As the demand for the car wash app has raised, it presented rise to the car wash app development. The on-demand car wash app is one such service that has grown popularity in recent times. A few decades ago, no one could assume getting car support or on-demand car wash services through their phones. Smartphones and technological progress have made this potential.

Now is the time when you can have such time-consuming duties at a bay. The car wash & Detailing mobile app will do the complete duty in a way you desire. Only you have to search for the professionals nearby and place a request they will get your car washed as needed and will deliver it to you at your doorsteps.

Revenue of car washes

Human beings have opted for car wash service and the broad variations have been recognized in the enterprise. In the last year, the annual revenue was $5.8 Billion in the USA and the car wash service providers extended their service to 8 million cars every day.

Car wash Revenue

Important Features of On-demand Car Wash App Development

Customer App

  1. Sign Up / Login:
  2. This is the first section, which the customer will allow to access. They can register themselves into the app with the social media or email account details.
  1. Auto-Detect Location
  2. Customers are allowed enabling their GPS or can choose a suitable location for the car wash. So that accordingly, service engineers can get the provisions for washing.
  1. Check Availability of Technician/Service
  2. This feature allows the user to check whether the professionals for their service are available or not.
  1. Placing Request
  2. Customers can place the service request for car washing according to their requirements.

How On-demand mobile apps are significantly converting your market?

  1. Choose Car Wash Services
  2. Users can choose the packages and services that are allowed by different service providers and pick the best one that matches their budget.
  1. Payment Process
  2. The customer can have various methods for making the payment. That means by debit or credit card, through the wallet or even cash as per their preference.
  1. Push Notification
  2. Customer receive notification bout their order place, confirmation order or tracking etc. more.
  1. Real-time Tracking
  2. Customer allows to track the booked service person that where they are going and when will react at the location.
  1. View order History
  2. It permits customers to keep track of their order history. They can view how many points have their car been for the wash, to which service provider and when. Then thus, they can make new requests for car washing.
  1. Review & Rating
  2. After completed services customer have an option to give their review & rating to the services provider and technician, that how was their services.

Detailer App

  1. Sign-up
  2. Register with login details including name, email address, DOB, etc. It is a related way to the login as a user app.
  1. Add Service Location
  2. Detailers have to register them to the locations, so the nearby users are able to give them out.

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  1. Push Notifications
  2. Detailers can send the notification to the customers once the orders have been received. The customers are also notified in case the car washing is completed.
  1. Accept/Reject Request
  2. As per the number of requests and the ones that are follow with the quick deliveries, the detailer can accept or reject requests assigned by the customer or admin.
  1. View Job History
  2. Detailers can view all the requests completed along with the detail specifications to have the track of several requests fulfilled per day.
  1. Payment Received View
  2. Detailer can view received payment where customer payment is online or COD.

Admin Panel

  1. Technician Management
  2. Admin can track all the technicians that are linked with a panel along with their details and the physical location.
  1. Manage Services
  2. All the services that are given by the service providers with the charges are managed by the admin
  1. Manage Service Time Zones
  2. The operational time zones of the service provider or the detailer is handled and tracked by the admin to manage user jobs. All the jobs that are authorized by the user associated with the car washing and servicing are maintained and controlled by the admin.
  1. Manage Payment Process
  2. Under this part, the payments done by the Customer through the online patterns and gateway are collected by the admin.
  1. Manage Review & Rating
  2. Review & Ratings provided by the customers connected with the service provided has reviewed by the admin.

Advance Features of Car Wash Mobile App

  1. Heat Map View
  2. In the future time, this feature is running to rule the car wash booking app market. With the heat map view, the locations of many customers including providers and customers can be tracked efficiently.
  1. In-App Chat
  2. The In-App chat allows the customers to interact with each other transparently. Even the customers can directly contact to the service providers via app to know the status of the service.
  1. Cloud Management
  2. Integrating cloud technology has been recognized as a secure route to manage the data. Now, it is acknowledged as a smart system to manage the platform. All the data of the matched users, orders, detailers and payments are store on the cloud management system.
  1. Subscription Model
  2. This model can have paid to using advance features and having some discount as prime customer, Plan will be accordingly services provider, Customer can subscribe and enjoy advance services or features.

Team Structure

Below is the overall basic app architecture features, developed for the Hybrid app development or Native app development application. Let’s break down the required team for different activities:

  • Technical documentation
  • UX/UI design
  • App Developer (Android/iOS Platform)
  • Back-end development
  • QA & Testing

How to Track Your Courier App Development Ideas?

Cost of Developing a Car Wash App

It is pretty hard to calculate the exact cost of developing an app without knowing the exact requirements of the customer. However, the cost of developing an On-demand car detailing mobile app depends upon few factors – the complexity & size of the app, the number of platforms you want your app to work on and any country you are choosing as your app development center.


Maximize your company efficiency by opting for a car wash app clone script or car wash clone only and experience more fertility in business. On-demand, business is about implementing rich customer service experience to the customer. It focuses on customer happiness and provides an innovative platform for both business and customers.

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