The integration of digital features into the real world to improve a user’s perception and engagement with their environment is referred to as augmented reality. Unlike virtual reality, which develops a completely simulated environment, augmented reality adds digital things on the real world. With this, Users can interact with virtual items and characters in real-time and in real-life scenarios.

Pokemon Go, highlights how augmented reality (AR) technology has transformed the game business. It provides gamers with an immersive experience unlike any other by seamlessly mixing the virtual and real world. In this article, we will look at how Pokemon Go uses augmented reality and how to make an app like Pokemon Go. 

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Pokemon Go makes extensive use of augmented reality technology by allowing users to capture virtual Pokemon creatures in the real world. The game uses the camera and GPS on the player’s smartphone to monitor their position and display Pokemon characters on their device’s screen as if they were in the real world. Pokemon characters can be placed into users’ environments, such as parks, streets, and monuments which give a totally immersive experience.

One of the most important features of Pokemon Go is the ability to capture Pokemon using the smartphone camera. When a player encounters a Pokemon in the game, they can use the camera to see the Pokemon as if it were right in front of them. 

PokeStops and Gyms can be found in the game in popular spots, public places, and cultural locations. 

And The involvement of real-world places adds an element of discovery and exploration to the gameplay, motivating players to investigate their surroundings and connect with their community.

It encourages gamers to get outside, explore their neighborhoods, and communicate with other Pokemon fans. The game’s augmented reality features have changed how individuals see and interact with the world around them, transforming ordinary surroundings into appealing virtual playgrounds.

How to create Pokemon go like app?

Creating an app like Pokemon Go requires an integration of technology and skills. 

The following are the important steps

Visualise the Concept: Define your AR app’s idea, gaming mechanics, and target audience. Consider the unique features and qualities that will make it interesting and easy.

Create the User Interface: Create user-friendly and visually attractive interfaces that blend AR features with real-world pictures. Create navigation and interaction maps, character models, and user interfaces.

Create the AR Engine: Install the augmented reality technology stack, which includes computer vision, picture detection, and object tracking. To allow markerless tracking and detection of real-world objects, use frameworks such as ARKit (for iOS) or ARCore (for Android).
Create a scalable backend system to manage user data, real-time location tracking, and server interactions. Geolocation, user authentication, and social interactions should all be implemented.

Integrate Game mechanisms: Include basic gaming mechanisms like Pokemon encounters, capturing, growing, and battling. Create mechanisms for player advancement, awards, and in-app purchases.

Test and improve: Extensive testing should be performed to assure the app’s stability, performance, and compatibility across several devices and operating systems. Collect user input and improve the app to improve the user experience.

Launch and Market Entry: Publish the app in the app stores and create a marketing plan to raise awareness and attract users. To market the app, use social media, influencers, and targeted advertising.


The influence of Pokemon Go extends beyond the sphere of games. It has cleared the way for Augmented reality technology to be widely used and has proved its promise in a variety of sectors. And, the success of Pokemon Go has inspired businesses and developers to experiment with new AR applications ranging from educational apps and interactive advertising to architectural visualisations and virtual tours.

Moreover, Pokemon Go shows the ability of augmented reality in changing the game experience.

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