It is the need of time that all merchants improve their product catalog on Shopify plus. To achieve the best data flow of PIM, you need scalable and flexible Shopify PIM integration. But first, we need to learn what PIM exactly is?

What is PIM?

PIM stands for Product Information Management systems, which allows you to manage all your products on the internet. Everything can be done on a PIM system, from collecting information about products to creating catalogs and sharing data on the internet.

PIM software is the latest trend in both business-to-business and business-to-customer eCommerce. Most eCommerce projects nowadays contain SaaS-based product information management software because of its benefits over other conventional product information management methods.

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Role of PIM

If a merchant wants to effortlessly organize all their products on both Shopify and Shopify Plus, PIM software is the secret ingredient to make it happen. Etailers who sell their products using various online channels can organize the information about the product in a centralized location. Below are some ways business owners can benefit from using PIM software.

  • Various SKUs, Products, and Varients
  • Information about the product, including image, video, and text description
  • Send data about a specific product to a particular online channel
  • Update product data frequently
  • Operate in various languages, currencies, and regions at the same time
  • Multiple channels

Benefits of PIM

If you consider adding PIM software to your business model, here are some benefits of PIM solutions with Shopify Plus to help you choose the best solution.

  • Manage product information across multiple stores
  • Automation
  • Manage other aspects as well
  • Unified product data
  • Product data governance
  • Better image management
  • Reduce time to market

Manage Product Information across Multiple Stores

If you are a business owner who wants to the Shopify plus store, one of the most significant weaknesses of this platform is the lack of multi-store functionality. But product information management software can manage all the data, and you can choose the data points from a centralized system to push them in the desired store.
Create data fields for various stores or create a global field to use in as many online stores as you want. Avoid all the repetitive work of merchandising and production tasks and increase the productivity of your team members.

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One of the biggest advantages of using product information management software is automation. Automation creates and implements rules to automatically assign relevant data, including categories and other assets, to products.

Manage Other Aspects as Well

Not just the product data, manage category-based merchandising, cross-selling, logic for upselling of products, an association of collection of products, and manage the page PIM content with a software.

Unified Product Data

By using a product information management software for Shopify plus, synchronize the data of various online stores in one place. By managing data with the shopify pim app, information about your product will be the same on the internet.

Product Data Governance

For those who use simple product management systems, the chances of making huge errors are higher. But switching to a structured format can considerably reduce the chances of such errors.
Product information management software features various pre-populated options so you can create fields for data entry. Set rules to publish changes if there is data in all the fields to ensure the quality of information about products.

Better Image Management

Instead of uploading various images on the internet, upload a single high-quality version of each image and resize it to share it on all the available online stores with a single click. View the desired image at a glance within the product information management software.

Reduce Time to Market

Suppose you implement product information management software wisely. In that case, it will significantly reduce the time your products take to reach the market because you have already time-consuming automated tasks and uploaded all the data on a single source.

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Best PIM Software

Product Information Management software is the best tool to use if you want to build an eCommerce website and automate most tasks. Below are some of the best PIM software available in the market today that you can use to manage information about products you are offering.

  • JasperPIM
  • Pimberly


AKENEO PIM is one of the best PIM solution that provides you with an accurate score to keep an eye on your performance. Based on your overall score, it also gives you some tips to improve your score and learn some tricks to get out of a difficult situation.
You can integrate AKENEO PIM with InBetween, WooCommerce, Google Shopping, eBay, Drupal, Shopware, Microsoft Dynamics, Adobe InDesign, AliExpress, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WordPress, BigCommerce, and OpenCart to enjoy features of both. It supports many languages from all around the globe, and you can view all the data in your native language.
AKENEO is open source, and you can customize it according to the needs of your business by adding or removing desired features. Import and export data, translate, organize, and classify products using various tags.


INRIVER is one through which you can get feedback from customers on your products and manage the feedback to provide them with features that they love the most. The management of information of all products is effortless with a built-in POS system.
Use the Planner app to view all the data on your mobile phone screen and change your plan according to the latest insights about the business. Integrate the product information management software with Amazon, Walmart, Sana, Shopify Plus, Magento 2, and various other online shopping platforms to manage product information all at one place.


PIMCORE is an open-source PIM solution that is designed in a manner to make the management of information effortless for big enterprises. You need to pay a single penny to use the software, and it offers integration with third-party platforms.


BLUESTONE PIM is a specially designed tool for online retailers who face a hard time when it comes to managing information about products that they are selling on various online platforms. Use pre-added categories and subcategories or create your categories for better management. All the data of each product is stored on an online central repository.


Jasper PIM is a SaaS-based product information management software that you can integrate with Shopify plus to take the product management to a whole new level. Automate a lot of tasks with Jasper and create logic and rules to handle data in the future.


Pimberly is a feature-rich one-stop solution to all your product information management needs. Publish each post with a single click or schedule them to publish at the given time. Manage all your channels and workflows at your fingertips.

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Features for PIM

If you want to develop a PIM solution for Shopify Plus, here are some features that you can consider adding to it for better results. You can get Shopify Development Services of various development companies and share your requirements with them to develop your solution.

  • Easy data import capabilities

Those who want to effortlessly move data from spreadsheets to product information management software to increase efficiency should add import capabilities to their PIM tool. The shopify app development cost may increase a bit, but it’s worth the shot, especially when it comes to saving your time for other important tasks.

  • Product data quality control and enrichment

When a customer buys a product, the first thing they look for is its quality. In the case of an online marketplace where customers can’t physically touch the product, they use the information given by the seller to finalize their purchase decision. Rectify the content before uploading it to remove any errors and add the missing data.

  • ECommerce product analytics

If you want to gain insights into how customers are behaving in your online store, product analytics are your best shot. You can ask Magento Development Services to add the ECommerce product analytics feature to your PIM project. Share these analytics with your teammates anytime and integrate with Google Analytics to get more information about products.

  • Sales enablement functionalities

Adding this feature to your dream PIM tool allows you to create various catalogs and upload the product catalog that you want to sell more. It means that you can show your products to customers the way you want in real-time.

The Future of PIM

Product information management tools are for a limited number of eCommerce companies due to financial reasons. The technology is new, and the market still understands all the benefits of PIM, so it will take some time to become a technology for all.
Brands already using product information management tools can increase their sales by delivering better customer satisfaction. A majority of PIM projects can meet the exact needs of any online business, so the staff has to work less while getting better results.

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Do you have an Idea?



After learning these benefits of using PIM with Shopify Plus, it is time for you to start your store from the ground. Develop your PIM app and integrate it with various eCommerce software to take your business to new heights of success.

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