The technology world never stops evolving, every upcoming year is not the same. According to Internet research, over 1.5 billion websites and around 200 million active websites, And large numbers continue to grow.

An average user requires only 50 milliseconds to form an assumption about website development.

94% is about total users who create their first opinion of a website based on web design only.

68% of the best companies by a mobile-first website improved their trades.

New website development trends and technologies have developed in the market. To keep running with the competition, First businesses must have to focus on growing custom web development, trends, techniques, and approaches.

How a SAAS based eCommerce web development good for business owner and customer

With the up-to-date growing trends, companies should have the latest updated websites. They should Hire Dedicated Developers who can help to develop and manage your websites with the trending technologies.

Must Go With These Latest Web Development Trends

  1. Voice search
  2. Voice search is one of the important trends in the eCommerce industry. It is suitable for a number of businesses across the web. If you are planning to get a web app solution, optimize it for voice search as soon as possible.
  1. Progressive Web Applications
  2. The progressive web applications utilize modern features to deliver the app experience. Therefore, users can give the advantage to complete prospects without downloading a mobile app. Moreover, they are appropriate for companies that don’t have specific financial support, and it stops a lot of opportunities to invest in mobile app development.
  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  2. AMP technology is used to develop websites that have a high-speed loading and which are mobile-friendly. AMP pages get around 2 seconds to load, whereas non-AMP pages can consider 22 seconds loading time.
  1. WebAssembly
  2. WebAssembly is a game-changer, where the new format aims for native-like performance with web apps. Also, the code in any programming language can compile into bytecode that works in a browser.
  1. Single-Page Application
  2. Single-page applications are most popular because a user can view the complete relevant information on a single page. Many times a user is in a hurry and doesn’t have time to click or go to the different pages to search relevant details. A Single page website development allows users to display the entire details and easily access every relevant information, Also I increase the user experience as well. Gmail, Google, and GitHub are the best examples of a single-page application.
  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Through cloud computing, remote servers can offer significant storage space for seamless functioning of an app that is able to be downloaded even without affecting the device’s internal memory. A web development company is focusing on the cloud development trend for 2020 that has a growing focus on multi-cloud and hybrid services. Some of the best examples of cloud computing platforms Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.
  1. Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity
  2. A web development company in USA has a development team that knows how to build artificial intelligence (AI) that helps with everything from customer support over imminent trends and image recognition. AI becomes the future of cybersecurity.
  1. Motion User Interface (UI)
  2. Motion UI is making stuff bounce around on the screen. All common elements included animated charts, background graphics, hovers, and excellent headers. Not only is motion UI becoming important to interface design approaches, but it also drives the entire UI. Through professional web development, that enhances the device’s computing abilities to make them smoothly execute complicated animations.

Best Technology Stack For Web Application Development

A web and mobile app development company in dubai provides multiple top technologies that helps to develop a web app for your business.

  1. Angular & MEAN Stack
  2. Angular for web development is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework that allows developers to write well-structured and easy-to-support code.
  1. MEAN stack
  2. A MEAN web development expert in MEAN Stack that is one of the most successful technologies. That includes:
    MongoDB – A DatabaseExpress.js – A web frameworkAngular – A Frontend FrameworkNode.js – Backend Development

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  1. React
  2. React beats Angular because virtual DOM allows more durable and easier implementation for making changes. As React is a library that limits core functionality, the web developers team is required to operate with third-party services.
  1. Flutter For Web
  2. Flutter for the web is the inclusive solution for various cases that helps to transform an existing mobile web into a solution that can run on several devices.
  1. Node.js
  2. Node.js is an important component of web development stacks. NodeJs is an Application Runtime Environment that is utilized to create server-side apps. Also, it requires knowledge of JavaScript.
  1. Laravel
  2. Laravel is the most wanted framework of PHP programming languages that runs perfectly with Vue.js. However, Angular and React are good as well as a match for Laravel web app development. A web and mobile app development company in Dubai offers a strong backend with the Laravel framework.vice’s computing abilities to make them smoothly execute complicated animations.

MERN Web Development: Why MERN is so Popular for Web and App Development

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Laravel web development - how can we grow business in 2020


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