Laravel is an open-source web framework of PHP with an expressive, elegant syntax. Larval has become a very popular option for developing business-focused applications including information management systems (prominently known as business information management systems) and eCommerce platforms. Most of the developers prefer Laravel for mobile app development because of its features and performance. One important aspect of this popularity is Laravel performance optimization that allows developers to fine tune the performance of Laravel apps.

It follows a model-view-controller design pattern.

It has built-in features to speed up the development by reducing the development loading time. You will be assisted with the in-built features like routing, mail, authentication, sessions, and more. With such attributes, one can quickly prototype the required application. If you know PHP development, Laravel will make your task easier. It saves a lot of time if you are planning to develop a website from scratch. Moreover, a website built in Laravel is secure and prevents many web attacks.

This framework is very easy to customize with which you can develop your application exactly as per project needs and requirements.

Why Laravel

The following image shows the trend for selecting PHP Frameworks on Google Trends.


Image Source: Google Trends

The graph above, clearly shows how Laravel has progressively become popular as compared to the other PHP web framework. , Laravel is the best framework.

Laravel is also one of the most trending repositories on GitHub with almost 55683 stars.

How to Speed Up App Development

Below are the few helpful features in Laravel Web Development to gain more control over performance:

Caching and Artisan Command

There are built-in Artisan commands for speed up performance that can be utilized by the Laravel Developer when lots of configuration and routes files are employed.

PHP artisan config: cache
PHP artisan route: cache
PHP artisan optimize — force

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Commands are useful when you are using many routes and configuration files.

Tip: You need to clear the cache to reflect changes after using commands.

Php artisan config: clear
Php artisan route: cache
Php artisan view: clear

Use Deployment Tool to Invoke All Commands for You

This is not performance tip — but this will reduce your time and that’s matters

Deployer is a simple deployment tool for PHP that can be used to invoke all commands and to deploy application’s Migrations, seedes, optimization commands with a single command Deployer has scenarios to deploy Laravel Application its run migrations, seedes, optimization commands with one command.

PHP deployer.phar deploy production

Minimize Use of Laravel Plugins

A common mistake developer by not removing unused services while developing Laravel apps. As a full-fledged framework, Laravel loads a lot of services during startup. Many of these are not needed by your app at all. Although these services are unused, they occupy memory and system resources. Utilizing these resources for the services that your app users can speed up your development process significantly. So, make sure to mark and remove any such unused services.

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Use Eager Loading of Your Data

For easy and smooth CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete) operations, Laravel uses Eloquent ERM supports mapping of your object models to the database tables supporting it and handles database interaction. However, Eloquent uses a lazy loading approach that asks a special query and reference in the code for data retrieval. It might result in a lot of queries and might reduce performance.

Eager Loading aspect is much more convenient and easy. By making queries to use eager Loading, they will retrieve any associated object models and will be available to use at any given time.

Eager Loading Approach

$books = App\Book::with('author')->get();
foreach ($books as $book) {
echo $book->author->name;

Automated Testing

One of the significant ways web & app developers can save time and money by using Laravel is via automated testing. Simply put, automated testing allows developers to ensure their sites can do precisely what they’re meant to. This process is relatively quick and thorough compared to manual testing. Also, it automatically points out any inefficiencies like bugs, crashes and other fixes needed. This part of the job is very vital in ensuring the finished project is perfect and error-free. With Laravel, you can be done with this in a couple of hours, as opposed to days.

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JIT Compiler

Translating PHP code to bytecode and then executing it is a resource-intensive process. This is why go-between such as Zend Engine is required to execute the C subroutines. This process has to be repeated every time the app is executed. To reduce time, this process must be repeated just once. This is where the Just-in-Time (JIT) compilers prove to be very useful. For Laravel apps, the recommended JIT compiler is HHVM by Facebook.

Static assets are a crucial part of your app. How you approach, the delivery of these files has a significant effect on your application’s performance. Loading static assets like files, images, and videos directly from the server can be cumbersome and may often lead to redundancies and decreased speed. However, you can deliver these assets from a CDN, a geographically distributed network of servers. This will, in turn, lead to a much faster loading time for your app.

Consider Lumen

If you are building an API or just an application that does not require a full-stack framework, then go for Lumen, micro-framework it has the same elegance in mind as Laravel. Lumen is stateless, and session management replaced to leverage API tokens or headers. Lumen utilizes Composer to manage its dependencies. So, when using Lumen, make sure you have Composer installed on your system.


Performance optimization speed up for app development is important. It concerns all businesses that rely upon Laravel powered software, apps, tools, and websites. By implementing all the above-mentioned tips, your hire dedicated Laravel developer can create and maintain applications that ensure more speed, security, and reliability in the business.

So, if you have ever tried optimizing the performance of your Laravel web application, then forget not to share your experience in the comment section below.

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