It’s a terrible moment for pharmacy administrators, as many infected people from coronavirus are rising day by day over the country. Pharmacy Industry is fighting with concerns over the security of its employees and customers, while those living in a larger number of infected people’s places or areas are closing their medical shops that have led to the main drop in traffic count.

The government has tightly commanded the lockdown in the country to stop the spreading of this virus. Almost every physical activity, event and meetings has been cancelled or postponed, by the authorities and connecting online via Video call or audio call from their place. To help the people a Medicines Order app development will be there to get medicine easily.

Most of the businesses are turning to the digital market now to offer their products or services. This has started to be required in the online market. With an important development in demand for medicines, an Online Pharmacy Delivery solution is an excellent approach to get the issues solved. It also gives patients with prescription medication and assists pharmacists improve their business.

An online medicine delivery app allows its customers to get an order doorstep delivery of pharmacy medicines. A medicine delivery app is a game-changer in the medical industry. Customers can use a pharmacy app to explore various categories of pills. Once they get what they require, they can add a number of medicines to the cart and proceed to checkout. Users will have a choice to select payment mode to make instant secure payments or COD and track delivery updates.

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Medicine Delivery Apps Benefits

Some reasons to get an idea of why a medicine app is a trend and why users choose medicine delivery apps. The nine main reasons we’ve recognized: –

  1. Privacy: They prefer to make the privacy of ordering medicines.
  2. Push Notification:  An online pharmacy delivery app offers scheduled notifications feature, saving users from going out of medicine, and skipping to refill their prescriptions.
  3. No travel Cost: Customers save their money on going to brick-and-mortar stores. This is particularly helpful for buyers in remote places.
  4. Information About Medications: Customers can get information on medications and read all the instructions.
  5. More Competitive Rates: Customers can immediately find a more competitively rated general for their high prescription medications.
  6. Direct Connect Consumers With Local Pharmacies Stores: Build an interactive mobile platform, customers can order on-demand medicines from nearby stores immediately.
  7. Centralized Inventory Availability: Simply connect with large pharmacies with the targeted audience base without the services of any mediator.
  8. Retail Pharmacy Physical Chain by App: Produce a branded online pharmacy network and achieve more customers to grow business quicker and faster.
  9. Easy Onboarding: Get started seamlessly by social login rights and email. Enjoy a hassle-free onboarding managing the basic details which are secured.

The U.S. only holds above 45% of the global pharmaceutical business. And the forecast that in 2023, the global online pharmacy market will touch nearby 128 U.S. a billion dollars.

Research says, the global e-pharmacy market was USD 42.32 billion in the 2018 year and is expected to create approximately USD 107.53 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of nearly 14.26 percent among 2019 and 2025 year.

Medicine App Features

Customer App Features

  1. User Registration: A new user will register themselves
  2. Social Log-In: Able to login with the Mobile number and social login like Facebook or Google etc.
  3. Easy Upload Prescription: If users can not find required medicine then easily upload their prescriptions. After uploading they’ll get details accordingly.
  4. Search & Filters: In a search browser can explore medicines easily and if you have specific requirements then apply filters.
  5. Compare Products: Medicines can be found in comparison to other products So that users can compare their own medicines to others.
  6. Add To Cart: Any products they need can add to cart one or more after that proceed to checkout.
  7. Online Payment: Users will have a choice to select payment mode which they have, there can be COD mode So that users will have easy steps to order medicines online.
  8. Push Notifications: Notifications help to get info about the app, order confirmed, etc.
  9. Re-Order: After the completed order, if the user wants to re-order then easily can be done in one tap only. 
  10. Discount & Rewards: Users can benefit to apply a discount or get rewards to get medicines at less cost.
  11. Order Tracking: Order confirmed and accepted by the store, users can track their order to get at their doorstep. 
  12. Review & Rating: After receiving an order, users will have an option to give review and rating to the pharmacy store and delivery agent. 
  13. Live Chat: Users can solve their issues by having a live chat.

