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pokemon go an example of augmented reality
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When Virtual Meets Reality: The Fascinating Journey of Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality

The integration of digital features into the real world to improve a user’s perception and engagement with their environment is referred to as augmented reality. Unlike virtual reality, which develops a c...

Nft app development tutorial
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How to Develop an NFT Marketplace App Like Opensea

The curiosity to explore and adopt the latest trends is increasing day by day because of all the new changes happening in the world. The new generation loves to stay engaged over the internet, and one way to do...

30 Game-Changing App Ideas for Startups
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Are You Ready to Join the Ranks of Successful Entrepreneurs? Look No Further Than These 30 Best App Ideas for Startups!

Now we all are working on the great ideas of applications due to COVID-19. The industry is looking for the best solution who can manage and increase growth in their business. In this situation every business is...