Various fitness apps are willing to lead healthy lives globally. In a recently transferred study, it was discovered that members who are using fitness apps are approximately more active than those who didn’t use fitness apps.

With the rising popularity of health and fitness apps, the investment in personal coaching and fitness tracker app is growing continually. As per the research2guidance statement, the fitness and health market will grow from 10$ billion to $31 billion in near future.

Health & fitness apps have a remarkably high level of engagement — over 75% of users start them at least two times a week while 25% reach their apps higher than 10 times a week.


Fitness app like ClassPass, the workshop fitness platform that provides users access to the number of boutique fitness classes, has said that it plans to expand internationally into nine new countries by the end of the 2018 year.

Now, subscribers are enabled to live stream workouts rather than visiting classes in-person to go to their place. The workouts are created in-house companies, where subscribers can watch live or stream later through an app and from TV, smartphone or tablet and browser.

The fitness app is one of the most popular apps with live-streaming features for personal trainer mobile apps. If you analyze how to create a fitness mobile app, A user arranges an assembly with a trainer and can lead anywhere. Utilizing a live-streaming feature, a certified trainer can see how a customer does an exercise activity and the user views the trainer which describes how to do one exercise or another.

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Growing Fitness Business due to Lockdown

Due to Coronavirus lockdown, a number of people are not going to the gym or fitness classes to attend, behind that trainers gave a solution about attending classes through the live-streaming app which has been developed for Live Streaming about fitness activities or classes on the daily basis.  Recently a number of members have joined that and trainers are teaching them as they teach in a physical class.  


They are subscribing to their required features in the Fitness Mobile App.  It can be a virtual meeting of all the members to set up a video and conferencing call. For now, this is the best way to communicate your classes’ members to join your Yoga, Fitness, and Diet mobile app.

Customer App

  1. Easy Sign-up – Users can make the complete process short and simple by asking for basic details with the OTP verification process.
  2. User Profile – If a user wants to add functionalities related to healthcare in your fitness app, the particular user profile can help you a lot. 
  3. Social Media Integration – From signing up to participating in fitness-related activities, social media integration can help many objectives for your app users.
  4. Tracking – Your app needs to keep the records of the user’s activity and fitness plan. From singular activities like cycling, walking, etc.
  5. Geolocation – The geolocation feature allows your app to monitor direction and tracks when the users go for walking, cycling, or jogging and identify their accurate location.
  6. Video Tutorials – Live video tutorials can assist them to know the ins and outs of workout. Video tutorials also give the right way to do an appropriate exercise.
  7. Push Notification – You can encourage the users for daily exercises with inspirational quotes by notifications.
  8. Pre-set exercise  – These workouts will usually be a visible display showing exactly how each exercise needs to be made properly.
  9. Hire Personal Coach – Users are able to hire their personal coach, they can be able to access video streaming, tutorials, etc.
  10. In-app purchase – You can give the benefit of purchasing fitness equipment and health drinks through in-app purchase features. 
  11. Multiple Payment Options – the in-app purchase feature also needs payment gateway integration. 
  12. Review & Rating – After hired and completed their classes, users can give review & rating to their coach or classes to recommended other users.

Trainer App

  1. Sign Up/Login – Trainer able to simply sign up and log in with social. They can fill the fields and login with Facebook or Google.
  2. Manage Profile – Trainer can manage their profile and can make strong with showing their experience and qualifications. 
  3. Accept/Reject – Trainer have an option to accept or reject the received applicant who wants to hire them. 
  4. Live Streaming – The most important feature is live-streaming, Trainer can upload their video, exercise tips, etc. to view the number of people.
  5. Live Tracking – Trainer can track the status of their people who have hired them.
  6. Customer Review – They can view all the reviews & ratings from their profile.

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Admin Panel

  1. Admin-Panel – Social Login to Admin: An admin can log in simply to manage the app and records of patients and doctors.
  2. Dashboard: Dashboard has complete perspicacity into healthcare apps such as reports, analytics, and data records.
  3. Push Notification: Admin can send notifications related to the offers, latest updates, and products to the users.
  4. Manage Payments: Payments done by users/patients using in-app payment options are managed by admin.
  5. Manage Customer & Trainers:  Accept/Reject requested which is received from customers and trainers to approve their login request. 
  6. Manage in-app purchase: Admin can manage all the activities about the in-app purchase. 
  7. Report Generation: Admin can access the report of all the data like customers, trainers, tracking reports of exercise, etc. 
  8. Manages Appointment Request: Admin manages the appointment applications according to the date and time choices of both the patient and the doctors. Also, the admin updates the information update between the customer and the trainers.

Cost to create a Fitness app like Classpass

The cost to create a fitness app like ClassPass largely depends on the standard and advanced features, app functionalities, and the platform (Android & iOS) that you want to develop on.

Team Required

Hire dedicated developer from Deorwine Infotech which has experienced and skilled development teams. The best fitness app development company always can be a tiresome process. Moreover, this is the most valuable part of mobile app development when you want to develop a fitness mobile app.

  • Business Analyst
  • UX/UI Design 
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Tester 
  • Support & Maintenance


Fitness app development is most helpful to do your exercise continue due to lockdown and growing constantly.  Deorwine Infotech is a Best on-demand Fitness mobile app development company, provides on-demand solutions for making a fitness trainer app development. The most important features of a fitness app are Live streaming which can help to spread videos anywhere. You can also develop a How much does it cost to build an app like ClassPass?

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