PropertyGuru is one of the best buy-sell property websites in Singapore that provides a complete solution for sell and buy property.

PropertyGuru Limited is a Singapore-based Southeast Asia-focused Online real estate website platform operator and announced now the raised around USD 220mn further investment of its existing investors, TPG and KKR.

That had acted to raise up to around A$380.2 million ($279.6 million) under a specific listing. PropertyGuru Singapore-based has been launched in 2007, Also serves in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Property Guru

Significant investment instructions further increase the leading market position of PropertyGuru including support and specific extended innovation focus of the company, improving services to assist its customers to discover properties, as well as advertise which support further expansion in the area.  Also, PropertyGuru access through additional talent, and proficient resources with both individuals working closely with each other to share concepts and acquire new services.

The organization announced that it will additionally invest near areas including its innovative data capabilities and mortgage marketplace.

$1 = 1.3612 Singapore dollars

$1 = 1.3600 Australian dollars

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Propertyguru Business Model

How Does work Propertyguru

That platform is with a huge customer and services around the world. The property sells and buys through both sides Seller and buyer able to operate the platform functionality.

PropertyGuru is the strongest sell and buy property service provider with an easy sign up process and explore the best properties. In this a user can find various categories and subcategories.

Let’s see how it works actually, on this below image we can understand that working of


Most Trending Features of PropertyGuru that are So popular

The PeroprtyGuru is the biggest platform to explore the required property stuff. They are open to discussion related to property queries, agents always sit at the table to get new ideas from users. PropertyGuru provides an every category of property such as rental property, buying, landmark, a new home, home loans, property for sale, bedrooms, etc. many.

Here, we are presenting some of the best features of PropertyGuru that will make it

more attractive and efficient to use. By using these features and creating a top place in the market. A user can find thousands of properties in one platform only to buy and sell with detailed information, images, cost and description etc., about each and every property. 

Let’s start the most usable and attractive features of PropertyGuru:

  1. Explore Property
  2. A real estate property service provider offers the best features to explore the property as they want or want to see at their screen. A user is able to search various kinds of property by entering the requirements and they can see the whole thing which is related property with details.
  3. Explore features are used for making efficient use of the platform, where users can find it in an easy way.  It makes use too easy and goes with the flow. Customers just want to explore new things always and if they get a whole required property from one platform only, then customers would be very interested to get new things right away.  Among the exploring users able to see categories and subcategories of the properties with deep details.
  4. With the exploring user can apply kinds of features such as area, location, price, floor, bedroom etcMany things can be applied to explore properties.
  1. Buy Property
  2. A user can register themselves as a buyer that will be helped to find properties to buy. They can apply to various categories such as Residential, Condo, landed and HDB with a specific location. To buy property, users can simply review the property online, View details of the located property, area, size, pricing details, facilities, description etc. all the required details will be able to see.
  3. Online buy property service providers offer an exclusive solution including sharing deep details about property. PropertyGuru makes it easy to buy for everyone with this feature.
buy property
  1. Sale Property
  2. A simple way to sell your property, just sing up as a seller and share property with people. A seller is able to share property details with anyone such as a seller can add images of selling property, location, area, size, what facilities are going to provide them, costing etc.
  3. Selling property with a PropertyGuru platform is like getting good traffic within a day and can use exclusive features to sell our property and can crack deals.
sale property
  1. Calculate travel time
  2. A real estate service provides features where seller and buyer can calculate the travel time to reach at property to see off. Seller and buyer are able to see a total travel time or calculate with one location to another location so that they can see or reach at the property.
  3. They provide a solution for calculating travel time and users can assume or schedule their time according to travel calculation.
  1. Map integration
  2. A map integration helps to find out the correct way and rech at the specific address. The property service provider offers a map facility to seller and buyer both to reach their favorite property and that Map helps to identify the way of address.
  3. Seller and buyer can set their location and add with the property details so that any of the people can reach nearby property.

Cost of Developing an App in Singapore

  1. Hire Agent
  2. If the seller and buyer are not able to find their required property then they can hire an agent who will help you to find out the best property for users. Hiring an agent is a simple process with providing some charges according to services.
  3. Agents can help you to find out the best property as per your requirements without time wasting and users can contact directly.
  1. Share Property
  2. Whenever a seller or buyer sees the new or any property that can be shared with anyone. Users are able to share property details with other people so that they can also see the same property details.
  3. Users can share with other contacts or other apps such as messenger, facebook etc., That sharing helps to increase users’ view on that property. Also people can suggest you about the area and property condition.
share property
  1. Add to favorite
  2. Add to favorite helps to save your favorite property in your account and users are able to see in future till buy to another buyer. That improves a user experience with the kinds of features and one of the best features is “Add to favorite”.

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PropertyGuru is the best and largest platform to sell and buy property and interact with any kinds of people to deal. They create and implement a lot of features including standard and advanced features where people can get the best property from that platform.

To create a platform like propertyguru we support startups where they can sell and buy the property and many sellers and buyers and agents can join to deal with everyone. We can help you with real estate website development and real estate mobile app development both that will give a new way to boost your startup business.

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