular and used trends in the industry. Thus, selling with the difference has become a challenge in healthcare application development.

Cloud Integration

  1. Cloud choosing is a significant technical challenge for app developers because of security firms about cloud platforms. Some of these cloud-based storage databases cannot be accurately secured when it comes to protecting patients’ data and pieces of information.

Patient Appointment

  1. Transparency in the interaction between healthcare providers, doctors and doctors and patients are the pulses of mobile healthcare services. However, an unbelievable number of applications end up responding like a monologue and decline to engage patients. If the app fails to improve the medical experience of the individuals through necessary information and data, it fails the purpose.


That being said, these largest challenges are not bottlenecks and with thoughtful planning, it’s probable to overcome them. Following directions, Hire dedicated developers, designing a user-friendly interface, and utilizing innovative technologies.

With people spending more awareness of their health than ever, mobile apps to monitor and track their wellness/fitness has seen a precipitous growth and approval. While on one hand, the progress in the industry has started the door for multiple possibilities to deliver care. With strategic outlining for healthcare application development, new technologies, guidelines, and a functional app outsourcing partner, building the most downloaded and trusted app is possible.

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We are an On-demand solutions provider with the planning before you begin the app development process. Identifying the best frameworks, database technology, and security protocols is a challenge. Usually, it’s prudent to examine awarding the project to healthcare app development experts to assure the smooth functioning of the mobile application.

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