Flippy is the only platform that allows peer-to-peer knowledge exchange through intriguing interactive and compelling content forms, making the investing journey simple, efficient, and precise, he explains. Using the Flippy App, users will be able to invest in themed baskets with a single click, effectively diversifying their portfolios.

Flippy Crypto investment startup announced Tuesday the launch of its mobile App, announcing the success of its $1.15 million seed funding round. Redstart Labs led the round of funding, which was joined by additional investors such as Entrepreneur First, Anirudh Rastogi, Justin Caldbeck, and Alex Lin. According to the announcement, the firm is also sponsored by 7 Percent Ventures, an international fund that has invested in unicorns such as Magic Pony technologies, Source D.N.A., and Oculus V.R

The founders, Srinidhi Moodalagiriand and Srivar Harlalka, want to use the funding to expand operations and enlarge the workforce. The firm also intends to develop a user acquisition strategy to generate instructive material accessible to all types of investors. It allows visitors to analyze the portfolios of renowned crypto-related individuals’ investors and provides access to a range of crypto-related information

The crypto market is evolving with new technology breakthroughs and considerable unpredictability that makes investors afraid to go into the field, said Srinidhi, co-founder of Flippy Funding. Flippy gives you access to a range of comparable themed baskets, such as cryptocurrency, Metaverse NFTs, and gaming. This enables investors of all types to investigate, discuss, and diversify their investment portfolios across several subjects without researching each coin individually.

Customers may link their trading accounts and finalize their investment immediately on the Flippy Finance site by collaborating with crypto exchanges such as Zebpay, WazirX Bitbns Krypto, Zebpay, Unocoin, and CoinDCX Zebpay.

Mobile App Development- What Is It?

The approach of developing mobile applications is used to make apps that may be used on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. The procedure begins with creating software code, followed by creating the App. Developing apps resembles the development of other software, such as web-based apps. The critical difference between App development and traditional App creation is that mobile apps may use native device functionality.

Mobile App development has been an increasingly popular medium for software development as tablets and smartphones have grown popular. In truth, mobile applications have become an essential component of most enterprises. Revenue forecasts are expected to climb to about 900 billion dollars by 2022. As customers abandon desktop computers favouring mobile devices, this thriving and fast-rising business has drawn enterprises from all market corners.

Apps, for example, may use mobile functions like G.P.S., Bluetooth, a microphone, camera, and many more that are incorporated into smartphones. Among mobile apps, Apple and Android have the largest market share. Although it is possible to create games for other platforms, most applications are intended for these two.

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App Development Platforms: What Are The Best?

There are several options for App creation. Based on your goals, abilities, app type, and budget, you’ll need to limit your possibilities. You may develop applications using these tools. These tools enable you to develop, test, optimize, debug, and manage your App once released.

In the present day, these are the best platforms for developing mobile applications:

1.      Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap differs from the other choices in its approach. PhoneGap lets you develop applications with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. PhoneGap features a plugin mechanism that allows you to add functionality. PhoneGap is also an Apache Cordova distribution. These names are frequently used interchangeably—the Apache Cordova engine powers PhoneGap.

2.      Microsoft Xamarin

Another open-source U.I. framework is Xamarin, accessible for Android, iOS, and Windows. It creates cross-platform programs with a single shared code base. In other words, it allows users to make an application that will look the same on various platforms and devices. This is a trendy platform. The programs will frequently appear to be natively deployed. Xamarin provides several tools for developers on both Mac and Windows platforms. It is compatible with native APIs and backend services.

3.      Flutter

Flutter enables you to develop cross-platform apps with a single codebase. It is still relatively young, at least in comparison to its competition, that Google introduced Flutter in 2017. Flutter may be used to create online apps and mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Linux. Flutter is ideal for anybody who wants to build online and desktop apps with a single codebase in C++, C++, and Dart.

Select The Platform That Best Suits You

Many independent App development teams prefer to start with Android. Why? Most smartphones—roughly 70%—are Android-powered, and the Google Play Store has fewer limitations than the Apple App Store. Mobile apps created for iOS, on the other hand, have considerably fewer devices that require support, making optimization easier. Furthermore, user retention is better for iOS applications.

