Rather, meet with the doctor through a doctor mobile app, during the coronavirus flash, to be used your smartphone can bee a matter of life and death. A certain truth is healthcare operators are among the most at-risk for getting covid-19, the disease affected by the novel coronavirus — and doctors’ waiting rooms are attractions for people who might be spreading. Therefore, across America, doctors and hospitals are asking patients to move outpatient activity into video chats, voice calls, texts, and emails.

Online doctor consultation app is quickly growing popularity nowadays as more health insurers offer telemedicine help to help cut prices. Studies have proved that virtual care may efficiently be applied to manage current problems such as sinus, flu; deer tick bites, acne, and urinary tract infections. Doctors from video can consult and save patients more time and support.

Now at Health 2.0, Teladoc turned out the initially apparent outcomes of its acquisition of Best Doctors: a new mobile app for clients of both services.

According to Researches, the telemedicine solution has earned over $20 billion already as it’s a booming business.


A smartphone isn’t only an assistive device. For many of us, our phone is an important role in our lifestyle and everyday routine. For this reason, the mobile app market is expanding and arriving in more domains. Healthcare is one of the fundamental industries for the mobile app development market because people are involved in taking care of their health with more convenience and efficiency than visiting a doctor in person.

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Achievements of Doctor App


Doctor App like teledoc

Doctor on demand app development: how much it cost to build doctor app like teledoc are getting less consideration than other forms of social distancing, but they’re moving out to be doctors’ first line of support to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and focus care and limited supplies to the most critical cases. Telemedicine, as it’s also known, is necessary, too, for all the medical requirements that don’t stay because of the coronavirus — diabetes, heart conditions, skin rashes and more — but put patients at danger when they leave home for care.

On-demand Doctor app allows quick video consultations with specialists. The app offers discussions 24/7 and works on smartphones, tablets, and computers. During a video with a doctor, a patient shares symptoms, makes a full consultation, receives a diagnosis, and is provided a prescription or, in some matters, a list of lab tests they should work. Among the most prevalent conditions that patients handled using the app are cold and flu, rashes, urinary infections, and allergies.

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How Doctor app like teledoc works?

How works Doctor app like teledoc

Benefits of on-demand Doctor app like teledoc

  1. Convenience/Support: – Offering appointments in progress, driving to a clinic, and waiting in a long queue isn’t the common helpful way to get a doctor’s support. 74 percent of patients prefer secure access to healthcare mobile app services over in-person communications with providers.
  2. Less Administrative job: –The lion’s share of a physician’s workday is used on managing jobs and paperwork. As a conclusion, doctors consider fewer patients and have to stay after work to fill out all the paperwork. A telemedicine app reduces paperwork and automates a set of tasks.
  3. Mobility Medical Record: – Presently, it’s still challenging to get access to your individual electronic medical records, not to consider someone else’s data. An on-demand doctor mobile app enables patients to view their all-medical records, details and send them to family and doctors.
  4. More Patients & More Revenue: – Less paperwork means a number of patients will be increase by doctor mobile app and more patients can generate revenue.

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Patients App Features

  1. Registration: New users can register themselves easily. They can log in via Facebook, Google, etc.
  2. Manage Profile: Create a profile, a patient can enter their name, address, sex, age, medical history, and other important data required to start the therapy process.
  3. Book an Online Appointment: A user can view a list of doctors, view their profiles, and book an appointment with their preferred doctor. This feature is one of the most important because it provides patients information about a practitioner’s availability and makes them book a time that’s fitting for them.
  4. Medication Tracker: The app markets all prescriptions that a doctor writes and sends notifications to remind patients to get their medicine.
  5. Geolocation: The Doctor on Demand app utilizes Google Maps to discover a user’s location. Users can also view a map to locate the nearest pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions.
  6. Voice Calls: The app offers a voice call feature. It provides a secure channel for people who don’t want to show theirs to others and don’t feel good to talk about their issues to get qualified assistance.
  7. Video Call: The doctor app offers users to use this feature when they want a doctor to check them.
  8. In-app Chat: A patient can manage the secure in-app chat to contact a doctor with any necessary query, to get a consultation.
  9. Payment Gateway: Doctor on Demand enables patients to pay by credit or debit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more.
  10. Ratings and Reviews: This feature supports new patients to make better options while looking for physicians.
  11. Cloud-based Storage: Once patients have created their app accounts, they get Medical record storage that includes all their information, including medical data and contact history

Doctor App Features

  1. Login: Doctors can log in with their credentials and via their social accounts like Facebook and Google, etc.
  2. Set Availability: doctors can set their availability according to their checkup time to patients
  3. Scheduling: Doctors can make modify their schedules based on their availability.
  4. Manage Appointments: Physicians can view their complete list of appointments and accept/ reject them
  5. Manage Profile: A doctor needs to give their details with their name, address, contact details, photo, and specialist.
  6. Video Call: Video calls support doctors to monitor their patients more accurately.
  7. Electronic Medical Record: Doctors have access to medical reports of all their patients anytime they require.
  8. Digital Prescriptions: Patients can use prescriptions to purchase their medicine or to get other health services at medical institutions.

Admin Panel

  1. Dashboard: Admin can view complete activities via dashboard. They can view by graphs and states.
  2. Manage Profile: Admin can manage their profile by add or delete.
  3. Manage Customer Data: Admin able to manage complete customer data where they can find every details.
  4. Manage Doctors: Admin will add to doctors, which are available to check-up patients.
  5. Manage Records: Whenever doctors or patients add their records, the admin will find out all the record and can save in database.
  6. Manage Payment: Admin will be manage complete payment view, edit and delete.
  7. Push Notification Manage: They can send notification to the patients and doctors.

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Cost to develop doctor app like teledoc

Here’s a rough approximation of the team to develop a doctor app like teledoc on-demand solution for iOS and Android.

  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • UX/UI design
  • Quality assurance
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development

The cost to develop a doctor app like teledoc depends on the features list and that will modify your criteria of the complete development. You have to know that the launching app is not the end of the way for an app developer. For something as delicate as a teledoc mobile app development, you would ever require some level of support and maintenance such as bug fixes and updates versions and sometimes an overhaul of the already built-in features to build a path for ones that are more useful.


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