Before you start to track and develop your Courier App and delivery app. Have a look at some app’s graphs that how it’s growing within a small-time and generating greater revenue.

List of Top courier delivery apps

LINEMAN: LINEman launched in May 2016, has a growth scale of 300%, now has above 3 Million users that use one of its services.


Uber: These delivery startups also present promising future trends by building a lot of funding. As stated Glovo-, an on-demand ‘deliver anything’ (app like Uber for delivery) boosted $169 million in April 2019.


FegExpress: FegExpress is a newly launched Courier Delivery Service App, developed by Deorwine Infotech that delivers products, gifts, packages, and many more to near their area. Current It’s working all over India but after some time they will cover their service globally as they grow.  Its starting is too good.

Courier Delivery App

According to analysis Insight, the global parcel business stats are encouraging. The on-demand delivery apps start-ups were estimated at US$380 bn in 2018. It has expected that this will be increase by 2020.

By 2023, online retail sales will touch $2.5 trillion. Moreover, it’s not just B2C that is rising; Gartner’s analysts foretold that by 2022, 75% of all B2B tail use goods will be obtained in the online marketplace.

How to turn an app idea into a product: Creating a feature set

Courier Businesses have increasingly become a necessary and important part of recent trade, by the integration of Logistics & transportation in the operational actions of almost every sort of product based in the enterprise.

Now, customers want their product to deliver at the right place at the time. For this purpose, logistics focus and completely depends upon the transport. The basic purpose behind the progress of courier services and the changes that have happened is because customer shopping has developed recently.

Important Service of On-demand Delivery Apps

There are many types of products and services that all are use as a on-demand delivery apps, but the majority of them happen into the following categories:

  1. Package / Parcel Delivery Apps:
  2. Such apps are also popularly termed as “Uber for Couriers” and essentially provide delivery of any type of material. Roadie is an outstanding example of such an app platform that connects people with details to send (personal, enterprise, small business) to drivers/ delivery agents/ courier services around them.
  1. Food & Grocery Delivery Apps:
  2. Just a few simple taps on the mobile phone, sitting in the convenience of homes, people are making their food and groceries delivered to their doorsteps. No need to move out into the summer or brave the traffic to get your groceries. A helpful example, Instacart, is an on-demand app that focuses on grocery delivery. They have a team of individual shoppers who buy the expected products and deliver them to customers. Zomato, Swiggy, and GrubHub are any of the best names in the list of popular food delivery apps.

The SWOT analysis will behave as a source of knowledge for strategy formulation, planning, and choice. You can recognize the core competencies of your mobile app development project and fixed goals considering the resources and skills.

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Track Your Courier App Development Ideas

Few steps to track your Courier Delivery App Development. Below are: –

Choosing a Relevant Business Model

  1. The succeeding step would be to choose a business model that is both profitable and gives life easy for customers, drivers, and retailers. As there are various types of courier delivery service business model, there is something has been already in your understanding. However, here are the four key courier service delivery model usually followed by the companies.
    • Postal & Courier Service Application
    • Package Tracking Aggregators
    • Branded Delivery Application
    • Uber-like Marketplaces for Delivery

Make a plan for What Users Get

  1. Using this step, customers can give their essence to couriers in person or use a system of cabinets to leave a package to be deliver or pickup. We have included Uber for Luggage before, suggested there the idea for a system of lockers throughout the city to be unlocked with the app, and used to transmit traveller luggage while on the stroll in a different city. Couriers use lockers the equal as a postman works a post-box.
  2. The equivalent storage network can be done for citywide On-demand Courier Delivery solutions to anyone through the app. You, granny, can ask you to make something from a pharmacy or your wants somebody to stop by and took a document she requires to send to her kid in school. Anything physical that needs to be displaced to another location can be moved with on-demand Uber for Courier App Development.

Plan the Ecosystem

  1. It includes the complete ecosystem, mobile and web apps for arranging delivery orders, a courier mobile app for drivers, and a mobile and web administration platform for handling both. The logistics enterprise, inappropriate, has been slow in the adaption of digitalization. It does not appear as a wonder, however, because the industry is a large one, with various spaces even more increased by innovation. The growth of eCommerce, digitalization, and the growing popularity of remote activity has resulted in different changes in enterprises.
  2. Job sharing and communication platforms are continually developing to keep up with demands, digital and cashless payment solutions are constantly being developed, and even the logistics business has deliberately begun to adapt to the needs of the businesses.

Establish Requirements

  1. Establishing requirements best is a significant part of the courier app development app. To create what you want, you have to initially define and document it. A good requirement analysis will assist you to achieve your goals and make problems solving and mistakes when the “finished product” is delivered.

Feature & Function of Courier Delivery App

  1. For a start, let’s divide your courier app into three parts:
    • Customer App
    • Courier App / Panel
    • Admin Panel

    Each panel and app will have a courier app features set and functions related to different methods of courier delivery.

How to Select a Mobile App Development Company?

On-Demand Courier Delivery App Development with Deorwine Infotech

Whether you are an courier mobile app development company trying to stay floating in the age of Amazon, a courier delivery service working to keep up with the market, or a businessperson ready to take on a new challenge, building an on-demand delivery app can be your subsequent milestone.

The product innovation phase is the biggest initial step you can choose to set a solid foundation for app development. It includes a functional specification, UX/UI design, and a visual model that will provide you a clear idea of the product.

The product development phase can help you:

  • Establish a full scope of work and develop a roadmap for the project plan.
  • Set a practical budget for your MVP and plan your resources
  • Test with your audience using a visual prototype
  • Craft a reliable advance offering
  • Hire dedicated developer team


With an individual approach to all business and extensive expertise in developing Uber-like apps, our team at Deorwine Infotech is ready to assist you to kick-start your on-demand courier delivery and tracking app development. To discuss your requirements, Let’s connect and get our services and benefits.

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