Mobile app development has been growing speedily where every second person is utilizing a smartphone and now it is approved that the user base is vast. The mobile applications are obtaining the different users working through the mobile phones and we have an excess of applications concerning almost anything. 

Flutter vs react native google trends is a top topic nowadays where everyone just researching according to them. Engagement in the mobile app development era continues growing day by day with the latest technology.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is built by Google’s Team, but as an open-source project, both Google and the Flutter community contribute to its development. Flutter is a portable UI toolkit that is a comprehensive app Software Development Kit (SDK) and complete including widgets and tools. It’s Dart based fast, object-oriented programming language and Dart is now in its 2.14 version.

Useful Kotlin Features Improve Android App Development

It is almost new and is easy to learn a language especially for experienced dedicated developers familiar with Java and C# also Dart supports sound null safety. The architecture remains based on the most popular reactive programming that follows the same style as React.

Best Flutter applications have a fabulous look and feel while you can create your custom app design using immediately available UI components that follow explicit platform guidelines.

Flutter for?

Flutter allows cross-platform app development that provides developers a simple process for building and deploys visually attractive, natively-compiled mobile applications for different platforms like iOS, Android, Web, and desktop, they all are using a single codebase.

Desktop Support of Flutter

When starting developing desktop applications with Flutter where you are able to compile Flutter source code to a native Windows, macOS, or Linux desktop app. Flutter’s desktop support extends to plugins where the developers can install existing plugins that offer support to the Windows, macOS, Linux platforms, or they can create their own.

Flutter for Web

Flutter’s web support gives the corresponding experiences toward the Web as on the mobile platform that means you can instantly create applications for the Android, iOS, and the browser from a similar codebase. Flutter’s web support is the most beneficial in the following outlines:

  • Single Page Applications (SPA) – SPAs load once and convey data to and from internet services.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)- It can be built with Flutter that performs and delivers high-quality PWAs that can be integrated with an environment of the user including installation, offline support, and tailored UX.
  • Existing Mobile Application – Flutter support web that provides a browser-based delivery model management system for existing Flutter mobile apps.

Top Applications Developed With Flutter

15 Best Virtual Try On Apps

  • Google Ads
  • KlasterMe
  • Reflectly
  • Xianyu by Alibaba
  • Postmuse – Instagram photo editing app
  • Hamilton
  • Lunching
  • Pairing
  • Watermaniac
  • Cryptograph

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source mobile app framework produced through Facebook that was released in March of 2015, it is used for both mobile and web applications by allowing developers to use React and more native platform skills. 

Being increased on top of ReactJS and JavaScript which expected that developers can use such languages may obtain many preferences for React Native over other frameworks.

React Native for?

React Native Mobile App Development is a more powerful and effective framework for:

  • Cross-platform development
  • Creating a mobile application that uses JavaScript language. 
  • Develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms using a single codebase.
  • Can be used with the equivalent design as React.

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The Most Popular Applications are Created with React Native


Facebook Ads




SoundCloud Pulse




Advantages of React Native framework

The most popular of JavaScript provides various attractive rewards or bonuses to React Native app development such as faster hiring, product publicity, cost-effective project expenditures, easy maintenance, and more. The huge open-source codebase enables one to choose any existing components to be reused in the project.

  1. Platform-Specific Native Component
  2. React Native is different in many good ideas from the other JS-based frameworks, for example, comparing React Native VS AngularJS where the former acknowledges the importance of platform-specific native components, while the latter overlooks that rely on Ionic or Cordova tools instead.
  1. Web & ReactXP Libraries
  2. React Native supports Web and ReactXP libraries that are a more beneficial addition to the framework when you consider launching a web version of mobile platforms.
  1. Popularity
  2. JavaScript is extensively popular among app developers, it is the third most popular language based on PYPL data that talent pool implies large and immediately available.
  1. On-Par Performance with Natively-built Applications
  2. It is a remarkable yet true experience about React Native that particular test, the benchmarks confirm how RN is insignificantly more useful than Swift for iOS.

A Complete Fool-proof Guide to Hire Best App Developers

  1. Hot or Live Reload
  2. Hot/Live reload is essentially identical to the corresponding Flutter feature that saves a lot of headaches for developers, also allowing them to recognize the modifications without the project rebuild.
  1. CodePush
  2. An App Center cloud service allows deploying mobile app latest updates immediately to end users’ devices.

What says flutter vs react native graph

Flutter vs react native graph will show you the demand in the marketplace of flutter or react native. Let’s see how people are demanding and developing applications in both: –

Flutter vs React Native – Which one to choose?

Both of the frameworks extend the identical niche in software development and share these standard features where both are good scope to create a mobile cross-platform MVP, that opportunity to reuse the code and extend it with any one of the free available official or community-provided add-ons. They both reduce the time of market and project expenses if developing multiple platforms.

  1. Platform Support
  2. Tools of Flutter target not only web and mobile but the desktop version it embedded as well, it is more useful when a mobile app UX/UI can be conveniently and accessible from completely any device such as phone, tablet, laptop, or a medium infotainment system screen.
  1. Performance
  2. Flutter mobile app development projects can comply with native code that results in overall more reliable performance with a good benchmark on this. Nonetheless, it can run into performance points when any particular graphics system is not optimized from time to time.
  1. Ease of Use
  2. One of the most popular JavaScript Developers that work for the web front-end or backend, it reports that it is easier for learning React Native and No wonder about the Flutter because it requires the knowledge of Dart.
  1. Project Size
  2. Flutter vs react native App Development has one more big difference to choose better, React Native projects serve to be further lightweight that may not look as much of an advantage nowadays. But the thing is miniature wearable devices, however, one has to be attentive to free space usage.

Which one to choose for your app?

Flutter vs react native Reddit, they Both of the frameworks are comparatively modern and thus cannot be marked perfected and rock-stable at the moment. An unexpected performance decrease is expedient at any time, Meanwhile, they both are being actively progressed through their lead developers and community.

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Flutter Developers vs React Native Developer Charges Comparison

We understand it’s hard to find the answer of which is better flutter vs react native. With below following table includes the Flutter App development vs React Native App development charges overview based on the latest research by Glassdoor, dou, and ZipRecruiter:

US – Flutter : $112,000

US – React Native: $117,277

UK – Flutter : $91,000

UK – React Native : $93,423

Ukraine –  Flutter : $68,000

Ukraine –  React Native : $70,576

The main reason why the data presented by the two references differs very much is the salary gap between different developer tiers. For instance, a Junior mobile app developer in Ukraine charges around $36K yearly that depending on the different company and project requirements, while Senior developers settle under the 80K mark.

Why Flutter Should Power Your Next Project

Google cross-platform mobile development relies on Dart compiler, while React Native development relies on WebView and JavaScript layer that effectively decreases the activity of a React Native mobile app. Flutter begins with the trending engine that allows the creation of genuinely unique designs at the expense of extended project weight. React Native has restricted the usage of native components that may require additional customization by hand where a Flutter mobile app can jump into the desktop environment quickly, while a React application must utilize a web interface as an intermediary for any situation.

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