If you want to search for something on the internet, voice technology is the easiest way to do it because you don’t have to type anything. Mobile phones achieve new goals every day, and voice search technology follows the same path. According to a recent survey in America, more than 50% of smartphone owners use voice to accomplish tasks and search on the internet. Voice search is convenient and encourages multi-tasking because you can speak to your phone while doing other tasks.

Ok, Google, Hey Siri, and Cortana have become more like marketing slogans than simple voice search commands because companies like Apple and Microsoft use them to make them recognizable. In the past, voice search was optional, but demand gradually increased. More than 20% of searches on Google were done with voice search, and experts believe that this number will go up in upcoming years. If everything goes according to the plan and we add voice and tone recognition to mobile apps, the market will skyrocket.

You can stay in the limelight by integrating voice search technology now to get ahead of the competition. Currently, this technology is just a tweak, but it benefits the future when your competitors will integrate it, and you will have your customers.

How is Voice Search in Mobile Applications Revolutionizing Businesses?

Voice Search is helpful in many ways, and it has the potential to revolutionize technology completely. This technology has become a need of time as it can make the difference in making a business successful or unsuccessful. Therefore, nowadays, you can find voice search in almost every handheld device as searching content using voice search has become easier than typing.

The trend is increasing with the easy access to the world using the Voice Search as many powerful search engines, including Google, Bing, etc., are offering Voice Search option to find anything you are searching for and make your search complete. Below are some ways in which voice search is influencing businesses.

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  1. By promoting better customer relationships

  2. Voice search technology gives your voice search technology mobile app a personalized touch. Users can communicate with you in the fastest and safest way possible. Users find this technology fun to use as the voice assistant can respond to them in most cases.
  1. With better user experience

  2. Establishing a digital platform is one thing, but making it popular with your customers can be a difficult task as you have to offer something new to them. Voice search is relatively new to the market, and incorporating it in your app will surely do that. The voice recognition technology is flexible, and you can match it with as many devices as you want.
  1. With advanced search techniques

  2. Establishing a digital platform is one thing, but making it popular with your customers can be a difficult task as you have to offer something new to them. Voice search is relatively new to the market, and incorporating it into your app will surely do that. The voice recognition technology is flexible, and you can match it with as many devices as you want.
  1. Integration with other Mobile Apps

  2. The integration of voice search technology with mobile apps is crucial to surviving in this era of competition where anyone can add any feature they want to their online platform. Your brand needs a mobile app to stand out from the rest of the competition.
  1. Support for Artificial Intelligence

  2.  If you combine voice search technology with artificial intelligence, you will unlock many new possibilities for your business. Users can interact with your app, and the artificial intelligence technology will interact with them in the same way.

Why should you integrate Voice Search Technology into Mobile applications?

Based on market data and surveys, here are some reasons to help you understand why you should integrate voice search in mobile apps by getting Mobile App Development Services.

  1. Voice searching technology is advancing fast

  2. Unlike other smart technologies, voice search is advancing with every passing day, especially after integrating artificial intelligence that allowed it to learn and improve by itself. If we compare previous years’ data, the number of companies investing in adding voice search to their mobile apps is doubled because of its benefits.
  1. Voice searches are common

  2. Voice search is three times faster than traditional searches as you have to think first and then type, which isn’t the case with voice search technology. With traditional search methods, users type small keywords only as they have to type them, but they can speak long keywords, and AI will write for them on the search bar.
  1. Voice search is convenient

  2. Users prefer voice search, especially when they have got their hands full, which can happen when cooking or driving. Voice search assists people in all such situations in a matter of seconds.
  1. Voice search supports multiple languages

  2.  There is no limit in voice search technology for languages because you can add many languages to the app. Being multilingual, voice search can show data to users in their native language and understand the information better. Hire a professional Mobile App Development Company and ask them to add more languages to your app for a better user experience.
  1. Voice search helps older adults and disabled people

  2. With voice search, disabled people and older adults can also search for anything on the internet. Older people find it hard to type as they aren’t used to smartphones, but voice search makes searching effortless.

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Benefits of Voice Search

The start of the voice search technology wasn’t encouraging as there were a lot of complications, but things have significantly changed due to all the advancements. Here are some benefits of voice search in e-commerce

  • Fast Search

No one wants to waste even a minute in their busy lives, and to search for things on the internet by typing words is a painstaking process. New shortcuts and time solutions are released daily to cope with these problems, but the solution is already here in voice search.

The search results of voice search are accurate compared to traditional search results. For e-commerce businesses, the benefits of voice search are unimaginable. You are giving customers the option to browse through your inventory and show them the right product without typing anything on the search bar.

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  • Better privacy and data security

Back in the day, everyone was worried about the security and privacy of their data, but voice search has taken security to a whole new level.

  • Ease of access

Both Android and iOS operating systems have their relevant voice assistant for easy access, and all your apps are just one command away. Making phone calls to send text messages or booking flights is possible with voice search.

  • Increase productivity

You can take your productivity to a whole new level with voice search by managing various tasks. It can bring efficiency to your life as you aren’t going to waste time typing and searching on the internet and instead of speaking to the phone’s mic to view all the results at a glance.

How to Integrate Voice search technology into your Mobile app?

To integrate voice search technology in your app, you need to look for various things, including deployment model, third-party SDK, etc. You can get Android App Development Services to do all the hard stuff for you in a professional manner. Before further details, here are two development models and SDKs available right now.

  • Cloud Model

The cloud model is easy compared to the embedded model as everything happens on a cloud server. Users only have to connect to the internet to access all the voice search features on their small-screen devices. This model reduces a load of data on smartphones without compromising the functionalities of technology.

  • Embedded Model

Embedded models are suggested for regions with an unstable internet connection as users can access all the data without connecting with an active internet connection. There is no delay in the embedded model as everything is saved on the device instead of the cloud. To implement this model, you need a lot of space, and most of this space is required from users.

Choosing an SDK is an essential step in the whole integration process, and below are options you can consider in voice search app development.

  • SAP Conversational AI

SAP features bots that can engage with your customers through messages and are available for many channels.

  • Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API

Google Cloud text-to-speech API SDK features more than 100 voices for 120 languages. Developers can use this SDK to synthesize natural-sounding speech in their mobile apps.

  • Rasa Open Source

Rasa Open Source is a Python-based framework with all the necessary features to create an end-to-end voice search solution.

  • Aimybox

Aimybox is an advanced framework to create a virtual voice assistant for your mobile app and embed it in a few simple steps. It also supports voice assistants for smart toys and robots.

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  • Aimylogic

Aimylogic lets you create voice assistants and chatbots for natural language communication with customers.


JAICF is a Kotlin based framework for conversations that you can customize according to your needs. It comes with artificial intelligence, so you don’t have to don’t a lot of work to implement voice search to your app.

Adding voice search technology to your mobile app was a complex process in the past. Now that the voice search technology market is growing, everything is easy, and you only need experts for Ipad App Development in USA to get things done.

Choose the perfect tool for your integration project and revolutionize your digital solution. You can create a voice search for all the platforms with a single configuration to save your time and implement it on different platforms with a few tweaks here and there.

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Every entrepreneur wants to grow their business, and adding new features to their mobile app can wonder. Voice search technology is still a new thing and can attract many new customers, so add it to your app to keep updating it to see the magic. Companies that have integrated voice search have seen more growth.

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