TRZMO announced the raising of $1.2 million from private investors and the formation of a strategic advisory board to promote the adoption of its free flagship app. In addition to replacing multiple travel apps, it is the best travel management app that enables users to manage ground transportation, flight updates, loyalty programs, gate changes, and other travel logistics. It also includes duty-free shopping, weather, dining, and time zones and provides AI-driven real-time recommendations and special offers.

Apps designed for the initial generation of loyalty and travel programs are single-purpose and do not link with one another, making their use inconvenient and the value of the apps unknown. TRZMO is the first application to solve these issues, and it’s available to download for free on both IOS and Android app stores.

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Josh Wiess

Josh Wiess, an angel investor who invests in new firms in their early growth phases, and Conor O’Mahoney are on the Advisory Board. He founded and served as the CEO of Nauticus Networks, a private firm that provides sophisticated networking services to data centers worldwide. SUN purchased Nauticus Networks in 2004. Weiss was a co-founder and vice president of engineering of Prominent Corporation, which Lucent Technologies acquired in 2004. Weiss is a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in New England and serves on the boards of many businesses.

Conor O’Mahoney Statement

According to Conor O’Mahoney, “I’m ecstatic to be a TRZMO travel management system member. TRZMO is in a great position to develop high-impact commercial collaborations and accelerate consumer acceptance and growth. And, when COVID-19 transitions from pandemic to endemic status in many areas, I see the huge pent-up desire for travel.”

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Conor is an independent board member, an investor, and an advisor. A successful entrepreneur and an expert in product development, he is also recognized for his expertise in business expansion. Conor executed a product-driven growth strategy at Klaviyo, which resulted in a 10-fold increase in sales for the firm. He was responsible for a 6x rise in sales as Chief Product Officer of SilverRail, which led to Expedia’s purchase.


Mr. Myank Jain, TRZMO’s President and CEO, has been a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Before forming TRZMO, he built the firm and subsequently sold it to a government agency. He then led multiple teams and organizations to significant development and success. Jain is a graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Executive Management and is active in Cambridge, Massachusetts’s local digital innovation ecosystem. Our priority was to develop a strong consumer travel management solution. TRZMO’s CEO and Founder, Myank Jain, stated, “Right now, we’re focusing on growth, adoption, and mutually beneficial collaborations.”

He has acted as a judge for the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIE) for the past five years. MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy is most visible through the IIC. The names of 155 organizations worldwide will be announced today by IDE, which will receive $5 million in awards to assist them in achieving their objectives. Over three years, the winners generated $169 million in income, over $1 billion in capital expenditure, more than 5,000 workers, and serviced over 340 million people.

Is Travel App Development Right For Your Tourist Or Travel Business?

Travel is undertaken for various purposes, including pleasure, business, and education. Tourism and travel are one of the industries that are growing fastest and will continue to expand. If you work in the travel and tourism sector, digitizing your travel, tourism, transportation, and hospitality organization, whether directly or indirectly, is a sensible move. With cutting-edge technology, tourism facilities and business opportunities have never been more tempting.

Through tourism and travel Application Solution, these technologies are utilized by both enterprises and passengers. The smartphone app revolution has made traveling more enjoyable, convenient, and engaging. The ability of travel app developers to make it robust and efficient is just as important. A good Travel Portal Development Company has the best development team to create a successful app that generates many revenues and customers.

How does Travel App Development Improve Your Business Operations?


Customers should expect fresh and exciting experiences as the travel industry evolves and expands. Several travel companies invest in technology to enhance their operations and deliver better customer service. Businesses in the travel sector may employ corporate travel management software to improve customer service while also cutting expenses.

Here are a few instances of businesses that have improved their operations using software and applications:

  • Improve the Booking Procedure 

Applications and software can be utilized to improve the travel experience. Customers may use the internet to look for hotels, airlines, and holiday packages without speaking to anybody. The software can recommend offers that fit the customer’s needs, saving time and money on marketing.

  • Offers and incentives

Travel applications may provide discounts and incentives to travelers who visit new locations. The app might save plane tickets or a free hotel stay for individuals visiting recent locations. If the app is location-based, it should save while traveling to surrounding cities. These discounts and incentives should be included in the app to see their options and book their trips.

