We as consumers are moving to automated lives, we now prefer our daily lifestyle at our fingertip, be it travel, food, shopping and even Home services. Homemakers are part of the largest consumer base for online services. And targeting these consumers can aid people in managing their busy lives. The On Demand services offered by App and/or website are the services where you can hire professionals for pest control, plumbing, carpet / sofa cleaning, professional cleaning, electrical repairs, laundry, carpentry, home spa / salon and many more. The On-Demand App Solution  is one of the largest platform solutions for all kinds of business, especially small scale to grow; it bridges the gap between service providers and service seekers.

Mobile App Development Company provides on-demand service provider apps which benefit them by providing excellent experience of services at just one step by expert service providers. Multiple services providers also get beneficiated by this. As the handle implies it works as a platform where you can choose professionals for all your home jobs easily. Like all other On-Demands, it provides an inbuilt essential functionality.

Got a leakage problem at home, just hire a plumber near your area who will fix it in no time. Got issues with your AC, call an air conditioning specialist who will fix your AC in just of few minutes.

Furthermore, Home Service provider app help in fixing problems related to your homes like carpentry, house cleanliness, home appliances, and all other household issues.

Basics of On-Demand Service Provider App

Home service provider app is a common platform where customers and providers engage with each other. Customers request for services to providers and providers will give the service charges to the customers. And you are the mediator. A mediator has a fundamental role in service provider app when mediator tunes up these people and prepares them to work diligently in an innovative system.

The on Demand service market is diversified due to large number of small scale vendors which leads to an intensely competitive environment. To sustain in this competitive market, service providers must differentiate their services in a unique value proposition.

Deorwine Infotech is Mobile App Development Company here provides a list of features for your Home service provider app which adds value to your services: –

  1. User Registration & Profile: A most obvious and a vital feature to understand the behavioural info of each users and feed in details to provide related services to them.
  1. Maps Integration: Location of one’s customers is another cornerstone for any service apps. Thus maps integration helps in real time tracking for both parties.
  1. Choosing Services – The service provider must have the option to accept/reject service requests. And the capability to set any service provider as favorite shall be implemented. They have an option to select their favorite service provider.
  1. Schedule Service – Ability to handle time between various services and provide a keen view of the time for the next services. Also, the ability to set service time can be provided to the service provider.
  1. Price Setup– The service provider will be able to introduce cost for the service offered, and the ability to assign or send offer price for the services.
  1. Secure Multiple Payment Option – The service provider allowing a requester to add their bank or other payment account details to receive or send payments quickly in a secure way. Also, cash on service delivery payment method can also be added.
  1. Approval Notification – Real-Time Notification performs a major role in an on-demand application. It works a related role in this app too, so, you must assure that the user receives a notification once the service provider approves the service booking request.
  1. In-app Chat – In-app chat is a custom way to improving communication for finalizing the service between the service provider and the customer.
  1. Rating and Reviews – Including rating and review feature the service provider can have the possibility to view the review about their services.
  1. Push Notification – To inform about any activity towards services, it is mandatory that service provider and requester have a push notification.

Business Model for On-demand Services Provider App

Feature of Home Service Provider App Development

Now, Deorwine Infotech presents service provider’s apps feature set of applications. Following are some important features for each panel involved in it.

Customer App Feature

  1. Browse Professionals – User shall able to search for services without any hassle. Provide various sorts of filters such as finding the service provider based on price, range, and specialty would improve the user experience considerably.
  1. Push Notification – It helps the users to understand the arrival of their product or service by getting notified through the service provider app.
  1. Real-time tracking – This feature enables users to track the state of their order or service in real-time. Thus, it assures a quick and reliable service.
  1. Payment Options – Payment is an important role of an On-Demand Service. Multiple payment options make a user’s experience simple.
  1. Favourites – This feature helps the consumers to identify their favorite service provider or product. It helps them to find them out immediately and saves their time & power by exploring them all above repeat.
  1. Review and Rating – Review & Ratings is a must for On-Demand Apps, it increases the productivity of every business which serves as a feedback for the service providers.
  1. Maintenance and Support – You must integrate a Maintenance & Support feature as it helps customers in the cause of queries. It enhances customer service by resolving their issues.

Service Provider App Feature

    1. Registration & Profile Approval – Have an easy registration process for service providers. Once the profile submitted by service provider gets the approval.
    1. Push notification – A service provider gets an alert as soon as a user avails for its service.
    1. Accepting & Rejecting Requests – Service providers must have the authority to accept or reject a demand within a provided time.
    1. Start & End Service – The service provider must have a module to begin the service and to end it as it is over.
    1. Track Earnings – Service providers must have a feature which supports them to track their earning. It benefits them to organize their day in a more productive way.
    1. Flexible Schedule – This feature gives the service provider with the flexibility to work whenever they need. They can choose their schedule and start working in that time.
    1. Preferred Availability – The service provider can choose its availability. They can decide when they arrive available and when not for a service.

Admin features

  1. Dashboard – Your app is incomplete without a customizable Admin Dashboard that can quickly navigate various divisions managing both service providers and users efficiently.
  1. The Comparable Algorithm – It is the equal logic which helps in matching a suitable service provider with each new customer application. Either you can go for automated matching where matching is algorithm based, or you can work for standard matching where administrator matches both the functions manually.
  1. User Management – Admin can manage all service provider apps users, admin can add/remove and edit the user’s details and user too. Also, Concerns from payments, discounts, cancellation prices to working any increased query.
  1. Manage service provider – Admin can manage all service provider’s activities from incentives, earning to fines.
  1. Manage pricing and commissions – Admin can manage price depending on the demand. Also, you can insert the commission charges which will assure smooth transactions and operators’ profit sharing.
  1. Analytics & Reports – Analytics gives knowledge such as a number of services availed, discarded and repeated. It helps in obtaining essential insights which help to avoid all the bottlenecks and to improve your services.
  1. Set Ads & Promotions –Admin will be able to manage the kind of ads or promotions to be displayed in their apps.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an on-demand Service Provider App?

The most significant aspect to consider is the cost of service provider app development.

Firstly, it is important to know that many factors come in to play while deciding on the cost of app development. This may require amazing additional coding to the apps backend part and fixing up compatibility layers. This may be fewer hours to a few hundred hours depending upon a number of characters, time of the existing management system in point, number of features, etc. These factors are:

  1. Features: – It is clear that more the number of features added more would be its price. You have to pay more if you want your app to have extra features and complexity.
  1. UI/UX: – User interface and graphics represent an important role in the cost. Too much of graphics and effects add on to the cost.
  1. Company or Freelancer: – You got to pick one for your app development depending upon your budget and fulfill your requirement.

As presented earlier, the cost depends on several circumstances. But our team determined an average price by conducting the number of research. Our dedicated professionals can develop your app within estimate time with quality.

  • Conclusion

  • In this modern time, most of the people interested in mobile with internet services. Deorwine Infotech is a Mobile App Development Company that provides the possibility to get the services immediately at their location with on-demand market services app development solutions in a global market. We have Developer and Designers who can develop your concepts and give personalized apps such as urbanclap, TaskRabbit HouseJoy, etc for the iOS and Android mobile platforms. We extend the best services at a reasonable cost. Our developers are experts in designing and development, and they use the latest technologies while developing the application.
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