Millions of people these days have a way to mobile phones. Each day, the number of apps being downloaded is growing significantly. Everyone knows how to use these apps and are becoming more technology-friendly. Staring at the outline of people turning from television channels to mobile app, having a recipe app can do starts for you.
Cooking-food recipe app development is a unique process to see as a highly talented event, and cooking is a unique process for people talent while for others it’s just a daily routine. Cooking app development is something that can accommodate lots of people. They all cook and having a special recipe app on their smartphones will benefit them.

Mobile applications have now taken over each category to reduce the load of users. The recipe apps are the next when it becomes to complete takeover as such apps offer step-by-step directions to make food like professionals or food for a vegan diet. Recipe plays an important role to prepare delicious food. Resolute internet access, a broad scope of services and efficiency of use – these are the criteria that excite even the most particular users of iOS or Android devices.

Many food lovers are all-time high who uses cooking and recipe app for their regular uses. Around 23 million people across Australia, U.S, Canada, and India have asked Google for the food recipe and cooking mobile app.

Create a Multi-Purpose Cooking-Food Recipe Mobile App

A recipe app which works on multiple platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone. You can add several modes for your mobile application such as cooking mode & shopping mode etc. more.

  1. Cooking Mode: One of the modes for users who like cooking that involves wives & mothers who are excited to impress their family and friends with new great meals. Also for professional chefs who would like to retain their beloved recipes and experiment with new ingredients. However, this is a very complicated feature to build. It may consist of video guides, tutorials, photo guidance and other useful processes as quick and easy.
  1. Shopping Mode: For shoppers, it should have location-based functionality that finds the most coming store on one click. The geofencing feature is necessary for this model. Moreover, extra features such as a shopping list, diet tracking, price discrimination, and other functions. Also, you can provide your users with coupons, discount, and business, sale information, etc.The more modest the business, the more convenient it is for children or novices who are just working to understand specific features of their gadgets. Other than that, you must add the extra features as well, like price comparison, nourishment tracking, shopping directory & other useful functionalities. Also allows to your user’s discounts, offers, coupons, etc. from time-to-time and ensure that this data is connected with the venues that your inherent users usually prefer.

Target Audience

By identifying your target audience you will be able to food recipe mobile app development that helps your users to find out unique things. Apart from the usual people who prefer to browse the food in social media and other platforms. You can target these audiences who will love to download your app. The ones who are a face of cafes and restaurant simply appreciates a broad array of recipes.

  1. Learners in Cooking: Those who are fresh to the cooking world would love to utilize these kinds of apps. Videos, food blogs, multiple cuisines, and step by step methods will facilitate them in cooking the meal simply.
  1. Tourist/Traveller: The people who normally travel around cities-to-cities. They don’t have sufficient time for cooking but will enjoy something that helps them to prepare the food from what they have. They mostly search for the way to cook something with the ingredients they have. The on-demand recipe mobile app appears to a great achievement for them.

Health and Fitness Mobile App Development – Types, Features, Cost

  1. Fitness/Healthy Fanatic: People who are health sports will go to the next level if there is a concern for their well-being. In this scenario, the app with healthy food recipes come to great performance for them.
    Building an app that provides different recipes that are healthy and displaying the caloric sense for their consumption helps them to track their calorie consumption.
  1. Users Usually Dining Out: Utilizing location-based services, you can obtain the best restaurants & cafes that users visit the most. Including the popular and most loved recipes of those places will encourage the user to cook it at their home through your cooking app.

Additionally, including great chefs’ food blogs will attract greedy users who love to search new foods and searching for a culinary experience.

Features of User

  • Registration
  • Create Profile
  • Search recipes
  • Advanced Search
  • Personalized recipes
  • Subscription
  • View Recipe List
  • Recipe Categories
  • Provide Nutrition Facts
  • Video-Tutorial
  • Photo-Gallery
  • Save recipes
  • Print Recipe
  • Ingredient Quantity Calculator
  • Personal Notes
  • Social-Sharing
  • Rating & Review
  • Upload Pictures
  • Add recipes
  • Community
  • Plan meals
  • Manage Profile
  • Read Content
  • Alerts & Notifications

Here Are Some Great Features of the User

Video Guidance

Search by ingredient or chef/Cook

Unit converter

Adding/Written notes to each recipe

Features of Admin

  • Login
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Cuisines
  • Manage Recipe Category
  • Manage Special consideration
  • Manage Subscription packages
  • Manage recipe
  • View Reviews
  • Manage Community
  • Manage Payment
  • Upload magazines
  • View earnings
  • Content Management
  • Notifications

Cost to Develop Food-Recipe Mobile App

Well, the cost of the recipe app depends on many factors. It mostly depends on the functionality, features, and a platform (native or cross-platform, you want in the mobile app. Some of them have unique functionality. Additionally, we can integrate the important features according to your requirements, business needs and range of app usage. That’s why the time our expert developers consume on the app creation can be different.

How to Build an Ecommerce App?

Team Structure for developing Recipe-Food Mobile App : –

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Project Manager
  • Prototyping
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Programming/Code
  • Quality Analysis

Generally, the app-building project continues from 3 to 4 months with full functional apps and costs $12000-$60000. It includes various essential steps:

Small size app development $12000 to $20000
Mid-size app development $21000 to $50000
large size app development $50000 – Above

This differential is pretty standard, as we usually provide extensive development services, delivering complex, unique software solutions. Additionally, unlike independent freelancers, we provide for the project’s, only after the complete testing, assuring its top quality.

Additionally, we provide support our valuable customers continuously, providing consulting and troubleshooting services, the app updates, and the latest versions. Contact Deorwine Infotech Company as we are flexible and efficient, ensure smooth communication and resolve development jobs of any complexity.

Conclusion The market for the Cooking-Food Recipe Mobile App is profitable and trending. More and more foodies are espousing a different way of cooking food. In this outline, developing your on-demand cooking-recipe app is not only a great start-up approach, but it can also become a comprehensive online source for food enthusiasts and help them to become pro in cooking different menus!

Deorwine Infotech is one of the best Mobile App Development Company which can support you develop such an app with the best features. Our skilled team of developers has years of experience in building such apps.

Connect with us to discuss more about your requirements and we can help you make it high with your recipe app.

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