In India, the biggest online grocery delivery BigBasket has been transformed into daily home essentials requirements. BigBasket is a Supermarket grocery mobile app whose business model works deeper than a complete listing of products from many sellers.

BigBasket has developments under their operations or processes that not only support a unique marketplace model but also Introduce with a separate section, and daily subscription-based deliveries including to give an advantage in Delivery charges, delivery time etc.

The online grocery startup signifies aggressively in moving into engaging a number of delivering agents to service the growing demand from customers. When nation-wide lockdown was announced in March, then at that time it was critically disrupted by countless businesses due to COVID-19.

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What we need To Know about Grocery App Development

But After that the on-demand grocery delivery is one of the best businesses who raised a good fund.

Indian the biggest startup of the grocery delivery BigBasket platform has raised around $60 million. BigBasket scales its business into the country to meet growing grocery demand from customers at home.

grocery delivery BigBasket

BigBasket succeeded the coveted unicorn status by an appraisal of over $1 billion when they raised $150 million under some series F round from Alibaba, UK Government-owned CDC Group and South Korea’s Mirae Asset Global in March 2019. 

BigBasket Journey

Notwithstanding intense competition with opposing giants such as Grofers, Amazon, Flipkart including local supermarkets that have digitalization, BigBasket has maintained its status as a top leader in the online grocery delivery marketplace.

According to some experts, orders of BigBasket had plateaued around 150,000 orders on the daily basis above the last year leading to fundraising challenges. BigBasket serves a number of cities inside India by offering them ten thousands grocery products for customers. And all are providing in online order and delivering at the customer’s doorstep. Similarly ensuring inventories is affected.

Working Model of BugBasket

BigBasket Revenue Model Of Online Grocery Delivery – How BigBasket Makes Money

Hyper-local Delivery

  1. BigBasket platform has entered more than 1800 neighborhood online grocery stores around India to deliver their order within an hour at the customer’s doorstep.  This benefit from the BigBasket platform is also used with other perishable items. That move has begun to decrease wastage and helping to reduce inventory prices as well.

Inventory-led Model

  1. Growing BigBasket’s business speedily, it has moved with the inventory model for its products. The company buys many products from suppliers like HUL, P&G, farmers, and stocks them in warehouses. To generate revenue, they add some small margin on the price before selling them. Mostly profits and revenue are dependent on its private label products such as Royal Organic, Fresho, Happy Chef Gourmet, etc.,

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Challenges Faced by Online Grocery Delivery Mobile App and Their Solutions

Provide Outstanding Customer Service

  1. BigBasket offers exclusive discounts, on-time delivery, bundling methods, and provides support that helps them to engage customers and grow in sales. This benefits  adds-on to the revenue of the company.

And the biggest advantage is a lot of people who never used an online service are now ordering groceries online. That means companies like BigBasket are generating good traffic on their sales without splurging anything about marketing and promotions that would improve margins scale.

A lot of companies are following the BigBasket model to generate revenue and provide the best on-demand delivery service to their customers. It has thousands of products and customers who can explore unlimited as per their needs.

How Deorwine Infotech Can Help Following BigBasket

BigBasket had generated revenue from the mobile phones using online grocery delivery apps, because it is fast to access and easy to order and track the order. It would be great in the app to access the discount, Offer and coupons to apply on orders. 

As we follow the BigBasket Grocery Ordering App, we can create the same app including all the features. Deorwine Infotech has experience developing on demand mobile apps with standard and Advance features. 

Startups can create a grocery app which has basic features to order the grocery from the customer’s home. And we are here to support startups who are looking to grow their business and generate revenue. A business can have a lot of features including third-party Integration and Live GPS Tracking to make it more convenient. 

We have a readymade grocery order mobile app which has a lot of features to start your grocery business, it can convert your business from store to an online presence. 

We at Deorwine Infotech, provide both customized and readymade solutions to develop an on-demand grocery ordering mobile app that would be an amazing mobile app to start your business in easy and cost-effective solutions.

We are just here to understand your idea about your grocery business startup. Let’s follow the BigBasket and make our business more convenient. 

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21 Must-Have Features Necessary for your Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development


BigBasket is a largest platform who serves their service PAN India with speed service. For every startup, BigBasket is an idol who can guide new business and help to achieve our market goals. 

Choose the best On-demand grocery delivery mobile app development company and create your own platform for your store that will help to get a customer and make a place in the competitive market.

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