Over the globe, the online job portal development is the most popular feature of the internet. With the great platforms such as indeed and monster, web & app have transformed job shooting and improving into a real online industry.  The online job portal development is another version of operating smarter; they get a better scope at higher speeds and affordable prices.

On-demand job portal development company is providing reliable things, which give job portal an ideal profession for the comprehensive hiring process. Resume search tools, job seekers resume database access, – category, experience, keyword, etc.), job posting-long term perfectibility of job posts, sufficient/unlimited/customized place for job description and other features, mass mailing to shortlisted candidates and status, classified job posting, instance acknowledgment from targeted job seekers, job alert to targeted job seekers, all these unique features you can avail our services.

The job portal industry is completely stabilized now. Job seekers are using these portals to get jobs in many industries, going ahead of it to sectors like banking, engineering, sales, manufacturing, and financial services, etc. There are powerful and great opportunities to examine, such as improving their perception of rural places and smaller centers.

Deorwine Infotech is going to explore numerous things with the perspective of online job-recruiter portal development.


Key Features of Online Job Portal Development

At Deorwine Infotech, We have excellent tools with the latest technology development that will provide you to process payments instantly through the most well-known payment method. With our job portal, you can easily choose Payment options, as well as all distinct components of the website, such as the layout, emails, and registration choices. We are a Job Portal Development Company with vast experience delivering Job portal websites successfully.

We have experts for many kinds of Complete Job portal solutions for best recruitment, Job Portal Development. We have the best solutions for these industries and implement a built custom solution. Our Complete Job portal solution in global endures:-

Customer Panel

  1. Sign up/Register: Job seekers can sign up and sign in by registering themselves using their email id, password or mobile numbers or email id.
  2. Edit Profile: Customer can manage and edit details in their profile.
  3. Create/Upload Resume: Using this feature, applicants can build their resumes in the desired format and can upload them on the web & app.
  4. Advance Search: Applicants can search for the jobs as per their requirement and can even filter their search by choosing the desired location, a field of expertise, experience, expected salary and much more.
  5. View Courses: Customer able to understand easily, find number of courses and select accordingly.
  6. Create free job Alerts: This feature alerts the users when any recruiter reaches them as per the specifications.
  7. Favourite Job: This is a notable feature as it enables applicants to bookmark the jobs for future references.
  8. Track Jobs: Customer able to track their jobs where they applied.
  9. Access to employer profile: This allows applicants to get access to company profiles and take the information required.
  10. Payment gateway integration: Customer can pay online whenever they buy packages.
  11. Multi-Language: Customer able to read and understand content by choosing languages.

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Recruiter Panel

  1. Login: Recruiter can register themselves by creating a new account or with their email id credentials.
  2. Manage Profile: recruiter can manage and edit profile details.
  3. Search Member: recruiter search members and access information.
  4. Job Posting: Recruiter can post the job as per the number of openings and the job requirements.
  5. Edit/Remove Jobs: This feature allows the recruiter to edit or remove the job profiles as per their suitability.
  6. Add/Remove applicant: Recruiter can add and remove applicant.
  7. Track Applications: Recruiter can keep track of the job requests received.
  8. Job Invitation: Under this segment, a recruiter can send an invitation to the desired candidate asking them for scheduling an interview to complete the recruitment process.
  9. Email Jobs: On the urgent requirements, the recruiter can directly send emails to the desired applicant.
  10. Download Resume: This feature permits recruiters to download the resumes of the applicants, which matches their requirements.
  11. Visitor feedback Section: Visitor can give feedback to companies and recruiter can view all feedback.
  12. Free Job Opening Buy: Recruiter can buy free job opening package for a monthly and after they can buy monthly yearly.
  13. Manage Premium Customer: recruiter can manage premium customer according to their packages, which is bought.

Admin Panel

  1. Manage Job Ads: Admin allows to manage all the job ads posted by the recruiters.
  2. Profile Management: This feature permits admin to manage the profiles of both the recruiters and the applicant.
  3. Applicant & Employer Statistics: All the information associated with the candidates and the employer is managed by the admin.
  4. Manage Customer: Admin can manage all the registered customers, edit, remove and update.
  5. Manage Recruiters: Admin manage recruiters and their details, admin can manage details, edit, add and remove.
  6. Reports Administrator: All the information related to the job seekers, recruiters, and the job proposal listing generation and check by the admin to analyse the business processes
  7. Free trial manage Admin able to provide free trials to their new customers and get an information.
  8. Manage Premium Recruiters: Admin able to manage premium recruiters according to their packages.
  9. Sponsor Jobs: For the recruiters or customers, Admin can provide sponsor facility to the applicant and recruiters.

Discernible Features

  1. Rating & Review: Candidates can rate and review the recruiters and the app as well.
  2. Job Courses: This feature can allow candidates to avail of various courses related to the job to enhance their performance.
  3. Advanced Search: This part of the app allows candidates and recruiters to search the relevant jobs, employers and job seekers.
  4. In-app Chat: With the help of this feature applicants and recruiters can directly ask a query or communicate with each other.
  5. Voice Calls: Job seekers and recruiters can call each other using the apps inbuilt voice calling facility.
  6. Subscription: Candidates can select subscription packages to highlight their resumes and improve their possibilities of getting hired.
  7. Multiple Languages: This feature allows both candidates and recruiters to reach the app using their preferred language.

Team Structure for successful Web Application Development

Ultimately, getting the best web development company is not the only purpose to be achieved. Several other individuals are included in developing your app from scratch.  You require the comprehended team of Mobile App Developers, expert designers, intelligent testers headed by a couple of project managers.

The functionally of your job search app depends mainly on the process, that is deployed in developing it. Hence, it becomes very essential that you get the right and the worthy candidates that are ingested with the real enthusiasm and potential for engineering the perfect web applications.

Hire dedicated Developers Here is the major key person that performs a great role in offering pure quality and perfection to your job portal:

  • Project Manager: Manager should have great leadership over managerial skills and should be smart sufficient to identify the best product solutions.
  • Developers: Website Developer
  • Designers: Expert UX/UI design, Graphic Designer.
  • Testers: A team of expert and skilled QA experts for delivering a smooth and comfortable experience to customers.

Top Qualities of a Mobile App Development Team

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Job Search Portal?

An on-demand job portal app development that comes following the database classification app. Such apps require an effective design and a strong and strong foundation to support the high-end features and tons of knowledge the app endures.

Basic features user accounts, they are saved and viewed jobs, job support itself, ratings and reviews, etc. Are the basic features that involve space and move the overall costs of developing an app like Monster and Indeed.

Here are more advanced and external features included like data sync, data travel, interview scheduling, geolocation, push notification, in-app communication.


Deorwine Infotech is one of the top Mobile app development & web development company that develop an online job portal for you as you want at a cost-effective price.

As the requirement for jobs has grown, it has added to the increased competition between the various job portal mobile apps. Consequently, it becomes important to develop a web, which can be in this ambitious environment. Therefore, you need to hire a skilled and skillful mobile app development team to design explanation your job portal web and app.

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