In our daily briefing on the coronavirus circumstance in the country, the health and mental issues are normal and due to under lockdown and behavioral concerns are very important. If there are several behavioral matters, lack of understanding, etc. As mental health awareness extends to become a major mainstream subject of discussion, online therapy is quickly growing traction as a regular therapeutic strategy.

The grown popularity of this industry has produced ways for various firms to dominate the time, battling for consumers and market dominance in a frequently competitive season. Pair of the best providers, who share the majority of the business and have the best reliability is BetterHelp and Talkspace.

The world bravely battles a dangerous pandemic with caretakers and doctors dedicating all their experience to handling patients, police officials going relentlessly at imprisoning people in their house, and fundamental service providers ensuring a healthy lifestyle to people with their curfew passes. Continuous spread of the virus over the globe and a forceful lockdown was unprecedented and has readily magnified the tension and fear among citizens. Mental health doctors and experts are needed to be as present as potential during a time like this.

An app like Talkspace, allows you to communicate to your counselor beyond text messaging, video/audio messages, video sessions. Video & Audio messages are pre-recorded and attached to text messages. Talkspace provides an unlimited therapy plan for its users. Expanding various online platforms offer a therapy solution that can be affordable and just as useful for people looking for anyone to talk to.

Doctor on demand app development: how much it cost to build doctor app like teledoc

Talkspace mobile app that has over a million active users of this application, is US-based but is more popular in the UK and around the globe. This mobile app has become so essential to some people’s journals that it will quickly be able to guide medications to its customer – it could become the individual source of mental health therapy for millions globally. As available as this could be, it’s also a variety of concerns.

With an online therapy app, there are many options, therapists offer, online therapy immediately to users through their private practice. But an expanding number of third-party firms, like Talkspace, will also remotely connect customers with authorized therapists. Serving online counseling yourself, without any signing up for platforms like TalkSpace, could not be simpler these days. All the tools you require to build an online practice are either low-cost or free. 

Talkspace offering three plans:-

  • Text Messaging Therapy Plus: Unlimited, $65 / week for text message, audio, and video.
  • Messaging Therapy Premium: Unlimited $79 / week for text, audio, and video messaging and one live sitting per month.
  • LiveTalk Therapy: Unlimited, $99 / week for text, video and audio messaging and 4 live sessions per month.

Different types of Mental Health Apps

There are many mental applications on app stores and various mental health app development companies, yet, not all of them are successful. If you are willing to plan to develop a fitness and mental app, let’s analyze the apps which customers prefer and use the greatest according to their different types:

  1. Mental self-improvement apps
  2. Mental health applications help to create for mentally healthy people needing to observe their mood swings, encourage their positive thinking, and destroy bad habits. Meditation app is often located at the core of these apps. For example, an app like Headspace uses various meditation methods as its core features, since various people obtain them the most effective solution for controlling stress and relaxing.

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  1. General Mental health apps
  2. These apps allow users to improve their self-awareness by examining their mood, managing healthy habits and breaking wrong ones, and encouraging positive thinking.
  1. Addiction Recovery Mobile Applications
  2. The main goal of these apps is to encourage people to overcome bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. Moreover, these applications allow people to track how much time has flown since they began working on a bad habit.
  1. Stress & Anxiety applications
  2. These mobile applications specialize in serving people fighting with stress and anxiety. By giving 24-hour anxiety toolkits and diaries, they allow users to track and write thoughts that make them anxious. With the writing, documents claim to support users to make long-lasting modifications to their designs of thought and behavior. We have advanced features to implement into this application if you are willing to create an app.
  1. Activity Tracking App
  2. Activity Tracking apps include one specific variety of entertainment or a lot of them. There are many apps for cyclists, running, or activity trackers, and many more. Usually, they include a user’s movements like tracking the distance walked, walking steps, consumed calories, etc.
  1. Meditation app
  2. The meditation apps, the user chooses his level and a program that they want to get. Such sessions are normally on a daily basis. This involves these apps to have a high recognition rate, Multiple apps have a reminder feature where they can set about a session at a particular schedule every day, and users never neglect training!

How does TalkSpace App works?

