Fantasy sports is a game, it allows online users to build individual teams to play with their competitor in a virtual league. These different teams are organized by approaching players from the professional, who are going to participate from different real-world groups such as IPL,  NBA, CPL, etc., and across the globe. The win or loss would be decided by a statistical performance at the end of players, participating in online games. 

A fantasy mobile app like Dream11 is constantly performing experiments with innovative enhancements to the online fantasy sports platform bringing more users every day.

India is a leading marketplace for fantasy mobile apps in the world. And according to In 2017, the growth rate increased from 18% – 20%. 

It’s estimated by 2019, the fantasy app downloads will cross around 352.9 million.

According to AC Nielson and the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG), the user calculation has been supposed to cross 100 million by 2020.

The fantasy sports mobile app is one of the best and fastest-growing businesses globally, it increases the growth and demand for the segment are so much, by 2025 it would be around a 33.2 billion dollar market.

Fantasy Mobile App Across the Growth Marketplace

  1. HalaPlay
  2. HalaPlay is funded with $7.5M on 15 June. 2020. Users can create leagues and do play in every match in real-time. Hala Play fantasy app offers Rs.100 to join the amount that the users can use to participate in features in other leagues.
  1. Dream11
  2. Dream11 Mobile app has been funded with $385.1M on Sep 14, 2020. That app has grown the user base year-over-year since its beginning, it is swiftly growing with 30 million+ users and over 90% marketplace serving in the fantasy sports market in India.

How to Build a Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11?

How to create a dream11 ? Must-Have Key features to Develop an Fantasy sports App like Dream 11, When we are planning to develop an On-demand Fantasy sports app like Dream11, then we must include the unique features which can help you to grow smoothly. 

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User App features

  1. User Registration/Log-in
  2. The user can register and log-in to the app using the username, email ID, contact details, set a password or confirm, etc.
  1. Search with Filters:
  2. A user can search and apply filters by Matches, Sports Type like Cricket, NBA, Football, Upcoming match, Ongoing or Live match, etc., results.
  1. Contest Listing:
  2. A user can view the entire contest listing matches with details like paid and free Contest, Winning Range, Contest Type, and Size.
  1. Join Contest:
  2. A user can join any contest and pay as per entry charges for joining.
  1. Choose Payment Method:
  2. Online payment methods allow users to online transactions by choosing from Credit/Debit Card, Application wallet, Paytm Wallet, Referral cash bonus points, and can add more options.
  1. View Live Match Score:
  2. Users can watch live scores for a kind of matches and sports, game highlights, and original video programs.
  1. Push Notification:
  2. A push notification can be sent to the users to inform them while creating a team, the match will begin, etc., these kinds of activities.
  1. GPS Location Tracking:
  2. This feature helps to send alerts and push notifications to the users about any upcoming or ongoing leagues and matches nearby locations.
  1. Create Own Contest:
  2. The user is able to create their own contest by submitting the required details such as Contest Name, Total Winning Amount, Contest Size, Allow multiple teams, Entry fees, etc., and can invite their friends to join the contest.
  1. View My Contest:
  2. Users view the whole list of joined contestants. They can view and update their team players with a search filter such as Upcoming, Live, Results, etc.
  1. My Profile:
  2. Users able to manage their profile such as view, edit, and delete the details such as reward points, account details, user winning amount, cash bonus, view transaction, manage payments, Add Cash, Withdraw winning amount, etc., more as per required.
  1. Invite & Earn:
  2. Users able to share app URL to their friends with app link and their referral code. By sharing this user will get a bonus amount for the same.

How to Create an App - Make an App in 2020

Admin Web Panel

  1. Admin login
  2. Admin has a login section to the managed app using Username & Password.
  1. Dashboard:
  2. A dashboard will give stats such as Total Matches, Total Contestant, & Entire Earnings, etc., including some graphs.
  1. User Manager:
  2. Admin can manage the users by Edit, Delete, Add, Active, and Deactivate accounts. Also, search and view the entire list of users.
  1. Manage Matches:
  2. Admin will be able to manage the complete matches of the mobile application and can Add, Edit, Delete, search and Active/Deactivate matches.
  1. Contest Manage:
  2. Admin can manage entire match contests of the application. They can add, edit, Delete, Active & Deactivate match contests.
  1. Manage Payment:
  2. Admin can manage the multiple methods of payments for the application.
  1. Manage Earnings:
  2. View all earning listings from the application with various filters.
  1. Manage Reward Points & Cash bonus:
  2. The Reward Points and cash bonus offered to the users can be managed by Admin.
  1. Reporting:
  2. Admin is able to generate reports in excel and other formats.
  1. Manage Category/Sub-Categories:
  2. Admin able to manage the game categories and sub-categories.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Dream11

Cost of the dream11 website and mobile app would be measured by what you want to add in the app. We are an offshore mobile app development company that has vast knowledge and experience to develop like dream11. A client preference can affect the cost and time estimation.

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Fantasy Sport is the biggest part of the Future and is assumed to rise speedily at an accelerated step as more places are approving it. As per our current statics, we can estimate that the fantasy sports mobile app development can be the biggest ever-growth marketplace. 

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