TikTok video-sharing mobile app, which has become the most trending video creating app around the world. Such entertainment apps have millions of users where they spend hours watching videos and creating their unique content.

Tik Tok app has 689 million active users worldwide, here the latest TikTok statistics presenting January 2021.

We have a Spotify music app for music, a Snapchat app for photo editing, and Twitch app for live streams and there is a constant place for innovations. For example, TikTok has become a top entertainment way of keeping millions of users glued to it.

What is Tik Tok App

A specific incident highlights the fundamental essence of the TikTok platform. A Chinese-owned mobile app that selects short of algorithmically, often dance and music-related videos created to show active users, TikTok has consistently rated as the most downloaded apps since 2018.

Tik Tok Download Statics

The tik tok app has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times that has 800 million monthly users and the seventh-most-used platform on the planet.

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Tik Tok User Growth

Key Features Of Develop an app like TikTok

We at Deorwine Infotech work for growing the digital era and TikTok like app development features are the most explored in the world. 

Let’s look into the required features that can be integrated on an advanced level.

  1. Login
  2. A new user must have an account with their name, email ID and password, where every user can login many times, credentials must be current when the user input it.
  1. Post Video/Pictures
  2. By posting videos and pictures functionality where users can share their videos and pictures. This allows the users to build a more significant follower support which is gaining popularity across the platform.

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  1. Special Effects: Special Effects
  2. Special effects allow the user to choose background music from a list and create enchanting clips pretty quickly. The TikTok like app development cost mainly depends on various filters and effects that enable users to modify the posts.
  1. Choose Music Library
  2. When you are planning to build an app like TikTok then your experts must know about music library integration will be there. To make them entertaining in the app, the music library must integrate with thousands of collections.
  1. Original Sound
  2. TikTok app allows users to use their original sound while performing many videos that let them showcase their full potential in front of the target audience.
  1. Social Sharing
  2. The app allows users to share created videos on multiple social media platforms including they are able to like, comment, and post.
  1. Share User Profile
  2. Share profile allows users to share the user profiles with other users to gain popularity.
  1. Create Duet videos
  2. Duet video feature allows creators with other connections. That lets your user share half the screen with your partner or follower and therefore create videos with others anytime and anywhere. Also, users can use effects and Duet can create videos with random people as well.
  1. Geolocation
  2. The geolocation feature helps to find out the nearby bloggers broadcasting live, and you can click to have the fun of live streaming.
  1. Push Notification
  2. It’s a necessary and most important feature to integrate a push notification feature where the need to notify the users regarding activities like comments, likes, or other updates. Usually, push notifications are implemented through Google Cloud Messaging (Android) and Apple Push Notification Service (iOS).

Advanced Features

  1. Earn Money
  2. TikTok app has gained much love from the users widely as it permits them to make money by creating fun videos and uploading them that are popular on the platform. The tiktok like app development cost is not only a lot and since people are earning from the app where they can earn money extra.

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  1. Real-Time Analytics
  2. A business is able to examine live viewers and broadcasters graphically. It can be accessed by the admin where they need to be aware of real-time insights of the app usage and previous data so as to make further decisions.
  1. Video Streaming Architecture
  2. Video streaming is the main target of TikTok platform architecture where you can implement every single detail to it. The broadcasting stream reaches the server to the user’s device then until the user watches it.
  1. Video Preview Before the Registration
  2. TikTok app allows looking at popular videos before signing up. The result says that new users are able to view the content, and help to comment or like it, it’s necessary to sign up.
  1. Location-Based Content
  2. On the level of advanced features that you can recognize building an app like TikTok that allows determining the device. The app offers content posted by users with the specific same location.
  1. AR filters
  2. Some amazing augmented presence filters can improve their hair or eye color, add objects over the head (e.g. dog’s ears, flowers), etc. The most advanced technology is becoming more popular nowadays. It’s a good concept to integrate this technology into your mobile application.

How much does it cost to develop an app like TikTok

It is vital to have a TikTok like app developer team to launch an app. Cost varies when we explore standard or advanced features, Developer, App Design, Platforms, Testing and more.  The TikTok app can be designed for both platforms Android or iOS or both of them and in this case, it works wonderfully on both platforms.

Required Team To Develop An App Like TikTok

Hire dedicated developers  who have vast knowledge in the app development industry for android, iOS etc.   

When you are planning to create tiktok like app, then you must hire the skillful and expert following team: 

  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Android App Developer, iOS App Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Database Experts
  • QA 
  • Delivery Manager

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A lot of benefits of developing an app like TikTok and that platform is bigger than other platforms because of huge traffic. Coming up with the best entertaining apps like TikTok remains an excellent technique where startups can earn profits. 

If you are looking forward to starting an online market with a mobile app like TikTok, next simply hire a mobile app development company that can help to make it easier for you to obtain covering the marketplace. 

As per your requirements you can go with the best mobile app development company that is capable of delivering and launching  the application.

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