The free mobile apps market has constantly outnumbered the paid ones in terms of profits and download numbers, most people often require a common question: how much money do apps make? 

According to Google Play, 98% of worldwide revenue is generated from free apps. And, you need to think more further about mobile app monetization strategy.

In 2018, 3.8 million applications on Google Play and 2 million in the App Store. As a huge market the worldwide app revenue is expected to increase to almost $190 billion by 2020. 

And  the top-grossing apps are all free of charge.

Time Spent On Android & iOS Mobile Devices

9 Most Popular Revenue Strategies for How Do Free Apps Make Money

  1. Subscription Plan
  2. Subscriptions are the most useful monetization strategy where app publishers can choose a free content offer in their applications with any fixed charges and time. That strategy is used by app users that can choose a plan and pay. That will provide them access services plus extra benefits full content without any restrictions.
  3. This subscription integration helps to generate revenue through a specific business model, and it targets the audience as per your preference.

Revenue Generate Model of Subscription Plan in App

  1. In-App Purchases
  2. In-app purchase is directly obtained from the free applications, and it’s a quite simple process. In-app purchase integration provides a selling ability for kinds of virtual items from a mobile app. Here is the best example of free game apps such as Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, that help to enhance their user experience by providing in-app purchases.

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Revenue Model Of In-App Purchases

  1. Advertisements
  2. Statistics shows, more than $186 million would be spent approaching mobile ads where you can advertise affiliate goods inside the business app, and you will get paid if the user interacts with those ads.
  3. Mobile app development process helps to integrate the advertisements features into any business app who are looking to free earn from apps. Most of the popular campaigns used in affiliate marketing are charge per click, cost per view, and install.
  4. A Business app is open to use lots of methods to advertise ads- videos, banners, interstitial ads, native ads, and rich media ads that include audio, video, text, etc. Advertisement helps to improve engagement and another core reason for in-app purchases.

Mobile advertising spending worldwide

  1. Incentivized Ads
  2. 84% of mobile application users prefer rewards or bonus apps across applications containing ads. In the Incentivized Ads, many tools provide rewarding users at the end of a specific in-app action, ads interaction by filling several surveys.
    That strategy allows building a reliable business model engagement and an accurate brand stand. Hire dedicated developers must have the knowledge to get a revenue of promoting its in-app currency with sponsors and gain fortunate and loyal users in the market.
  1. Freemium Upsell
  2. A freemium upsell model allows your mobile app for free included paid or premium features that will grow your brand rapidly with completed support.
    Whenever you are looking at a mobile app development company you should choose your preferences first
    You can convince customers to pay or allow the extent of your product to do it for you.  When users get to experience the benefits from the product or services without losses you can get their foot in the door.
  1. Sponsorship Model
  2. Sponsorship is one of the most profitable models that allows making money from a free app. Two kinds of primary sponsorship deals:
    • Divide revenue from the app
    • Set monthly sponsorship charges

    The most benefits can gain a lot of benefits by apps in the marketplace niche. Sponsorship proves that your mobile apps can be a powerful application monetization strategy if an app publisher makes the right niche app to a targeted audience and launches it off another professional mobile app development company.

  1. Collecting & Selling Data
  2. Mobile apps collect several data of users in terms of your business user behavior or other app usages. The app for free publishers is able to sell their data of users’ behavior to these researchers and obtain an extensive amount of money, also, the data usually includes user email address, social media accounts, and personal preferences.

Hence, there is a below-given form image is the quick look that will help you squeeze most of the monetization strategy: 

  • You will be easily availed of user segmentation that makes the purchasing process pretty.
  • The data is a helpful tool while identifying and listening to users’ opinions that help to make them available to apt companies.
  • It results in a genuine monetization app model.

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How We Can Help You To Make Money From Free App

In this area, we can develop an app that can be integrated with different earning features which will help to increase business traffic.  

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Let’s take one look at the Future of Free Apps

How much does it cost to develop an mobile app

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There are a lot of ways that free apps can make money for your users and business. In the marketplace you will find uncountable apps that are generating revenue by offering free earning. 

Startups or industries can develop the app like that where you can get an traffic of users and can add a lot of ways above mentioned. 

Let’s start the app development process and allow your users to make money. 

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