Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything in the aspect of every industry, especially the healthcare industry. With the changes, the technology has grown online rather than the offline system, that consists of medical and doctor consultation mostly.

Today, we have grown with the online system where a user can order anything from the on-demand delivery app such as food, Grocery, vegetables, Medicine, taxis, personal trainers, doctors, and doctor consultation. In this whole period, a user is attracted to Online doctor appointment and consultation more than anything and the health sector gained more popularity.

Why Medicine Delivery App is going to score big in this COVID-19 phase?

Telemedicine software development is growing in popularity and demand where both patients and doctors, clinics, and hospitals are utilizing the rich-features potential in apps like telemedicine and learn very well about how it can transform the industry.

2018, the US telemedicine marketplace generated revenue of around $11.8 billion according to MarketWatch.

Tele-consulting services raised 40% of the total market share, and the overall Telemedicine Market volume exceeded 45 billion USD in 2019.

Research says that the global telemedicine marketplace is expected to stand with 185.66 billion U.S. dollars by 2026.

Steps to develop a Telemedicine app like Doctor on Demand?

Key benefits of Telemedicine App

Telemedicine app development solutions are accessible and simple, that gives easy to use solutions and also well-integrated functionality.

  • It can solve the challenge of cut expenses in the healthcare industry.
  • It responds to emergencies efficiently.
  • It can benefit to get control and management overhead of the working schedule.
  • Minimize spent time because of traffic troubles or other issues,
  • They allow users to manage and view records that share them over with family members or anyone.
  • Connect with experts via video call while simply sharing medical history.
  • A telemedicine app reduces paperwork and automates many tasks.

How Telemedicine Mobile App Works

A Must-have Rich-features while developing a Telemedicine Mobile App

On-Demand Telemedicine App Development Company offers a rich-features specification that will complete a on-demand telemedicine app including third party integration and strong admin.  

Telehealth solutions can bridge the gap between patients and doctors which makes interaction effective, effective, and hassle-free. Telemedicine app features are a growing way to explore the market that fulfill the users’ need for the healthcare industry.

Patient App Features

The patient app must include the following features:

  1. Simple Login: A new user must have login credentials ID and password that helps to enter in the app and can make it accessible.
  2. Easy Sign-up: A new user must have to create an account with the required fields such as First name, last name, email ID, address, etc. That field can consist more as per need.
  3. Advanced Search: When a patient arrives in the app, then needs to explore a required specialist, With the help of search features a user can get a listing of many nearest specialists who are available.
  4. Geolocation: It helps to find out the nearest specialists or experts. A user able to allow their mobile GSP to find out the nearest experts.
  5. Book an Appointment: After getting an expert After searching, users can view their profiles and their specifications, that is based on availability, any registered users can book an appointment.
  6. Video Call with Doctors: A video call feature is important in a telemedicine app that connects doctors and patients with each other and allows live communication.
  7. Payment Transaction Method: Patients are able to pay doctors for the medical service or treatment offered, after completing the online consultation. A user has multiple options to pay a fee online.
  8. Reminders: Remind is all about upcoming visits without skipping or forgetting a scheduled appointment. It also notifies patients when their appointments are approved or declined as well.
  9. Review & Rating: After completing services or getting service, users can share their experience by providing review and rating. Those features help to improve efficiency and improve.
  10. Patient Profile Manage: Patients able to create profiles and manage owned profiles, and data such as name, age, gender, profile picture, medical history, notes from past visits, history, and other required information will be there.

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Doctor App Features

  1. Signup/Login: Doctors are able to login and sign up as per required information.
  2. Schedule Management: Doctors are able to make any updates to their schedules and manage their day-to-day availability.
  3. Accept/Reject Request: Doctors can view received requests of appointments as per needed and their preferences.
  4. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs): You must Integrate an app with an EMR system where doctors can access medical records of the patient and get lab results in real-time.
  5. Easy to Access History: Doctors are free to view and access history details, Doctors can view the complete past history of every detail.
  6. Prescriptions: It allows doctors to prescribe medications and pills right in the app so users can view in their account.
  7. Profile Manage: Doctors can manage their owned profile such as name, age, specifications, location, etc. more can be mentioned.

Admin Panel Features

  1. Login: A admin is able to login into their account with the using by valid ID and password.
  2. Dashboard: Dashboard will help to get an overview of total users, total doctors, daily registration, etc. It will show growth by a graph.
  3. Manage User/Doctor: Admin can add, edit and delete any kind of users. They can search, view and basic operations.
  4. Get Reports: Admin is able to download the all reports data and get pdf, excel files that can be viewed manually and shareable easily.
  5. Manage Schedule: Admin can view all the schedule appointments, also can make changes.

How much does it cost to develop an Telemedicine app?

The cost of telemedicine apps is difficult to estimate exactly. The cost affects multiple factors, from integrating features to design to company experience. We start with gathering requirements to accomplish every term from both sides. We start development to connect all points such as researching the market, create a required features listing, target audience, Target location, Target multiple languages as well.

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We found that every country is increasing smartphone users every second and preferring online delivery and bookings. Because telemedicine app development allows users to explore needed specialists and book appointments by paying them through multiple options.

Required Developer Team To Develop an Mobile app like Telemedicine App

The cost of Beauty Service Mobile App totally depends on platforms, functionality, features, party applications, and the number of complexities included in the development. Furthermore, the cost also depends on the following factors:

Deorwine Infotech is the best telemedicine mobile app development company in Singapore, that allows users and doctors to connect with each other and get proper treatment and consultation. With that doctors can get appointments and can start treatment for their patients, also can allow them to visit clinics or convenience places to share the details. 

Hire a dedicated developers team for both front-end and back-end to develop an user interface with strong backend management. Our team has vast knowledge and experience that can fulfill the requirements of our clients. 

The following team is required to develop an on-demand doctor appointment app like telemedicine:

  • Business Analyst
  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile App Developer – Android & iOS
  • Web Admin Development 
  • Tester

After that you also need to get support and maintenance to make your platform perfect and functionable.

Doctor on demand app development: how much it cost to build doctor app like teledoc

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As per global changes due to COVID-19 lockdown and increasing range of patients, we must go to start and develop an On-demand Doctor appointment app that can help to a lot of patients to get an consultation every time they don’t have to visit or go outside from their home to meetup with the doctor. 

It has already increased their revenue because of the coronavirus pandemic, Now everyone wants to get consultation at their home through a one tap only and want to get their life busy and peacefully.

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