ShopBack is a largest online platform that enables your users to discover promotional dealings and discount coupons and offers. The headquarters of ShopBack is located in Central Singapore, and that generates $41.7K revenue per employee Temasek, Rakuten, and EDBI Pte Ltd. are investors of ShopBack from some of them.

ShopBack platform leading Cashback site within APAC that powers more smart buying decisions for customers. At the ShopBack, “Cashback” means money back, considering they are giving a portion of your spending back to you while the customer is ordered online through them.

ShopBack’s website and mobile app created an official appearance in Vietnam on the day of Saturday that brings a save and discovers a quicker method for local online customers to make an online order.

How to develop Local buy and sell Marketplace App

Online customers in Vietnam are able to earn up to 25% cashback from ShopBack Vietnam’s program from above 150 merchants.

That platform includes international and localized brands such as Shopee, Lazada,  Watsons, Klook, and 7-Eleven, as well as local brands Sendo, Tiki, Juno, Vascara, G Kitchen, and Fahasa.

Let’s Get access for a whole variety of exclusive offers, promo codes, and vouchers from a wide range of merchants like trending fashion, services, food, and much more plenty of others, it just like all in one platform.

How to build an eCommerce App?

While the campaign programs of ShopBack, users are able to earn 100% cashback during pair flash deals. In line with the official launch, ShopBack Vietnam has played a roll out unique feature and a new coupon on its homepage, where customers can view and click on a consolidated listing of promo codes.

Shopback Business Model

In 2019 they launched a new in-store Cashback service and that is called ShopBack GO, expanding from online-to-offline which provides a whole new reward experience to the customers.  ShopBack Cashback Reward App has bagged US$30m toward an extended funding round that was led by Temasek Holdings.

How it Connects with People

A spokesperson of ShopBack confirms a specific amount to Marketing, and with such additional funds. ShopBack stated its total investment amounts to US$75m.

Key Features of ShopBack

Automated Email Reports

  1. There are specific reports on key metrics that are important for the ShopBack team to constantly monitor.
  2. Shopback’s team had to query, export, and email specific data manually toward their business customer. They are able to set up calendar events or specific days to remind themselves during data sending. They can now easily set up an email schedule for the particular data to send an in a selected business user group.

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Cloud Accessibility

  1. Real-time reports are able to be accessed both via email and online which allows every business to make and deliver on time studies to optimize everyday processes. The team is no longer deskbound when accessing information.

Advanced Metadata & Query Management

  1. Many query scripts required in a store are minimized as fewer ad hoc customized scripts. Reusable components including reports under Holistics require just a single time setup effort that can make it easily balanced beyond teams.
  2. And the team of data management can save their time on standard data maintenance duties and focus on the important mission-critical projects.

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