Since its awaited launch flutter, the trending Flutter has gained huge attention, and we are excited about it too! 

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit to create natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop through a single codebase. It easily works with existing code that is used by developers around the world and is open source.

Flutter refers to two major things:-

  1. A Software Development Kit (SDK): A number of tools help you to develop mobile apps that also includes tools to compile code in native machine code for IOS and Android.
  1. A Framework (UI Library based on widgets): It’s a collection of reusable UI elements such as buttons, sliders, text inputs,etc., that can be personalized for your personal needs.

We constantly observe fast growth in Flutter usage including, above 2 million developers have worked on Flutter in the last 2 years of its release, and it is continually expanding in the market. During these unique circumstances, google recognized 10% month over month growth in March, presenting almost half a million developers using Flutter each month.

10 Amazing Innovative Mobile Apps Built, Using Flutter Framework

Here we are listing some Flutter mobile app development that are running widely

  • Google Ads (Utility)
  • Alibaba (eCommerce)
  • Reflectly (Lifestyle)
  • Birch Finance (Finance)
  • Hamilton Musical (Entertainment)
  • Coach Yourself (Health and Fitness)
  • Hookle (Social)
  • Watermaniac (Health & Fitness)
  • Cryptograph (Finance)
  • SG BusTracker (Maps & Navigation)

Prerequisites to Build The Flutter Mobile App

Flutter was created to work for any compatible device with a screen and works with iOS and Android, Web and Desktop such as Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu, Even support PWA, Auto, Raspberry POC stage (Pi). Before we get started installing Flutter, … Let’s first go through what it is that you’ll need … 

In order to be able to work with Flutter that runs both applications iOS and Android. 

We required a good system or mac that can create and run a code of flutter.

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The next step, to develop the Flutter app, requires us to have an amazing sort of code editor that can create Dart code.

The two contenders that you should recognize are Android Studio and VS Code, and they are both much proficient in terms of developing an app for Flutter.

A Brief History of Flutter

Installation Flutter

Flutter installation requires specific command tools installed on macOS. Maximum tools arise with Xcode. We can start to download Flutter SDK either from Github or the official site. Once we installed the Flutter SDK, then we needed to add it to the PATH, so that we are able to access the Flutter binary globally. That initial move is to download Flutter SDK and unzip it toward a proper path on our disk. 

Now we need to apply the following command:

cd ~/development

unzip ~/Downloads/


Now we have downloaded the Flutter SDK, and need to add Flutter to our $PATH where we can access Flutter globally. That differs from bash, shell to shell, and now we can simply run the command:


You are able to find guidance to make updates to the Flutter PATH. Once you have addressed the PATH, then you are able to confirm installation by running:

flutter –help

And now this command will display all available commands of Flutter.

Flutter is the best Cross-Platform Technology

Flutter is backed by Google and works Dart programming language. And now, Dart is the major reason for developers to prefer Flutter. Dart has advanced with time complied with fast, predictable, Native code, that allows Flutter to be written in Dart.

There are amazing benefits to choose Flutter as the best opportunity for Cross-platform Development, these are:

  1. High Performance
  2. Flutter enables us to do complete material with mobile app development that is not available on other platforms, Also it will require the framework to obtain a powerful app. The more advantages of Flutter would not be feasible without any high-performance cross-platform rendering engine.
  1. Lesser Coding
  2. Dart programming language of Flutter is strongly typed and object-oriented in nature. Flutter considers the programming method is declarative and reactive, Because JavaScript bridge-whist is not mandatory for Flutter, that start-up period of the app improves.As Dart’s programmed Flutter framework supports various platforms, the written code can be used to support diverse ways like Mobile, Desktop, and PWA.
  1. Tested Efficiency
  2. Flutter has been around quite to showcase a detailed record of its reliance, efficiency, and reliability. These kinds of applications have millions of downloads and daily users that are generating millions of queries per second such as Google Ads, Reflectly, Alibaba, Hamilton, shows the understanding reason of why this technology should be chosen and trusted with Flutter mobile app development.

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