Today, in the world millions of people follow meditation every morning and every day and utilize some best meditation apps like Headspace, Calm, Pacifica, Sim Habit, 10% Happier, The Mindfulness, etc. 

Nowadays, mindfulness and free online meditation applications have achieved a huge prevalence that Apple editors named that category as one of four breakout trends in mobile app culture in 2017.

By 2022, a significant advantage of the US meditation marketplace would be a little up to $2 billion.

Over 14% of American people have had a meditation slightest once.

40% of US adults do meditation at least once a week.

However, the system proves unquestionably helpful for health and mind. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), meditation can help you to overcome mental stress, chronic pain like headaches, blood pressure, as well as help you quit smoking and better way to navigate a diversity of mental health conditions.

Key Benefits of Meditation Mobile App

  1. Improve Memory
  2. The best benefits we get from mindfulness practice continue to be discovered. Some experts believe that you can begin to work your way up. Meditation is like building a mind strong, you become stronger the longer you continue to practice and train properly. Whether it is managing mental stress, remembering essential messages or info, filling the social calendar, etc., in a variety of ways.
  1. Less Stress
  2. According to research, we found that frequent use of a meditation app can provide stress intervention when you are in a pressure condition and the study discovered data that the smartphone meditation app method overcomes cortisol levels and systolic blood pressure during the response to stress. There is one catch, you have also acquired through practice acceptance which is accepting of the way things are.
  1. Better Social Relationships
  2. Sciences suggest that based smartphone mindfulness practice can ease the feeling of separation and motivate selves to engage in further social interaction.
    A better social relation helps to meet new and different people and overcome the stress about us to observe in a negative way.

Must-have Features in Meditation Mobile App Development

The On-demand Meditation mobile app development company in India offers some unique features that are a must have in a meditation app and they can give a unique way to use and engage users at  your platform.

  1. Track Daily Progress and Meditation Time
  2. Allowing your user to track daily progress and meditation time period is much important for every user to keep improving themselves.
  1. Onboarding tutorial Available
  2. Your meditation mobile app should be clear and as simple as possible, It’s important for every kind of application in meditation, but is very important to present all your features in a user-friendly way, develop an onboarding tutorial guides your users through your app that is usually animated, so if you are planning to do something attraction display then must go with this feature.
  1. Push Notification Alert to Keep Users Engaged
  2. Push notification feature plays an important part when it arrives in keeping users engaged and connected with your online meditation application. It is acknowledged essentially as a retargeting tool and helping you to keep users near to your app.
  1. Ease of Search
  2. A meditation app development must have an easy search option with smart categories content following different designs which eases the process of obtaining the right content. Easy search helps you find out the required service and get a result easily to connect directly.
  1. Localization
  2. The meditation mobile app has invested in App localization as well. That meant the app should be a multilingual platform that would be matched according to location or country, and a number of customers can use our app easily. This feature gives users a choice to grab the app’s understanding in their local languages, Which would increase the probabilities of acquiring more extra users.
  1. Subscription Plan
  2. A subscription plan helps to get a more extra booking to users. A subscription plan has a cost-effective solution that gives you users a one-time payment including unlimited service from the app. That feature must-have in the meditation mobile app development if you want to earn from that app.
  1. Allow Choose to Payment Method
  2. Allow your users to choose payment methods as per their convenience to pay for meditation services. That helps to manage the payment and give users easy pay from smartphones with the easy process only.Here users can choose payment methods and pay hassle-free.
  1. In-app Chat & video Call
  2. These kinds of people help to directly connect with the expert and user who are looking for a better way to overcome their mental issues. Through the real-time chatting and Video call, users can ask queries and discuss the problems directly. They don’t need to find contacts from anywhere and call them on their personal number.

Are You Looking For Best Meditation Mobile App Development Company

The increasing on-demand meditation app development requirement is increasing day-by-day, because startups are gaining a good revenue nowadays from these kinds of mobile app development.

We are at Deorwine Infotech, understand the exact requirement and are able to create a platform for user, doctors that would be managed by an admin web panel.  The best meditation mobile app development company can provide an end-to-end solution including all the standard and advanced features.


Your idea about developing an online meditation app can help millions of people who are looking to solve their mental issues. If you are planning to develop an app something like that must go with these features or can add more, it only depends on your including features.

Give your idea and convert into reality with Deorwine Infotech that follows the agile methodology to develop any mobile apps. We are expert at creating an UI and giving the best user experience, Mockup will be helpful to understand the screens and rough idea of your real app, Third-party integration would give your app an extensive way.