The liquor mobile app helps businesses to earn maximized returns in their corresponding niche. The growing concept of On-demand alcohol delivery app development signifies taking an impressive accomplishment besides every moving day and now when you are thinking of investing in the venture.

In 2020, the global market volume of liquors amounted to over 1.49 trillion U.S. dollars, and yearly revenue decreased around 200 billion dollars compared to 2019.

While estimates assume the market size will again increase in 2021, and it will take until 2022 before the market recovers and surpass the 2019 pre-pandemic revenue.

However, the Statista Consumer Market Outlook predicts that by 2025, the global market capacity of alcoholic beverages will be increased by about 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars.

How Does an Alcohol Delivery App Work?

An alcohol delivery app India allows liquor retailers to offer an eCommerce platform by the mobile app. With the app, users can search through the various filters of liquor that include whiskey,  gin, vodka, wine, beer, and more.

Once the user has taken the desired quality and variety of brands of liquor, then the user can easily schedule the delivery time of their all orders. That delivery can either be managed from the retailer’s end or they could hire a 3rd party delivery service to complete all deliveries.

Best Key Features Of Alcohol Delivery Mobile App

User App

The liquor delivery application of the user that performs it considerably easier for people to communicate with the mobile app and place orders. One can quickly glance into the app’s functioning, navigate through the menu, and hassle-free checkout.

  1. Sign-up/Sign-in
  2. A new user can register themselves into the app with a valid Email ID and create a new password. It allows you to log in with social networking for examining the best quality drinks and deals such as Login with Facebook, Login with Twitter, log in with Google, etc.
  1. Liquor listing
  2. Once the users receive on board, they can view the complete listed variety of drinks.
  1. Price Verify
  2. In this app, users can view the price individually, every product has its own price and display with the product.
  1. Apply Filters
  2. That feature allows the user to shop quite easier and they can apply the filters for choosing different categories and subcategories of liquor such as wine, whiskey, beer, or to avail themselves of the desired drink according to their choice.
  1. Place Order
  2. In this section, users can place the order of the drinks selected and they can check or establish the estimated delivery time as well.
  1. Choose the Payment Method
  2. After checkout to be purchased, users can make and choose the payment method with the help of various transaction types such as PayPal, Credit, Debit card, and more.
  1. Push Notification
  2. A user has a full facility to remind their activity and update the version, it can be kept updated with the app update as well.
  1. Order History
  2. The user can view the order history by the app and they can verify their order, drink, price, and many more.
  1. Track Order
  2. The users can track all the orders, This app provides them the order status such as still in the queue, processed, out for shipment, etc to keep the users attentive.
  1. Reviews
  2. The users can post their reviews as well where they can provide feedback on the experience regarding the drinks received whether they were delivered within the specified period or not.

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Shop Owner App

When it comes to how to create an alcohol delivery app that you require to introduce the wine shop owners too. They can immediately be implied of the application and the coordination wants strong so that the users can be aware of the services quickly and easily.

  1. Login
  2. A new shop owner can log in with their ID and password where they can use the OTP as well.
  1. Manage Alcohol Category
  2. The owners can specify various categories of beverages such as wine, whiskey, beer, breezes, etc.
  1. Manage Beverages
  2. All the beverages and the individual items are listed to inform the users of several meals thus, allowing them to order conveniently
  1. Manage Price
  2. The owner can manage all the prices and descriptions of every product detail associated with the packages are maintained through the liquor shop owner.
  1. Manage Feedback
  2. The liquor shop owners can view the ratings and reviews which are assigned by various users. That also works in attracting and growing new users
  1. Manage Sales and Earning
  2. As per the received number of requests fetched that the liquor shop owner can check the monthly earning and sales, it can be managed monthly or weekly basis.

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Admin Panel

The admin panel needs to take care of the backend functioning of the alcohol delivery app development. We deliver a time that the admin panel is secure and protected that does not access such information. When it proceeds with the development process then our experts examine the admin panel features well.

  1. Login
  2. The admin can log in with their Email ID and Password. Once logged in the admincan view all the orders registered and it can process them respectively as per the time
  1. Manage Payment
  2. All the payments are processed by the users and are managed and monitored by the admin end.
  1. Order Management
  2. The admin can manage the complete received orders along with their status and updates.
  1. Setting
  2. All the mobile app development that has its settings in the phone are managed by the admin. It can update the kinds of drinks, meals, etc., to remain modernized with the demand of the user.
  1. Marketing Manage
  2. The complete advertisement, banner, Email template, and promotional campaigns are managed by the admin only.
  1. Real-Time Analytics
  2. The admin can view the statistics connected with the number of orders apprehended, the region from which the greatest orders were fetched, top delivery hours, etc., it can be worked out in the chart’s form to make a productive business decision.

Monetization Possibilities for Liquor Delivery Mobile App

This is one of the key aspects of on demand alcohol ordering apps development which regulates the app’s plans for making money. There are some of the most popular monetization techniques that applications can consider include:

  1. Commissions-Based
  2. This is an efficient and perhaps the easiest monetization technique where the alcohol order app owner charges any specific price or fee for every order placed by the app.
  1. Featured Listing
  2. Another popular technique of app monetization; the app owner provides the best spots of the app to the liquor store who is willing to spend specified money. Many retailers opt for those certain spots since the companies appear on the top record maximum businesses.
  1. Ad Management
  2. The liquor delivery application can also make money by advertising-related and associated products and services to the consumers. The app owner can charge a determined price from the advertising markets that can turn into a profit from transferring a more extensive customer base.
  1. eStore Enablement
  2. Adding the various eCommerce app features to your alcohol mobile app is another excellent technique to increase monetization sources. Through this feature, you can offer beer mugs, wine glasses, and other relevant products through the mobile app to manage the users engaged while boosting the ranks and popularity of the app.
  1. Rewards & Offers
  2. Offers and promotions provide the opportunity to the users to visit the liquor delivery software again where the users can manage and apply the valid offers to get affordable deals and drinks that can avail of the variety at a cost-effective price.
  1. Real-time Tracking
  2. The users can track the real-time location of the delivery agent where they can monitor the user’s location with the help of GPS. It can suggest those appropriate routes to be taken and this supports in managing the user’s attention before the drinks delivery.

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Cost of developing an On-demand liquor delivery mobile app

The Alcohol Delivery Mobile App Development Cost depends on some important factors as well other than the attributes to be added. That all points can increase the and Find out some of the listed factors below:

  1. Choose The Platform
  2. Platforms are optional, and you can choose as per your requirements to create the native application or a hybrid application.
  1. Front & Back-End Development
  2. The complete development process is the major role defined by the technology used and the features expected to be incorporated.
  1. UI/UX Design
  2. User engagement would play a significant role in managing the connectivity and traffic with the users that are only possible by UI/UX design.
  1. Website Connectivity
  2. The response time would determine how many users can run on the application at once.

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At Deorwine Infotech, we are an Alcohol ordering app development company that focuses mostly on delivery apps both iOS app development and Android apps development.

We have developed and delivered many delivery applications for various domains which are managed by the strong admin panel and apps.  Our team allows you to liquor delivery app source code that gives you benefit to update the code again or can change.

Running beside the aforementioned technical parameters where the real-time location of the mobile app development company and the developers has a major role in determining the correct development cost and time.

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