12 Useful Kotlin Features To Improve Your Android App Development Method/Process

Android application, which has achieved a never-before drive and businesses are growing online each day where the customer’s preference to purchase online goods that also prefer online stores over brick and mortar has required the Android mobile app development solutions even for startups or small business.

According to Google results here around 50% of the bestAndroid app developers work with Kotlin to build Android applications and it is one of the most preferred programming languages globally.

There are many more reasons, one of the causes, why Kotlin is preferred over Java which you don’t require for writing never-ending code with Kotlin. It preserves the time and effort of android developers that helps to make a development process smoother and streamlined. Java and Kotlin is a general-purpose language that complies with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) bytecode, it can be used side-by-side with Java, and it does not come with the performance overhead.

It has demanded that Kotlin may even improve how Java has been used on the server. Android kotlin concepts android app developers without having the knowledge of Kotlin programming, will have to acquire to contain it for delivering a fabulous user experience.

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There are a lot of more useful Kotlin advanced features in Android, and we can help you to enhance your android app development process. Before we get to know those exclusive features that remember to focus specifically on Android application development.

  1. No Null Pointer Exception
  2. When you work on a mobile app and suddenly it crashes, the reason happens due to the Null pointer Exception. As it takes satisfactory time while eliminating that error from the app. While it keeps your code safe from it and there is a need for intent coding.
  3. Directing the NPE is a most important job which needs to operate upon it quickly and older mobile apps have been struggling with this exception for solving this difficulty that doesn’t need to worry about the Null Pointer Exception, Kotlin provides security while collecting or saves the mobile app from crashing.
  1. Supports Full Java Interoperability
  2. Kotlin important concepts say that the best feature of Android Kotlin is its extensive interoperability with Java and it has attracted various Java developers as well as Android app developers for learning Kotlin. It works on JVM and supports Java libraries as well as tools that provide full Java interoperability. Both languages co-exist that perform easier for developers to make it more productive.
  3. Mobile app Developers can simply compile one Android project in both languages with the help of the interoperability function feature. It allows the developer to change the programming language that saves time to build various Android applications.
  1. Kotlin is Open-Source
  2. The quick thing you should recognize about Kotlin is that it is an open-source programming language, but being open-source, it provides a single-click tool that developers can convert existing Java code. When you are a professional Android app developer; new to Kotlin and interested to learn it from scratch with interest.

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  1. Capable IDE & Support for Tools
  2. The most significant issue of a programming language is solved by IDE support. When the language has amazing IDE support, it is easier for them to deliver Android development solutions. It must begin working on Kotlin, just start installing the plug-in that supports the complete features of Android studio. Whether you work on Java or kotlin android fundamentals, the quality is the same because it is the single language to offer IDE support. Accordingly, you can mix the features, and code of Kotlin and Java.
  3. Most Android app developers prefer it because they provide more excellent quality while turning the Java file-to-Kotlin and then you need to get a Java file, it translates the old Java file to the latest Kotlin file in a jiff.
  1. Collection Of Filtering
  2. When we are working with an API then developers must deal with collections quite often. But by using the collection filtering feature of Kotlin, it’s easier to know what your resulting program should contain. Collection Filtering using the built-in Kotlin is like other programming languages such as Swift collection models or Java 8 streams.
  1. Enterprise-level language
  2. Custom Android App Development Company helps to develop to its most grown scope about expansion and Java language is quite known for building high-scale enterprise-level solutions. Java has been considered as a top language in the market to grow enterprise solutions.
  3. This is developed for adopting the scalability of rising demands in the market where the developers can understand and build enterprise applications quickly with Kotlin.
  4. Kotlin has no limits to research; the programming language has been built with high-level requirements in understanding. The programming language efficiently solves real-world software development difficulties.
  5. Kotlin is a powerful language that is not developed from scratch because of the inherent concept following the development of Kotlin which is to integrate the existing power of Java with some coding efficiency.
  1. Clean & Compact Syntax
  2. This programming language is a great way to lead Java if it appears to the syntax and accuracy of the code. With the Kotlin advanced concepts; you must get everything done through a few lines of code. It is further for the developer to work with clean code, and Kotlin makes it more reliable with some errors and bugs.
  3. Furthermore, clean and compact syntax code offers a benefit of the array such as secure maintenance, easy-to-read code, and easy incorporating differences at times of demand.

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  1. It Reduce Crashes at Runtime
  2. This is the most advanced and popular feature that is easy to recognize the NullPointerException while compiling your mobile app development project. It will ensure that each variable serves as a non-null, and helps to reduce the various crashes at runtime. Moreover, when you are determined to operate on a null value, then overcome the number of crashes through appending a question mark at the end of the variable type.
  1. Extension Functions
  2. Extensions of the language are more useful because they allow app developers to add methods to levels without making modifications to their source code. It is just like implicit methods of Scala in Kotlin, you can add methods on an every user basis to classes, instantly you must try Activity with some method like Hidekeyboard(). With Kotlin extensions that don’t have any need to have utility methods that can improve the readability of your code drastically as a result.
  1. Smart Cast Function
  2. From the perspective of a developer, it is the best feature because it effectively decreases the speed and focus of the app to improve the performance of the app. The important work is the smart cast function to identify many functions that perform various operations which are coded to specifically improve the efficiency of the code. When you want to recognize a string, now with the help of the smart cast function it is easy to copy, calculate the length, and perform other functions on the string type.
  1. Lazy-Loading Feature in Kotlin
  2. The lazy-loading feature enhances the startup time that is very valuable when using them for Android mobile app development. This is the best solution ever for every developer who wants to decrease their application startup time so that their application content can be presented faster.
    With the lazy-loading feature, many mobile app developers are able to load the single resources into the main memory which is required. If you are trying this ultimate feature, then Kotlin is the best choice for app development. If you have an eCommerce shopping app where the majority of users only browse your selection, it means you could have the payment API be lazy-loaded.

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  1. Interoperability
  2. The most outstanding quality of Kotlin is its interoperability with Java. The actual work of interoperability is that you can get the Java code from Kotlin. The byte code for both languages is the same that signifies you are doing the same thing at the machine level, the amazing interoperability of Kotlin allows developers to code in Java and Kotlin which can help in the same project.
  3. When you develop your Android project in Java then you can easily start writing the code in Kotlin later. You need to study the constructs and syntax for Kotlin and it is extremely beneficial for developers. They can work on Kotlin and Java code together that prevents the code from interference due to using two languages.
  4. Hire Android App Developer  that will be easy for them to create updates in code whenever needed, using Java or Kotlin.

The Most Famous Applications Developed Using Kotlin

There are some of the famous applications that are being developed using the Kotling programming language.

  1. Pinterest
  2. The popular photo-sharing application where Pinterest is the biggest name that has worked Kotlin for Android App Development and the brand officially moved from Java to Kotlin and showcased the benefits of the progress at Droidcon NYC 2016.
  1. Uber
  2. The global leader in the on-demand solutions market where Uber has invested in Kotlin app development for Internal Tooling processes such as annotation processors and Gradle plugins.

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  1. Trello
  2. While Trello has a unique code that they are using, it is built using Kotlin, since there is high interoperability between Java and Kotlin, the brand can work with both.
  1. Postmates
  2. The on-demand food delivery app development industry has recently shifted to Kotlin for the Android version of the application. The reason is the switch from Java to Kotlin can be attributed to the significant fact, the language is famous for its high scalability.
  1. Kickstarter
  2. This mobile app helps musicians, artists, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives find all the resources. The support they would need to convert their unique ideas into a reality, and with thousands of active users; that app is powered by Kotlin.

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