Today, On-Demand delivery service has highlighted several categories such as Food Delivery service, Food delivery service, Pickup & Drop service, Home Services provider, and even on-demand Job, etc.

Generating revenue through On-Demand Delivery Business


What is fetchr Mobile App?

Fetchr Mobile App is an end-to-end on-demand Delivery Service by using an innovative Application that can deliver anything, also it is working in most Middle Eastern Countries. It provides its services over 30 cities and countries as well. 

Fetchr is the biggest platform, which is a Tech-oriented Logistics Company established in 2012. With their largest platform, they provide delivery solutions toward businesses, individuals, and governments as well.

Best on-demand online grocery app in Singapore

Fetchr provides its service as a multi-national express, logistics Services Company, and mail delivery, operating an on-demand delivery service model, which is based on Dubai, UAE. Fetchr permits both the people and businesses (startups & Large) to pick up and deliver you wish to get or deliver anywhere in the Middle East section operated by countries in the UAE, Egypt Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

How fetchr App does work

To create a mobile app like Fetchr is able to notify you when your driver accepts or rejects the delivery. A benefit is that once your order confirms, you can directly contact your fetchr driver via the call, chat feature, also you are able to real-time tracking your delivery status. The driver will deliver your delivery wherever and whenever which you have specified.

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Pick & Pack Service in the UAE

When orders come in, your products or items have picked up at fulfillment centers of fetchr. After that, the team immediately packed all items for delivery. Fetchr able to tailor any solution that will be perfect for your business and give satisfaction, at a reasonable price.

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Pick & Drop Up Service in the Dubai

A mobile app like Uber and Deliveroo, in the Dubai-based company, utilizes some algorithms to follow the on-demand courier’s service to pick-up and drop-off locations. It is a basic service that asks customers to set a schedule including they offer some option to drop-off a package with one safe space.

As well as, now fetcher companies are offering to pick up your order in less than 45 minutes to the customer at doorstep.

Cost of Developing an App in Singapore

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On-Demand Fetchr Pickup and Delivery App Model


Key features of Mobile App like Fetchr

Customer App Features

  1. Sign up: Customers have an option register itself with all details like first name, last name, email id, address etc. 
  2. Login: If a customer has already registered then they have an login option with email ID  and correct password.
  3. Forgot Password: If a customer has forgotten their password then easily option available to reset their password. 
  4. Social Login: This option allows customers to login with Facebook, Twitter or any social platform.
  5. Choose An Option: Customers have an option to choose required service like Send, fetch and Sell.
  6. Pickup Date & Time: Customers are able to prefer date and time according to available. 
  7. Schedule the Delivery: In this option customers can schedule and also allow the receiver to set up a schedule. 
  8. Add Location: Customers are able to set up or enter their address where they wish to pick up or delivery order. 
  9. Map Integration: Customers can drag and drop their correct location and set location. 
  10. Make Payment: Customers have a multiple payment option for their order booking. They can have PayPal, etc.
  11. COD Option: If a customer doesn’t want to do online payment then Cash On Delivery (COD) also available, then can pay at the time of receiving order. 
  12. Promo Code/Discount: Customers can add promo code if they have, it will give them some discount from their total amount of order and get benefits. 
  13.  Leave a Message to the driver: Customers can drop a message to driver like “don’t ring a bell” or “leave the package at door”.
  14. Track Order: Tracking can be real-time or by status updating like On-the way or delivered etc. 
  15. Get a Bill/receipt: Customers easily can get an order details in the form of billing with total amount, product, discount, gst etc. 
  16. Push Notification: Push notification will be notified to customers about their order, payment, track etc.

On - demand Delivery Platform - A powerful solution for all your delivery needs

Delivery Agent App

  1. Login: Delivery agent will receive login credentials from admin after approved for working. 
  2. View Request: Delivery agent can view all the received deliveries and can view individually. 
  3. Accept/reject Request: According to availability delivery agents can accept and reject the deliveries. 
  4. View Customer details: After accepted delivery agent can view complete details with created note by customer about delivery. 
  5. Status Update: After doing the task as per request, the delivery agent can update status.
  6. View Payment Details: According to the chosen customer, delivery agents can view details of the received or COD payment. 
  7. Map Integration: Delivery agents easily track customer’s location by map. 
  8. Push Notification: Push notification will notify the agent about new requests, track etc.

How to Start a Courier Business?

Admin Panel features

  1. Login: Admin can login with email id and password.
  2. Forgot Password: There is an option to retrieve their forgotten password and reset. 
  3. Dashboard: Can view all the graphs and status about customer, orders etc. 
  4. Manage Customer: Admin can add, edit and delete the customer, View, search all the customer. 
  5. Manage Service: Admin able to add, edit and delete services with description or required details. Manage their images etc. 
  6. Manage Delivery Agent: Admin have the rights to manage delivery agents with all details also, track delivery agents according to their deliveries. 
  7. Order Management: Admin able to manage orders, receiving, view all, search and update status accordingly. 
  8. Manage Notification: Admin can manage notification, can send about confirm order, about payment or order status etc. 
  9. Payment Management: Payment management is like after receiving payment send an confirmation, view all payment, weekly, monthly can view according to customers. 
  10. Reporting: Admin can download or view reports in weekly, monthly or yearly to generate revenue or scale their business.

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How On-demand mobile apps are significantly converting your market?


To startup your on-demand delivery platform choose the best features, advance features, location for where you want to start, specify cities or countries, panels, single-vendor or multi vendor etc. Number of things need to be confirmed to create a good business strategy. 

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