Internet radio is becoming the biggest segment between smartphone users, as we know very well the mobile internet grows around the world. We can see each result, the internet has grown with an unlimited major system for a specific large radio industry to reach the targeted audience.

Online music radio apps are expanding momentum annually, where a mobile app allows users to take places wherever your traditional analog radio signal has not been able to reach before.

Radio FM applications are used to play preferred Radio stations which are available in the network. A Radio app allows you to focus on a range of genres such as rock, classical, pop, instrumental, songs, hip-hop, news, talks, comedy, concerts, and various alternative programs that are all offered by many Radio Broadcasters around the world.

Revenue is showing an annual growth rate (CAGR 2017-2021) of 12.7% will result in a market share of US$10,691m in 2021.

In 2017 a user penetration is around 26.0% and expected to score nearly 29.4 % in 2021.

The music streaming app development company offering a Radio FM app that is easy to use via an internet connection. This is the mobile app where listeners get everything that they want to listen to. Users have multiple options to operate advanced features such as a Subscription plan where users are able to subscribe to any plan and pay for it.

Music Streaming Expected Revenue From 2015-2021

Top Radio FM Players Apps in Music Streaming Industry

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Must Have The Critical Features of  Music Streaming radio App

If you have decided to launch a Radio FB Mobile App and are looking to have music streaming mobile app development for your own music business, then you must have the most important features.

  1. Registration & Login
  2. After installation of the app and user has the option of registering in the application with basic information like full name, last name, country, age, contact number, and profile picture photo though it’s optional.
  1. Music Playlist
  2.  After a successful login, a page redirects to Music Playlist that is the Home screen. A user can select the song’s preference from the broad collection of different artists.
  1. Discover
  2. Exploring the new music is the high preference that a user may do after opening the app as it is a music streaming app. It helps the user to apply filters and can get results accordingly.  That is an essential functionality for the variety of streaming applications as users would prefer their favorite tracks at their fingertips.
  1. Share & Stay Social
  2. It allows the users to follow their favorite artists to stay updated with any new album or songs, so users can follow their friends and share the playlist as well. It is the best way of promotional and smart advertisement and probably, it helps to user engagement when having different open options to share things in the social feed.
  1. Push Notification
  2. The Push Notification feature allows users to stay updated with an application, It interacts with an activity and back-end part who is tracking the user and increasing communication experience.
  1. Personalization
  2. That exclusive feature is entirely about the user experience. that app allows keeping options to change to various themes so that users are able to change the user interface whenever they get bored.
  1. Offline Music
  2. A music streaming app has an Offline music mode so that users can play a song after exhausting the internet data. It allows users to save music into their external storage to reduce the hassle of downloading from external browsers and downloaders.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop an Radio App

After getting proper licensing and permissions required to launch a radio station app. As information for developing a music streaming app like Pandora, music edging licensing is required. 

The cost to develop a radio music app depends on many factors such as design, features (standard and Advanced), Number of screens, Database, technologies, Panels, and complexity. 

A different mobile app version can be a  complicated and lengthy process and can take a much longer time to get an error-free app. Music App Development Company normally charges per hour according to the complexities involved and time-line.

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How to Develop a Music Streaming app Like Spotify and Pandora

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We can create an application with advanced and earning money features such as premium, advertisement, subscription etcThese can help you to earn money.

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Continuous innovations are growing in the mobile app that makes the costs of developing an on-Demand Music Streaming Mobile App more affordable in the coming years.

Turn into a profitable investment of your music business, you need to spend more or as required to implement the unique features and then implement a mobile app at the right time to launch and gain the advantage.

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