With growing competition in the e-commerce sector it’s quite necessary to adhere to the delivery challenges as each customer wants that their product should be delivered at the right place, with right quantity, accurate time and most importantly defect free whether it’s the end product or its packaging. Experience the easy courier service with courier service app. Although of the time, location, and day get your shipment delivered to the given address. In easy words, courier service is a company that gives the goods to its ideal location. It’s an approved method of transporting goods.

A few years ago, courier delivery & tracking services have experienced tremendous growth. As a consequence, the Courier Service industry serves a market opportunity. It provides with 24/7* customer supports which provide the business a competitive advantage to improve. Courier service doesn’t just live with the convenience to deliver the parcel, but also gives you the rest of your home in just a few clicks.

Courier delivery & tracking services app automates the entire process and provides the customer the advantage to track their shipment. It enables the users to check whole tracking details in just a few clicks.

Courier delivery & tracking services app

The industry is expected to grow at 17% per annum to Rs. 20,000 crores in the upcoming three years. Courier business present with the complete solution to deliver goods all over the globe by supporting customers to make an urgent shipment to their desired location. Currently, approx 2,300 courier companies in India. The Indian courier industry measurement is estimated at Rs. 14,000 crores.

Business Models for Courier Delivery Service App

Every courier delivery app serves a various business model, a  few are amazing and popular opportunities to recognize

  1. Postal & Courier Service App : Apps like FedEx and DPD use of mobile apps in postal and courier services. They allow full-fledged customer admin panel that included the ability to create shipments and print names for the packages.
  1. Package Tracking Aggregators: Different data from all the carriers are aggregated at individual and only an app is needed to track all the packages, despite the carrier. Sets can be manually added using its ID. Push notifications on the app store users posted about all the delivery status. E.g.: Parcel deliveries.

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  1. Branded Delivery & Integrated Solutions : Mobile apps with order tracking abilities, some online retailers will provide a complete scope of the successful delivery. This enables them to know if the order is making to dispatch, has been shipped, or is out for delivery. At many times retailers make usage of branded package delivery apps as a rival advantage accounting to transparency and support to their customers. E.g.: Doorman, Delivery, etc.
  1. Parcel Delivery: A regular on-demand parcel delivery app offers a useful method to track your packages in real-time: from the moment they are registered in the system (by the carrier or by the user) and up to the time they reach their destination and are delivered to the address.

How do you succeed in courier business?

Courier delivery services have a competitive profit and even in case you have a solid business strategy, you will require providing the best client service by making a user-friendly app.

Advertise your app

Launching an app is not sufficient. Promote it aggressively so that people learn to know about it before its entrance. Never let the initial curiosity fall. Market your app via social channels and connections.

Satisfy to the local requirements

Identify the target audience and make a great customer relationship so you can get remarkable feedbacks which will help you boost and organize your business.

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Provide Offers to customers

To attract clients for using your app, you can provide some profitable offers. Think about what kind of offers can attract your target audience. And try with different varieties of offers to see which would be the best effective and received.

Feedback matter

Reviews and ratings assist you to see the backlogs in your client service. Take immediate action on the client feedback. Rather, consider it a valuable lesson in your client service.

Go for customized messages

Customized messages about discounts and offers instantly connect a customer to your mobile app. Keep it limited and not exactly to the point of making a client bothered.


Features Include For Courier Delivery Service Mobile App

Customer App

Customer App
  • Social login
  • customer profile
  • Add parcel manually (only for aggregators)
  • GPS Tracking
  • Real-time parcel management
  • in-app chat
  • payment gateway integration
  • push notifications
  • courier ratings and reviews

Courier Panel

delivery boy app
  • Login
  • Courier Account
  • Order List
  • Check Delivery status
  • In-app messaging
  • View order history

Admin Panel

  • Courier account
  • Login
  • Apply Filter
  • Delivery status management
  • Delivery authentication option
  • In-app ability to connect with the customer directly to deliver the parcel
  • Updated order records
  • History
  • Tracking Deliveries

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Courier Service Mobile App?

To create a Courier Delivery app you need

  • Designers,
  • Developers
  • Business analysts
  • Project Managers

And hard work by experts. Usually, the cost of the courier delivery app depends on their features list and customer requirements on both platform iOS & Android and it can increase, depending on the company you will prefer. At Deorwine Infotech have professional Mobile App developers for developing proficient applications. We are the best mobile app development company to provide services worldwide.

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By developing the user-friendly courier delivery mobile application, provide your business to high-grow around the world and include a positive impact. It benefits you generate extraordinary revenue while overcoming the challenges easily. Become a market leader by having the ultimate app and get huge benefits by making a digital presence.

Courier delivery app services help save time, enhances the performance of the processes to maintain a track on all orders, monitor and manage potential delays and schedule deliveries in advance. The courier app development company consider faster order dispatching, fewer errors, better performance from delivery associates, thus achieving complete authority and visibility of all operations.

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