Based on the desired audience and use case for the mobile app you are developing, other factors may be required. You must be able to support their platforms if you are developing an App for your company’s employees. This may entail the creation of cross-platform iOS and Android apps.

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If you’re developing a mobile app for clients and know that most of them, use iPhones to access the App, iOS applications should be your primary focus, and you have to go with Ios App Development Services. Other factors to consider are how to commercialize your mobile apps and what user behavior you anticipate. Cultural and regional variables might have an impact on these parameters.

Mobile App Development – A Step-by-Step Process

App development is simple in the sense that it is divided into a few phases. If you want to create applications, follow the steps below:

Develop The Concept And Strategize

Before you begin the process of Build Your Own Android App, you should consider your notions. You may already have an essential vision or an idea. Some people may be beginning from scratch.

It would be helpful if you asked yourself these questions to start:

  • How do you intend to use your mobile application?
  • Is your App going to solve a specific problem?
  • What features does your App have?
  • Will you invest a significant amount?
  • In what manner will the App be developed? (Agency, In-house team, App builder, etc.)

When brainstorming, it’s easy to become side-tracked. Your attention should be directed to the App’s crucial features. Don’t bother with unnecessary add-ons or “nice-to-haves” that detract from the core aim of the application.

Market Research And Study

If you are ready with your idea, you need to look at similar existing apps. It’s unusual to come across a fully fresh concept with no competitors.

  • What are the steps you will adopt to help your Company distinguish itself from Crowd?
  • Who are you hoping to reach?
  • Can you recommend a good platform for releasing your app?
  • What marketing and promotion techniques do you intend to employ for this website?

An imperative step you can’t skip is market research. Developing an idea is time-consuming and expensive, so you want to make sure a market exists for it before you invest your time and money.

Exceptional Ux Design

A vital part of the process is creating the UX design of mobile apps. It’s critical to think about how your application looks and sounds. Begin by developing wireframes and drawings to imagine how the program will operate. Ensure that the user experience is prioritised. It would help if you guaranteed that your user interface is easy to use.

  • Develop a roadmap or storyboard to illustrate the connections between each screen.
  • App development is different from web development, so think about what people will do with your App compared to their mobile website.
  • Prioritize the user experience over everything else.

It would be best to create wireframe prototypes of your App before constructing a fully working application.

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Actual Development Of The App

It is now time to develop the application. This includes all APIs, backend technology, and front-end design. This is what you must do:

  • Select the development method you prefer.
  • Put your development team in place.
  • Designate a project manager.
  • Identify goals and milestones.
  • Please plan to deal with changes as they occur.

Based on the method you decide to develop your App, you might have to create two distinct versions of your App One for iOS and another for Android. Cross-platform development tools may also be used to build a single version of the programme that is compatible with both operating systems.

The type of App you’re developing, and the number of its features can impact the timeframe and expense of App development. An essential App with minimal features will be straightforward and affordable to create. On the other hand, a more complicated program that involves user authentication servers, G.P.S. capabilities, real-time interactions between users, and other features would undoubtedly take longer to develop.

Finally, Time To Test Your App

It is advisable to test your applications before making them available to the general public. It is important that you test your app beforehand to identify any bugs, flaws, or anything else that needs to be fixed.

  • Apps should be tested by Q.A.s throughout the development process.
  • Testing should be performed on both platforms.
  • Check the App on multiple devices.
  • Obtain feedback directly from users and make improvements.

It’s impossible to make an app that’s totally flawless but you must aim to design a working software that consumers enjoy and not crash. Later, your program may be upgraded and new versions issued. If your App is not refined throughout testing, it may be rejected. Don’t get too worked up over it; instead, concentrate on producing a quality product.


The development of a mobile app is complex. Whether you are designing native or cross-platform apps, the user experience is crucial. The App’s functionality must serve the primary objective of its users, and interactive elements should be simple to use. There are several options for App creation. Which approach is optimal for you will depend on your goals, money, time frame, technical abilities, App complexity, and schedule?

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