When a consumer buys an electric car that you are not able to maintain in an everyday way, Also, it will require some applications especially a free charging app charge hub app to find better-charging stations. Electricity power is the fuel for electric vehicles, charging these vehicles and that process where petrol and diesel stations for the current cars we use.

Whenever the electric vehicle explosions are about to discharge, the car owner is required to find the nearest charging station for refueling it. An electric vehicle charging station finder app that can save from any difficulty in times of necessity.

Since the Electric Vehicle charging station is under a minor figure and is difficult to find out, businesses are spending on the EV charging station finder mobile apps. By developing a mobile application for electric vehicle charging which can be made more comfortable for car owners for finding the nearest charging stations and making the payment immediately by the application, book a charging slot in advance, and more.

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What is EV charging station app?

This is mobile app development for the owners of charging station finders to locate nearby charging stations for their car or other vehicles. It is an adaptable application that helps to look out for the charging stations according to the location of the user, booking slot available at the nearby station, charging fee, etc., more aspects.

For instance, there are some Electric Vehicle charging stations within the range of 5 miles; the car owner is able to choose to get his/her vehicle prices from the station that gives the most reliable service in terms of payment, and other factors.

Moreover, they can pay for the charging directly from within the app. When a nearby finder seems crowded then the user can book a charging slot in advance that will save him/her from waiting in the long queues at the EV charging station finder app.

Why Invest in EV Charging Stations App Development?

There are a lot of benefits to building an EV charging mobile app largely because it’s still a secure point in the marketplace and the competition is weak.

The electric vehicle market globally is expected to observe a growth of 26.8% year over year from 2021 to 2030 and the number of EV units in 2021 is over 4,093k and In 2030, this estimate will reach 34,756k.

One-third of these moved fast chargers. As electric vehicles become extra prevalent and mainstream, the number of charging stations will significantly improve.

When it reaches India, the Electric Vehicle market in the country was valued at around $5 billion and It’s growing at an extensive CAGR of 44% from 2021 to 2026 and the value of the futures market will be over $47 billion by 2026.

These amazing stats show that the business for electric cars and vehicles, which is certainly growing at a fast track. The most primary analyses after this accelerated growth are the demand for under-emission transport, the actions by governments to support zero-emission vehicles through tax rebates, subsidies, and more.

Top Key Features to Build the Electric Vehicle Charging Station App

  1. Sign-Up
  2. The new user requires to register into the app with their phone number, email address, and strong password to make the process effective and quicker that allow them to register with their social accounts such as Google Account or other social media handles.
  1. Profile Creation
  2. The user is able to edit his profile and make modifications to it, instantly, they can add a name, vehicle model and number, profile picture, etc.
  1. Geolocation
  2. To show the nearby charging stations, the mobile app needs to access the real-time location of the smartphone of the user. When a user requires to search the chargers open in an area manually then they can enter the preferred location and see the right options.
  1. Nearby Charging Station
  2. Based on the location accessed by the app or entered by the user then the mobile app shows the charging stations most forward to the user. The aim to show the nearest stations is to help users spare time and power needed to visit the service for charging

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  1. Filters
  2. Advanced searching always gives many filters to search according to input. While searching the charging station then users can apply various filters to find the correct service.
  3. The users like it because this feature saves time.
  4. For example, if there are many stations available in a particular area but not all are compatible with the user’s vehicle. The various filters can be applied for charging point compatibility, network, power level, fast/slow charger at the station, etc
  1. Service Detail
  2. While scanning the nearby best app for EV charging stations; the app shows the appropriate information about any specific stations.
  1. Slot Booking
  2. Next to decide the charging station through the mobile app that the user can book a time slot in advance to get the car charged.
  1. Feedback
  2. After making the process complete of EV charges, the car owner is able to rate according to their experience and give ratings about the station. This is the most important feature for every brand, it helps users to apprehend the quality of service and various aspects of a station and the service provider can mark up as a good glimpse.
  1. Multiple Payment Methods
  2. Ask your developer to integrate the payment gateway according to your place or country. Allow your customer to choose from multiple methods in your EV charging station locator app; your customer must have options to pay according to their suitability. For example, you can integrate to pay with a debit/credit card, PayPal, Stripe, UPI, e-wallet mobile apps, etc.
  1. Billing History
  2. Car owners can view the complete billing history and this needs to know the power they consume and the cost which has to be spent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The app must have this amazing detailed feature to track the bookings including power charged and the payment amount made by the user.
  1. Push Notification
  2. The app must have sent alerts or notification features to update the users or about nearby charging stations, new arrival offers available, reminders about the booking upcoming; when a new charging station is joined to the app for the preferred location of the user.
  1. EV Trip Planner
  2. When the user is planning a long trip for a long distance, they will need to get the vehicle accredited at multiple positions. To make everything convenient for every user, you can integrate a journey planner feature that allows users to access the starting and destination circumstances of their trip.
  1. AI-based Chatbot
  2. AI chatbots make the lives of your users more prosperous by supporting and answering queries whenever required. Based on the most common questions of the people, the chatbot can respond more effectively. These queries, chatbot can’t answer then they can be transferred to a team who manages these things.

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  1. Reward Points
  2. Using your best EV charging app more frequently, you can give some reward points to the users in the pattern of discount vouchers, promotional coupons for their subsequent charging, free membership for a month, or more benefits. The reward points can help you to build loyalty among customers and attract more users to the app.
  1. In-App Navigation
  2. This works through GPS and using a maps API such as Google Maps will allow the users to find charging stations in real-time on the Google map. The user can get directions to the charging point by the app.

EV charging stations App cost

To determine the cost of ev charging stations app India that we have first analyzed your requirements and what features & functionalities you require for the application.

The cost of the app majorly depends on the total development time, Developer, and location (Country) of the mobile app development company.

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