offers a Cashless payment solution all in one to all the customers. And also helps customers to get several convenient and helpful booking services to book private cars and taxi of the most popular drivers community in the country, having a food delivery from your preferred restaurants at your doorstep or address, and all is totally cashless payments. Whatever you need or want to get a delivery just explore from here and Grab what you have covered and deliver at the doorstep.

And the trending news, Grab is partnering with and Agoda for hotel bookings, video-streaming service HOOQ, and movie ticket booking platform BookMyShow.

As per reports we found that A Grab has been funded with $200 Million From Korea’s Stic Investments in August, 2020. has been funding with the greatest amount, let’s find out how much funding has Grab Organization raised over time.

It is a delivery service app that also offers these services:

  • Food delivery service
  • Online Grocery delivery
  • Transport Delivery
  • Online Package Delivery
  • Online Movie ticket booking
  • Online Hotel Booking

How Grab Does Work

how it work

How become a Customer, Merchant and Driver with Grab

Become a Customer with Grab

  • Download the App:  Download Now
  • Singup/Login up with valid details and start exploring food, grocery, ticket booking, parcel delivery etc.

Become a Driver with Grab

  • Signup/Login from the Grab website. 
  • Select City
  • Choose what you want to deliver such as Food/Grocery delivery, Parcel Delivery, Express Delivery, Merchant Driver and Pay Merchant. 
  • Add all the valid details in the form of Grab. 
  • Submit valid documents according to requirements. 
  • Get the delivery order.

Become a Merchant with Grab

  • Sign up from the Grab Website.
  • Add valid details with all required details. 
  • Add Providing menu listing. 
  • Start Serving Service to your customers.

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Grab providing services in the Cities:

  • Singapore
  • Malasiya 
  • Indonasia 
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam 
  • Philippense 
  • Myanmar
  • Cambodia

Key Features to Develop an App like Grab

Best mobile App development like Grab in Singapore, providing standard and advanced features listing. Get all the features in a cost-effective solution, including required features and facilities to help your customers in an easy way.

Customer App Features

  1. Registration: A new user can register themselves with their valid details such as First Name, Second Name, Email ID etc. more required things. 
  2. Login: A user can login with their mail id and generate a password. 
  3. Forget Password: A simple one tap process to reset password. 
  4. Search Service: A user can search required services, view service details and view category and sub-category of the services. 
  5. Select Area: A user can rectify their area to confirm that you are in the delivery area or not. 
  6. Book Service: A customer can book service online as per their need with the one tap only. 
  7. Apply Offer/Discount/Coupon: Customer has an option to apply available coupon, offer and discount to get a discount. 
  8. Payment Method: A customer able to choose a payment mode according to their suitability. 
  9. GPS Tracking: A customer has an real-time tracking system where users can track their exact location of delivery.  
  10. Manage Wallet: the customer has an option to manage wallet, user can add money, pay from wallet and easy to access after login into the app. 
  11. Subscription Plan: A user can subscribe from the app if they want to get extra benefits regarding fast delivery, cost-effective etc. 
  12. Free Estimation: A grab gives an free estimation for the car or taxi booking when users want to book a ride with grab driver app.
  13. Rewards: Grab offers reward features to their customers with exclusive things. 
  14. Gift card: A user able to take or win a gift from a grab platform. 
  15. Push Notification: Notify about the new deals, Offers etc. 
  16. Manage Profile: A user can manage their own profile with the editing details etc. 
  17. Feedback: A user app allows feedback on services and delivery. 
  18. View History: A user can view the whole history related to their order, deliveries etc.

Driver App features

  1. Register: Driver able to register themselves by adding all details with an option Food delivery, Merchant driver, express driver, etc. 
  2. Login: A driver able to login with received mail id and password, after getting from admin. 
  3. View Received Delivery: A driver can see the whole delivery booking and details. 
  4. GPS Tracking: Driver has a facility to track the address by real-time tracking. 
  5. New Announcement: Driver has a facility to see the new announcement in front of the admin or grab platform. 
  6. On-demand Delivery: To earn extra, drivers can deliver on-demand. 
  7. Insurance Plan for Driver: A driver has a facility to get an insurance plan in any case of issues. 
  8. Manage Profile: Driver can manage his/her own profile easily. 
  9. View History: History option available to view past orders and deliveries.

Merchant Panel Features

  1. Register: Merchant has an option to register from the Grab site easily with adding all required details and documents. 
  2. Login: After approved and verified by the admin, merchants can login with the generated ID and password. 
  3. Manage Profile: Merchants can add, edit and delete the details to their public profile. 
  4. Manage Services/Products: Merchant has a right to to add, edit and delete all the services or products with their details such as cost, description etc. 
  5. Manage Offers/Coupon: Merchants can manage and upload new coupons, offers and discounted prices to customers. 
  6. View Payment: Merchants can view payment details which are received from customers on their order. 
  7. View History: Merchants are able to view the complete history of their orders and deliveries with customer details. 
  8. Notification: Merchant able to receive a notification about a new announcement from admin. 
  9. Feedback: Merchants can get feedback from the user side according to their services.

Admin Panel features

  1. Login: Easy To login with email ID and generated password. 
  2. Dashboard: That is able to see the whole dashboard where admin can view total customer, toral drivers, toral order for today, total sell etc. with some graphics presentation. 
  3. Customer/Merchant/Driver: Admin can add, edit and delete these, search, view details. 
  4. Service/Products: Admin reports the whole added services and products, active/inactive them. 
  5. Payment Management: Payment will be managed by admin, they can see entire details related to received payment. 
  6. Commission Manage: As per the norms of the grab, a commission process can be managed by admin between merchants and admin according to monthly or as per orders.

Deorwine Infotech – Best Mobile App Development Company in Singapore – Create an App Like Grab

Deorwine Infotech can help you to create a delivery app like grab, where you can have all required panels such as Customer panel, Driver panel, Merchant Panel, And admin, and can be more. We understand your requirements and needs of your business.

We provide an on-demand solution for on-demand delivery services, where users can find various domains to deliver at customer’s doorstep.

We create a Mock-up for you to understand deeply and after we provide you Design, Implementation, API Integration, Payment Gateway, Multilingual Solutions, Testing, Live, Delivery and Support.

Hire Dedicated Developers team and website developer team from Deorwine Infotech to create a platform for Startups including number of features and integrations, Also we provide solutions for Industries, where they can add advanced level of features to make more secure and get traffic.

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How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Like Grab

Cost to create an app like Grab with a cost-effective solution. Just go for a standard or Advanced features, Choose the best Platform like Android or iOS or Both, Choose Languages Single or Multilingual, Select payment gateway according to Country, and then start creating an app.

Also, the cost is dependent on the required team such as we need these team members to develop an platform for you:

Those team members will take care of your project and deliver successfully. Including We provide support and Maintenance after deployment, so that your apps can be error-free and run smoothly.


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Hire Best Mobile App Development Company in Singapore and create an app like grab.

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