Getting an appointment at a local spa/salon sets out to be an annoyance most of the times. Either you do not know the preferred time or you have to sit in the waiting space. Many times, there are suitable deals in other salons, but most of the consumers remain unaware of them and do to waste time sitting in an unavailable and high beauty salon.

So are you willing to get solution and utilize your time?

Beauty has been about instant satisfaction. The beauty specialists’ serving on-door is no extended a right reserved only just for celebrities. Acknowledgments to the growing number of on-demand beauty apps such as summoning hair stylists, make-up experts, and masseuses. Having a beauty salon app installed on your mobile device can be an improvement in your role. Apart from providing you the latest update on the most advanced beauty care tips, you will also have a chance to inspect the different beauty salons with the different special features they give.

Technology has developed everything. It has improved the way of working and serving, the way of thought, lifestyle and more. On-Demand Solution provides a complete solution for present’s beauty service.

The beauty Service industry is one of them, which is also using the advantages of technology. The appearance of a beauty app has gained an awesome development in the app’s market. It is great to see innovative changes in the Salon & Beauty industry. Whether your expertise is in hair styling, makeover or skin care – streamlining your services with a mobile application will make the management more accessible which is available for both platform IOS Mobile App and Android Mobile App. The purpose of your salon service is to overcome the fear factor of your customers and stylists. You can give it a top startups by developing a Beauty Service mobile application for them.

Well, the beauty industry is growing at a back-breaking speed. According to the review, about $3,756 is spent by females in a year inside salons. And that’s a huge figure.  If you are in Beauty Service industry or have your private salon, it’s the chance to target this industry with a Salon Booking Mobile App which is developed by Mobile App Development Company.

Types of Beauty Industry Solutions

There are types of beauty salon apps that you can consider for your profession or startups:

  • Complete Beauty Solutions
  • Beauty And Hair Salon Solution
  • Beauty Salon Mobile App Development
  • Hire Beauty Professional App Development
  • Beauty and Wellness Application Development
  • Appointment Booking Application Development
  • Hair & Beauty Products Selling Mobile App Development

Top Features of On-Demand Beauty Service Apps


  1. User Registration: Simple authentication process.
  2. Sign Up/Login: Simple signup and login choice from social media channels, email id or phone number.
  3. View Salons Listing: Customers can view a listing of salons registered in the app.
  4. Select Salons/Stylist: Select the nearby salon or stylist in the area.
  5. View Profile: View full profile of the salon with its convenient timings, contact details, ratings, and reviews.
  6. Services Schedule: The users can send the request to the considered beautician or the salon owners.
  7. Booking Appointment: Customers can simply book the appointment from the “Book Now” button.
  8. Make Payment: Easy payment transaction to the selected beauty salon through credit/debit cards, Wallet, and net banking etc. other options can choose.
  9. Chat with the stylist: Customers can chat with the stylists regarding the timings, service charges, explaining address or any other concern.
  10. View Subscription Packages: Customers can view different beauty packages and the ongoing offers on them and subscribe them.
  11. Rating and Review: Customers can view the ratings and reviews of the individual salons.
  12. View history: Customers can check the history/records of the appointments scheduled, check upcoming appointments or schedules.
  13. Push Notifications: Send push notifications for reminding customers about their appointments, offers, deals, coupons, discounts, etc.


  1. Register: Salons or stylists can register from social media channels, email id or phone number with verifies by OTP.
  2. View user request: The salon owners can view the users’ request and the salon owner can assign the stylist for the service request.
  3. Accept/decline user request: Customers can view a listing of salons registered in the app.
  4. Select Salons/Stylist: Salon owners have full liberty to accept or decline the requests.
  5. Services Manage: The salon owners can manage their own service part. They can add/update/delete the services offered.
  6. Manage Catalog: Salon owners can manage their own catalog and choose to present their specialties, expertise from the variety of services in the beauty area.
  7. Schedule Appointments: Salon owners can arrange their own timings, appointments available, and showcase in their profile.
  8. Schedule stylists: The salon owner can schedule the stylist to fulfill the users’ request at doorsteps.
  9. Manage Cost: Salon owners/stylists have the full freedom to manage the costs of the services they give any time.


  1. Manage User: All the users, stylish and the beauty salons that are tuned to the app are maintained by the admin.
  2. Reports: The admin can view all the reports associated with requests, payments, and types of services availed, etc. for directing the business processes.
  3. Manage Payment: All the payment-related knowledge and activities or transactions are managed and administered by the admin.
  4. Offers/Coupon Code: It’s used to stay long with the services as admin can provide offers/coupon code to provide the best advantages to the customers.
  5. App Monetization & Marketing: The banners, promotional content, advertisements, etc. are managed and observed by admin.

Advanced Features of Beauty Service APP

  1. Social Login: User can log-in directly with social ways.
  2. Geo Location: This feature will help your customer to track the live location of beauty professional that you have booked.
  3. Predictive Exploration: This feature will improve your customer to search for a salon or beauty professional by name and location.
  4. Advanced Filter: Advanced filter enables your customer to take the services by rating, price, location, and offer and more.
  5. In-app Chat: This feature lets the customer chat with the support team or to the app support directly in the app itself.
  6. Promo/Offer: This is one of the most beneficial features that help customers to avail the profits of offers provided by the company.
  7. Packages: Customers can buy packages as per their need to avail the benefits.
  8. Social Media Integration: Your On-demand mobile app solutions must allow users to share their experiences over social media.
  9. Membership: You can provide membership to your customers to buy 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, whatever at affordable costs.
  10. Push Notification: The push notifications are none other than real-time updates that will keep a user notified about any current activities related to an app or services.

Cost of develop an Beauty Service Mobile App

The cost of Beauty Service Mobile App totally depends on platforms, functionality, features, their party applications and the number of complexities included in the development. Furthermore, the cost also depends on the following factors:

  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS and Android mobile app development
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • MVP testing
  • Quality assurance – For the Polishing and bug fixing
# Cost
1 A simple and reasonable On-demand beauty service mobile app cost around $5,000 – $11,000
2 Advanced mobile app with real-time chatting and streaming functionalities cost around $12,000- $20,000
3 More Advance featured Beauty service mobile app cost around $21,000
(According to advance functionality required.)

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