Pharmacy App features

  1. Registration: A pharmacy store  can register themselves by putting all details about their business.
  2. Manage Information: A pharmacy store able to manage information, add, edit, and delete according to them.
  3. Manage Product Details: To present the products or to user understanding, the pharmacy store can manage product details like product description, image, etc.
  4. Order Status: pharmacy stores can view order status when delivery will reach the address.
  5. Manage Payments & Receipts: pharmacy stores are able to manage received payment or send a reminder to not received payment, they can generate a receipt for users.
  6. View Ratings & Reviews: They can view all reviews & ratings which are received from users.
  7. Inventory Management: pharmacy stores can manage the whole inventory themselves.
  8. Billing Creation: During payment pharmacy stores can create or send a bill via mail id or into the app.
  9. Manage Prices: They can manage prices like add, edit, and delete all the market price can show to the users.
  10. Support: They can give support to the users or can connect with Admin directly.

Driver App features

  1. Login: Driver has a login details which has been provided by the admin or pharmacy store. 
  2. Accept/Reject Order: After confirming order, drivers will get an order where they have to do delivery, they can accept or reject orders if the driver has occupied another order. 
  3. Set Availability: Drivers can set their availability according to their schedule of deliveries.
  4. Profile: Deliverers should have verified and secured personal profiles. In these profiles, they can manage their details, set free hours and the area they cross.
  5. Map: A delivery agent able to build a way to pharmacies and customers both. Easily can track the delivery address and pharmacy store address.
  6. Push Notifications. When an order has been confirmed by a pharmacy store, a delivery agent receives a notification for new order delivery.

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Admin Features

  1. Dashboard: Admin will have a dashboard to monitor the entire platform apps like total customers, medicines purchased, etc. 
  2. Manage Inventory: Admin can manage the whole inventory of their sales, products, billing, etc.
  3. Manageable Order Status: Admin can view order status and manage all orders, access details, view deliveries.
  4. Manage Customers: All the registered customers will be accessed by admin, can add, edit, or delete also can ban from their platform.
  5. Manage Payment: Admin can view complete payment received from customers. 
  6. Manage Offers & Discounts: Admin can manage discounts and offers, can add new offers/discounts, edit or delete. 
  7. Store Management: Admin can manage store management, admin and add a new store with complete details, GST Manage, edit, and delete.
  8. Content Management: Admin able to live their fresh content and live anywhere in their platform.
  9. Reporting & Analytics: Admin can view reporting and analytics so that admin can know what exactly is going in their platform.

Added Features

  1. Doctor Consultation: It is an added feature accessible in the medicine delivery app, which helps the user to take the right medicine or as per users’ prescriptions. The user can consult their health issues with a doctor and can get related advice. And Pharmacy stores can tie up with doctors.
  2. Suggest Fitness Meals: Nutrition is half of the medicine and as you rise taking the right food according to your health, medicine starts to cut off.
  3. Loyalty Points: Alongside, loyalty points are also allowed, where the user can get the benefits in points for use by the app for referring to it. 
  4. Easy Call: If a user has any kind of query or medicines regarding the order, they have the voice call option to store/drive within the app.
  5. Subscription: Stores can add subscriptions with different-2 plans where users can get benefits in cost or products via doing payment or choose medicines. 
  6. Schedule Delivery: User able to schedule their delivery at their doorstep whenever they receive their order.

Cost to Create a Medicine App Development

Once you determine to create your on-demand medicine delivery app, you’ll need to know the cost of medicine delivery app development. The cost depends on many factors, we have to analyze requirements, many features, platform, and timeframe.

Team Required

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager 
  • Back-End Developer
  • Mobile App Developer – React Native Developer
  • Tester
  • Support & Management

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We offer the best solution for on-demand medicine delivery app development on both an Android and iOS platform as per your customized wants. We at Deorwine Infotech have a medicine ordering app which is ready to use. We’ll white-label your mobile app which is beneficial for your medicine business and also important for the users who are currently facing the lockdown situation. With that medicine order online app, we have more solutions to track your pills so that you can have time to time your medicines, The user can track their medicine flow through this Medicine tracker app development. 

Deorwine Infotech is the best medicine delivery app development company which is providing the complete solution for pharmacy app development solutions are highly cost-effective and manageable. We have an experienced and skillful app and web development team that has the capability to undertake multi-platform projects to meet your business requirements.

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