As we, all know that parents hire agents or brokers to find a suitable mate for their son or daughter and sometimes even the bride/groom searches their soulmate on their own. Moreover, in this direction, they don’t need to spend extra money to search or hire agents, as now there are number of matrimonial mobile apps and matrimonial websites that may assist you to get the best partner for your groom/bride. Matrimonial apps cover all the details regarding the groom or bride, so the parents know every information regarding a person that they are looking for.


Best example is the largest matrimonial service provider site in the world; it has organized number of marriages, an app like the one Matrimonial service provider app boastfully claims more than 5 million successful stories. A mobile app development like Shaadi has steadily redefined the boundaries with our innovation-led approach.


A matrimonial mobile app should be a reliable & secure largest platform to connect people, serving millions of individuals from different communities to discover their ideal partner. Like the Shaadi app has an intuitive interface that controls you simply within a Sign-up process that will be combining you with compatible partners in no point. The Shaadi mobile app planned a matchmaking journey with verified of every users via submitting their document like Aadhaar Confirmed Profiles on the app. The document submitted helps to

Why Deorwine is a reliable software development Partner?

Customer App

  1. Social Login/Register: Register themselves and log in with Facebook, google, etc.
  2. Create Profile: Customers can manage their profiles.
  3. Auto-detected: Customer can allow accessing their current location or can enter location.
  4. Set partner preferences: As you, want in your partner can mention.
  5. Add Horoscope: Customers able to add their horoscope that will help you to follow rituals etc.
  6. Upload your pictures: Upload your pictures and images to see your matches.
  7. Add Bio-data: Who creates a profile; they can add details or bio-data.
  8. Advanced Searching: Customers can search for profiles using different filters like location, professional, etc.
  9. Send Request: You can send a request to many customers who you want to connect with.
  10. Add favourite: You can add in favourite if likes any profiles.
  11. View Profile: Can view the complete profile without taking screenshots.
  12. Check Astrology Compatibility: Customers can check Astrology Compatibility with other profiles.
  13. Check Horoscope: Both users can check horoscope with their connections.
  14. Download Horoscope: Can read, and download horoscope.
  15. View last Seen: Customer can view last seen of activation in the app.
  16. Customer Action: Customer can Share, block and report user profile.
  17. Request to Any Customer: A customer can request for matching.
  18. In-app Chat: Real-time chat with contact customers.
  19. Subscription Method: Customers can subscribe to their membership packages to access advance more features.
  20. Multiple Payment Methods: Customers can access any method for online payments.
  21. Apply Coupon Code: Available coupon can apply.
  22. Save search: Whatever you will search, it will be saved in your search history.
  23. Offer / Discount: Customers will have an offer/ discount on their subscription packages.
  24. View Success Stories: Customers can view other customers’ success stories that started with matrimonial sites or apps.
  25. Request for showing your success story: Customers can request for shoring stories if anyone hides their stories for other connections.
  26. Setting: you can set-up privacy and visibility.
  27. Join the Affiliate Program: According to customers’ interest, they can join affiliate programs to know and get benefits.
  28. Refer & Earn: Customers will have benefits to refer their friends and earn points or rewards.
  29. Manage profile: Customers can manage their profile, which will be display to many customers.
  30. Notification & Alerts: Any info will be notify by notification & alert, like receive a message, request from any other, and more.

Admin Panel

  1. Login: With the Email ID and password can log in and access admin.
  2. Dashboards: With clear graphics and statics will be displayed.
  3. Customer Profile Verification: Admin will verify all the customer profiles.
  4. Manage customers: Admin will manage all the customers and access their details, view, add, delete and edit.
  5. Manage invites: Received and sent by customers will manage.
  6. Rewards Manage: All the reward process will be managing and view by admin only.
  7. Manage Affiliation Program: Admin can add, remove and edit affiliation program, search customer who is joined the program.
  8. Manage Request: it will be a view, delete and view all requests with customer details and subject regarding requested.
  9. Manage Subscription: Add, delete and edit subscription with details. It can be active/deactivate.
  10. Manage Coupon/Promotion: Add a new coupon/promo code so that customers can apply.
  11. Manage Payment Process: Admin can view all the payments, which have received by customers.
  12. Manage profile: Who are registered in the app, admin can view all the profiles, block and search.
  13. Notification & Alert: Admin will be notified if it happens any activity or receives.
  14. Reporting & analytics: Admin can manage reporting and analytics, View all the details in the admin.

How to Select a Mobile App Development Company?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Matrimonial App?

Matrimonial app development cost depends on multiple factors that influence the cost to develop a matrimony app and some of the factors we are defining here in detail. Let’s find out more factors to develop an app like Shaadi: –

  1. App Development Platform: When you plan to develop a matrimony app, you need to select an ideal platform beginning. Decide your target and choose Android app development and iPhone app development. With the number of features chooses the best platform or both you can select.
  1. Mobile App Design: It is important to choose an appealing and simple design for your matrimony app development. Therefore, you should give attention to the usability of your matrimony app. Depending on the sort of UX/UI design you want and the number of features you would prefer to include in your app.
  1. Hire Dedicated Development Team: A great developmental core is required to make a matrimonial app stand to escape. To choose the skilful app developers, you may require expanding your budget a bit, but it will be good for sure.
  1. Technology Stack: Choosing the appropriate technology can always assist you to improve the performance of your matrimony app.

Looking to Hire a Matrimony Mobile App Development Company?

We hope that you got a bit of in-depth knowledge about matrimony app development and the cost of matrimony apps. There are a number of possibilities if you want to develop an amazing matrimony mobile application. Ensure that the company has dedicated a proficient team of app developers, Project Managers, designers & QA Testers and uses the latest technology to advance matrimonial app designs. This is very essential to the success of your application.

Deorwine Infotech can be your most desirable selection as a matrimony app development partner. Our dedicated development team, Project Manager, Designers, Developer, QA Testers for iOS and Android matrimony app developers are provided with the latest technology aims that you can expect from us. We are a leading matrimony mobile app Development Company in USA.


A matrimony mobile app will support you to assemble your customer’s great experience. A matrimony app can be an excellent way to improve the hopeful one. The best part of a matrimony app is that it is very easy to install. Registering in a matrimony site isn’t hard either.

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