Customer App Features

  1. Social Login: A new user can easily sign in with their social IDs easily, tap on the Login with “Facebook” or “Google” or any other platform.
  2. Sign-Up Process: When you open the sign-up process, you’ll be required to create a nickname and password and give a valid email address to verify.
  3. Questionnaires: After login into the app you’ll be asked some questions related to your health and condition to ensure that they have sufficient information to match you with a therapist who is best fit to meet your needs.
  4. Manage Profile: Users will have the right to manage their profile according to what they want to show to others with their details.
  5. Select Service: Users can select services which they want to get guidance like Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Eating Disorders, and couples therapy like Financial problems, Parenting, Infidelity, etc. 
  6. View therapist Profile: Users can view the therapist profile to clarify about the therapist. 
  7. Treatment Available: When users will find a number of services, they can also get treatment for different areas. Users can get complete treatment after choosing. 
  8. View Treatment Detail: With the treatment option in this app users can view or read about treatment details like what is that, how can we solve, etc.
  9. Chat Messaging: For clear communication, users will have a text messaging chat, where they can drop a message to a therapist. 
  10. Audio: Whenever we need to be more clear about our health, the user can connect to the therapist via audio, this can be helpful for both sides. We implement an audio feature where both can connect and talk to each other.
  11. Video Chat: In this app, video chat will make the best connection ever, if the user and therapist want to connect via video call and get treatment then users can make a video call with a therapist. 
  12. Live Session Available: Users can connect with Live session which is running into the app from many therapists where any users can join according to matching their needs. 
  13. Subscribe Plans: Users can subscribe plans which are provided by the app to using some advanced features like unlimited, text messaging, unlimited audio and video.
  14. Payment Gateway: Integrated payment to an online transaction will help to get easy and fast services.  
  15. Reminder for Plans: This app will track the plan according to subscribers by users and remind them if a plan is going to expire, renewal or days.
  16. Push Notification: Notification helps to get info about the app.
  17. Feedback: After completed services, users can give their reviews to the service provider. 
  18. Privacy policy: Privacy policy can work for an individual or about the app.
  19. History: Users can check history whenever they did any activity like a therapist they got treatment etc.
  20. Help/Support: This will help to solve users’ issues.

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Therapist App features

  1. Login: Able to login with social Ids like Facebook or Google etc.
  2. Accept/Reject Request: They will get a request from users they can accept or reject according to their suitability. 
  3. Set Availability: Therapist has an option to manage their availability, set time, date and day.
  4. Ask Questions: When they accept any request from the users’ side they can ask questions or can prepare questions. 
  5.  Manage Profile: Therapists able to manage profiles about their details. Qualification, specific pr expertise area.
  6. Receive Payment: When users make a payment, the therapist is able to accept payment via the integrated gateway. 
  7. Schedule Live Sessions: They can start their Live session about any treatment or any other things related to health, and any user can join that or have some paid sessions.
  8. View feedback: Given by users, the therapist can view feedback. 
  9. History: Able to check history.
  10. Help/Support: They can receive a request to give support or send to get support.

Admin Panel Features

  1. Login: With the ID and password can access the whole admin to manage and control everything of the apps. 
  2. Dashboard: Dashboard will help to know about daily activity in a summary way. 
  3. Manage Customer: Admin can add/edit and delete customers, view all details, history. 
  4. Manage to Therapist: Admin will manage all registered therapists, able to verify them and view all details about all therapists. 
  5. Service management: Admin can manage all the services which they want to provide to the customers.
  6. Subscription Manage: Admin will add/edit/delete subscription plans and track their details about audio, text messaging and video call.
  7. Push Notification: Admin can send information to the users and therapist. Admin can send a reminder about their subscription plan.
  8. Manage Live Sessions: Admin will have all details about where its live session is going on, who created, time and everything. 
  9. Help/Support: Received support requests from users and therapists.

Cost to create the best therapy App like TalkSpace

Cost to create a therapy app is one of the greatest difficulties in mental health treatment. Although the Affordable Care Act and other administrative improvements asked to improve the way to behavioral and mental health services, various people worry about the costs of therapy mobile app development. The cost will totally depend on requirements or features (Standard or Advanced).

Team We required to create a therapy app like TalkSpace:

  • Business Analyst
  • UX/UI Designs
  • Back-End Developer
  • Mobile App Developer (React Native Developer)
  • Tester
  • Support & Maintenance


Due to lockdown, many people are stressed about their business, work, businesses, offices, etc many things are going. Here Therapy app can help to relax and get stressed out, Therapy app can help to take any treatment online, communicate about their mental issues, etc. So that everyone can relax for now at home.

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