  • Exploration of Remote Locations

Travel applications can help people visit far-flung destinations without ever leaving home. It can provide exploratory material that permits tourists to visit places they might not otherwise be able to visit.

  • Tasks Automation

Many of the monotonous duties that travel agents must undertake may be automated, allowing them to focus on their customers’ requirements. Agents can utilize software to identify the greatest discounts on their clients’ flights and alert them if their flight is delayed.

  • Boost Customer Service

Agents can use software to improve customer service and be more responsive to their clients’ requirements. Customers can utilize software to schedule appointments, manage feedback, and send emails.

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Where does The Travel Apps Market Stand Today?

According to online travel market trends, the travel accommodation industry was the highest contributor. In 2020, it contributed $123.9 billion to the market, and by 2030, it is predicted to expand at a rate of 16.0 percent per year to $719.8 billion. Travelers may choose from various hotel alternatives at reasonable costs, thanks to market participants.

Customers research costs across numerous websites and apps to locate the most economical lodging. Travelers choose to stay with specialist web providers like booking. Me and OYO Rooms and me since they give a wide selection of housing alternatives. The causes mentioned above have contributed to expanding the travel accommodation sector.

The market was dominated by mobile platforms and is expected to reach $617.9 million by 2031 at an annual CAGR of 15.8% during the forecast period. The market’s growth is partly attributed to the increased use of mobile devices and the innovative Travel Application Development worldwide.

Technology advancements and increased smartphone usage have resulted in more efficient and convenient travel options, enhancing the travel industry’s development.

Features That Travel Apps Must Include

  1. Streamlining Transactions

There needs to be transaction streamlining in an app built for the travel industry for two reasons. First, booking a trip is the most important transaction in the travel business; the app must make it as simple as possible. The second is that the software should also make the booking process easier by minimizing the number of steps necessary.

  1. Must Add Reviews Section

Travelers can gain valuable insights from trip reviews. Travelers may leave hotel, restaurant, and tour reviews, and you can even write them. These evaluations assist other tourists in deciding where to stay and what activities to participate in during their holiday. A reviewer can assign a star rating to your company to signify the quality of their experience there.

  1. Geolocation

Geolocation should be included in each travel app. This can link users to nearby companies, generate an interactive map, make reminders depending on their position, give turn-by-turn navigation, provide weather warnings, and connect users with local businesses.

  1. Intelligent Reservations System

Intelligent booking algorithms will propose the best flights based on the user’s choices. They can also assist consumers in booking and changing bookings with a single click.

  1. Tracking in Real-Time

An app for the travel sector must have real-time tracking since it helps passengers make smarter judgments. If a passenger is aware that their flight is delayed, they may prefer to hire a cab instead of taking the train to the airport. If they know they’ll be late, they could alter their flight to the following day. With real-time tracking, travelers can respond swiftly to precise information.

  1. Travel Bookings in One Place

Travelers may plan their journeys with an all-in-one travel planning app. Input the user’s location, dates, and the number of persons, and they will be presented with all possible travel alternatives. Compare hotels, flights, and rental vehicles without completing several forms.

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Updates on the Climate and Weather

Travelers want to know what to anticipate before they arrive; therefore, the app should include up-to-date weather and climatic information. It can help passengers pack their luggage more effectively, plan their itineraries better, and lessen worry by providing up-to-date weather and climatic data.

Human Intervention Must Be Limited

Because transportation is a time-sensitive sector, a mobile application built for the travel industry must have no human contact. When you can finish a task quickly, you are far more likely to fulfill an appointment or book airline tickets. Airlines will invest in systems that automatically fill form fields with personal information rather than forcing consumers to do it manually.

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The tourism and travel industries desperately need new applications that make bookings easier. Travelers used to carry maps, compasses, guidebooks, and even language interpreters, but mobile applications have replaced these items. Tourists are increasingly choosing these services because of the emergence of mobile apps. A brilliant concept needs constant promotion, which can only be achieved by working with a reputable Travel App Development company. If you are interested in digitalizing your business and developing an app for your travel business, make sure you choose the right developer.

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