Do You have your Dream Car?

To have a dream car is a hearty wish for everyone. Many of us have bought a car and taken a long drive with our family, and friends, but maintaining and caring is an entirely different reality. When we have a car then maintenance and washing is the most hectic task with our daily routine for car owners. 

Your mobile phone is not only for communication or call, it can help in many ways. Through mobile device you can explore and order everything from nearby stores 

The on-demand service delivers a reliable and hassle-free car wash app development that helps to book an online car wash service.

Why you Should Invest in Car Wash App Development – Market & Stats

On-demand car wash app development has been developed to book online who are not able to reach a car wash store or walk outside into an outlet without any previous appointment. The most targeted audience would be online because the online facility can give vast support as compared with offline service.

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These services are generating a good amount of revenue. At the current time, car wash services are used by around 60% of people in the US.

In 2017, the on-demand car wash industry has grown as much as nearly $800 million, and the graph continues increasing exponentially since then.

A Critical Business Model Of Car Wash App Development

Car wash booking app business models help to understand the actual flow of the entire business process.

Most Critical Features of Car Wash App Development

Deorwine Infotech is a car wash app development company dealing with a number of app development services as per receiving outcome. 

Car wash app solution is a significant outcome with the high-level features and functionalities that are designed to bring unique, simple, and interactive dashboards for multiple users.

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User App Features

  • Sign In 
  • Social Login
  • Verification Process
  • Choose the location
  • Advanced Search
  • Check availability 
  • Book the service
  • Apply Offer/Discount 
  • Choose Payment Method
  • Push Notification 
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Review & Rating
  • Check history
  • Cancel Order
  • Refund/Return 
  • Customer Support

Washie Panel Features

  • Sign In 
  • Add Service Location
  • Push Notification – New request, Payment
  • Accept/Reject Request
  • Update Status
  • View User Profile
  • Upload Car picture
  • Order Details
  • View history
  • Request for the payment 
  • Review & Rating

Admin Panel

  • Sign in
  • Manage Technicians
  • Manage services
  • Manage users/washie store
  • Push Notification 
  • Time Zone Manageable
  • User payment history
  • Transactions history details
  • Manage review & Rating
  • Offer/Discount and Coupon
  • Provide Customer Support/Help

Some Screens Of Car Wash Application

How will a car wash app make money?

For a better result and revenue, the most powerful technique is SEO. But apart from a few Ads, banners, and in-app purchases promotion for branding. There are a lot of types to generate revenue into car wash app development. Here is the some of them will let you know, how you can generate revenue with a car wash app in the following ways:

  1. Subscription
  2. That is one of the most preferred ways to increase our revenue rate. Every user wants to get an easy service where they can just choose, pay, and get at their doorstep. Subscription offers a custom full of a service package where users need to choose according to their needs, it can be monthly or yearly wise where one-time payment solution. A subscription gives you a one-time payment solution with multiple services. Car wash apps with a subscription facility are the most growing nowadays, because it’s making it a more easy process.
  1. Advertisement
  2. You can offer a specific reservation to your reputed brand’s application, they can display them at header and footer to earn money as per the decision. Ads can be many form some time clickable, linkable or at a time ordering.
  1. Registration Fee
  2. A car wash app owner is able to generate good revenue by charging the membership fee to get the car wash service provider who can select to enroll in your application. Also, you can work for commission-based as a percentage (%) of good revenue the wash service provider moves by car wash app.

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Why choose Derowine Infotech for car wash app development?

It can be easy to understand from the given information above that a on-demand car wash app development company must have expertization and experience in this industry. Deorwine Infotech is totally fitting to cover all the requirements that can bring a lot of benefits, Earning, and marketplace for your car wash business, Benefits can be followings are:

  1. Expertise
    • Cross-platform App Development: We at Deorwine Infotech having a master’s degree to develop Android and iOS app development.
    • Database Management – We have the most experienced developer that has expertise in MongoDB, Mail Chimp, etc.
    • Third-Party Integration: A payment management system must have a mobile app and We can successfully integrate gateway, e-wallets, and all prevailing payment systems.
    • Real-time Analytics : We allow your app to keep with IBM, Cisco, Apple, Big Data, etc. We serve with Twilio and more popular verification integrations, SMS, Voice, and Phone verification.


  1. Developer Team
  2. We are the best mobile app development company in India, every mobile application has developed including developer team members with the following modernized manner. We can provide you with a visionary, UI/UX designer, Coder/programmer, QA experts, and sales and marketing experts that are able to provide comprehensive desk-to-market support and help for your car wash app.
  1. Development Advanced Approach
  2. We are expertise in various programming languages to build a website and mobile apps, Using expertise with these technologies such as Flutter, React Native, Swift, Python, and more important development support. Deorwine aims to deliver a seamless experience and knowledge that can create value rather than an application simply.
  1. Customized Service & Development Plans
  2. At Deorwine Infotech, our excellent focus is to help those customers/users who want to reach higher and grow business levels. We have fully customized car wash app development solutions, plans, and services to make sure your app vision meets your presence and support to become a unique key market driver.

Choose & Hire A Deorwine Infotech That Can Help to Develop an Car Wash App

We at Deorwine Infotech have a complete team that can offer development, designing and support for your business app. We can help your car washing business with the ultimate solution in different ways.

We provide an individual developer, entire team or Company with the required services. Hire dedicated team that has broad knowledge and skills that can follow the trend and deliver as per your expectations.

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Well!! Then team-up with Deorwine Infotech, car wash app developer support, and quality-based services are the work rules in our company, with the best customer service the only ethic. We deliver awesome UI design and with the development for front-end and back-end.

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