With technology catching its Pace, it’s important to be parallel to these technological advancements. Ecommerce App Development Company is one such platform, which has increased its worth and credibility over the years. With increasing competitions, there is a demand for an effective, smooth, User-Friendly Platform too, where consumers without any hassle can shop their needs.

“We firmly believe it’s not important what you sell, but it does matter how you sell it”

When you purchase from Online Shopping Portal, seamlessly checkout, and then conveniently has your pair of shoes, with a nice new handset or even a customized Shirt shipped directly to your doorstep, you might think this process is not much complicated. If you are also looking to make your business more successful, then we provide Web Development services to build a perfect e-commerce platform.

Having developed a good number of ecommerce websites to date, let’s list down our understanding of Key factors or elements which needs to be taken Care of while developing an ecommerce Website.

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Clear Design & Spontaneous Navigations

Easy to use website is need of the hour for a website, especially for E-Commerce, people are certainly not interested to read a Manual on how to use your site. Prefer a theme where designs are quite natural and easily understood and which resembles the products you wish to sell. An excellent User experience engages your users on the website and even convinces User to come back to the Site.

It’s not right to have your consumers roam in the midst of a Maze. So have your site designed in such a manner so that users can easily locate Carts, their profile, Categories, etc. and also the products listed in each category are properly named. Even Check Out page should be managed easily.

Detailed Product Descriptions

A Product Description page should be detailed yet concise. Imagine going to a store and you have no salesman guiding you through the features of the product you wish to buy. It is essential to provide your visitors with detailed information about the Product, if anything is lacking or confusing, they won’t buy it.

Also with detailed, we certainly don’t wish to see paragraphed information. UX/UI Design of the product page in such a way that the features, Price, Colour, Images, Description, ratings & Reviews of each product are clearly placed so that buyers can make an informed decision about their choices.

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Social Media

Social media plays a major role in decision making for any purchases made online. Businesses need to take care of these social customers and should work closely to attract these kinds of consumers.

“People want to buy experiences rather than things”, so it is necessary for sellers to keep their product actively integrated on social media to give customers chance to share their product experience with their fellow peers. SO it is necessary to:

  • Share plugins on product pages
  • Social sign-in options
  • Sharing user-generated social content on-site

Do Not forget SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important tool to stand out from the crowd. After researching your key phrases, build your successful website integration on-site SEO. This means that your pages will be optimized for search engines, so your site will be easily found by customers.

One effective SEO tactic for e-commerce is to optimize the main menu navigation for internal linking value. Since the main menu will be displayed on almost all of the site pages, the menu is most likely to index in search results.

Easy Check Out Process

It is a most important element for a successful E-Commerce Site and many factors contribute to a great checkout experience as once the consumer reaches the check-out page, there should be on barriers for the user to complete the purchase.

Businesses can do the following approaches:

  • Introduce Guest Check out / No need for Account Creation
  • Limiting the screens to complete the Check Out process
  • Saving Bill, Payments, and shipments options
  • Different payment options, etc.

Mobile Friendly

Implementing Responsive Website Design to create a website available and usable on all device is essential for the success of an eCommerce site. A Recent study has shown that in the year 2018 more than 60% of the total online purchases were made from Smartphones, so it clearly states that Mobile Commerce is growing rapidly and businesses should strive to make it as convenient as possible. One bad experience can switch users to competitor’s website for possible purchases so businesses should try to make it their experience simple and convenient.

Points which needs to be taken care of:

  • An easy mobile versions for Product images including images for retina display
  • Mobile Version should be clean, simple and clear with an easy call to action buttons
  • Check out, Page Navigations, Next, Other buttons have enough space so that users can easily tap them by their fingers/ thumbs.

Scalability and Security

E-commerce is a platform which tends to grow year after year. This means with increasing footfalls to your shopping website, the site should be able to handle much amount of traffic smoothly and securely. While investing time and money on your E-commerce site, you’ll certainly not want your customers to be dissatisfied and leave the site without making any purchase. Scalability should be a major priority while designing your e-commerce website and to optimize it is advisable to attach third party features such as payment gateways, database applications, a shipment tracking system to provide a good user-friendly experience.

While making purchases online, security is the concern for anyone coming online, whether it is personal information, Contact details, and even Card details. Cyber Security is the most crucial point overall other points mentioned above. Businesses should take extra care in case of security to avoid Fraud payments and hacking of details saved on such sites.


With an increasing number of visitors to your E-commerce site, you’ll certainly require a reporting tool to track down a complete performance of your Website.

Businesses need to pull the most relevant and accurate data to make sure that your sales or online team can make smart and decisions based on the data retrieved through online sales.

The kind of reports are based on
Your E-commerce Site should be able to effectively make out the following reports:

  • Reporting tool to make out products which are performing best on your site so that businesses can make extra efforts to sustain it.
  • Search Terms Report – Fetch reports to track contents or products are most searched and demanded.
  • Capture Sales you’re missing due to bad Mobile Experience.


E-commerce is a platform where opportunities, treats come hand in hand; it is upon the businesses to tackle each point with care to help business succeed in the pool of competitions. Deorwine Infotech helps businesses plan, Develop and securely Deploy their goal of a successful E-commerce Site.


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