People prefer the idea of making everything from virtually anywhere on various devices, no wonder that we have begun transforming the system we make about everything. Business or ebook making app straightaway provides you the great control and independence of the total sales, it serves to increase your authority and engagement among your audience. That creates an all-important email record of users who require to understand more from you.

Trade e-book sales revenue in the United States from 2017 to 2020(in million U.S. dollars)

Trade eBook revenue is estimated to be about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and above from 983.3 million in the past year.

This number provided for 2020, which is the highest reported of recent years, and measurements of yearly show growth. eBook revenues were up 18.4% during the month of December 2020 compared to December 2019.

You Should Turn Book Into a Mobile Application: What Benefits

  1. App Generates Additional Money
  2. The eBook is the best solution for any writer or author because it opens a new opportunity to complete a huge traffic audience of readers globally. Authors are able to turn in a book and show their interest in mobile app development that makes all books available on the app stores, enabling readers to install it in just a one tap. It starts reading using various features like bookmarking, font size, day or night mode, font color, background color, and column spacing.
  3. You can earn money through in-app purchases, Advertising, Subscription, Sponsorship, and Referral marketing, and so on. Having a mobile app for your book which means generating extra money in less time.
  4. You can earn money through in-app purchases, Advertising, Subscription, Sponsorship, and Referral marketing, and so on. Having a mobile app for your book which means generating extra money in less time.
  1. Digital Publish on Multi-Devices and Platforms
  2. New opportunities with interactive digital publishing that helps to connect with your target aim on their preferred devices. Kitaboo creates and delivers digital content compatible with various devices such as smartphones, tablets, or a PC. Just need to develop one mobile app which displays a lot of varieties of ebooks. The publishing suite encourages reading to multiple operating platforms of iPad, iPhone (iOS), Windows, Android Devices, and HTML5.
  1. Global Reach
  2. Turning your book into a mobile app that can quickly reach global readers, and is amazingly impressive if you consider your reaching an audience globally through setting up from one location. After getting an Android or iOS app for their devices, and installing them easily, any reader can purchase a preferred book application on their smartphone or tablet. They can read and view it easily.

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Key Features to Create an eBook Mobile App

  1. Sign up/Login
  2. A user must sign up and login with their Email ID and password. This UI displays the login options to the users, and they can choose any of them.
  1. Social Login
  2. Users can use the social login options such as Facebook, Twitter or Google.
  1. View List of Available Books
  2. Users can view all the available books on their home screen of the mobile app where a lot of books will be listed.
  1. Advanced Search
  2. Users can search their preferred books in the app which they want to read.
  1. Filters
  2. Users can make their search more successful and time consuming by applying filters when they input for any specific such as By name, country, color etc.
  1. Support Different Format
  2. The advanced level of features reading applications support various formats like MOBI, PDF, TXT files, Word documents, and encrypted eBooks like those including Adobe DRM.
  1. Store and Sync Favorite Book
  2. Further allows a sync device where the eBooks are available or are being read that is available with reading status information over all of the devices owned by the user.
  1. Multiple Platform Support
  2. Your Education App Solution syncs beyond the various devices and platforms both support the significant fact that allows users to maintain and enjoy their reads in various contexts on different factors.
  1. Various Reading Tools
  2. Some of the eBook reader applications have imperceptibly advanced tools like cross-referencing to particular terms, and quickly find a passage, a certain character has suggested.
  1. Reading Gamification
  2. Users allowed to use the features like stickers, streaks, levels, and more that are often supported through rewards are conventional features which are specific movements to read eBooks like the activity of reading.
  1. Social Integration
  2. Modern applications including social integration which have produced it easier to make with people globally. Social networks allow for standard features like social announcements to modern things like reading challenges.

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Admin Panel

  1. Login
  2. Admin can login with their email id and password so that they can view their activities.
  1. Dashboard
  2. Admin has a dashboard where they can view some graphs, and total users, daily activities etc.
  1. Manage Users
  2. Admin can add, edit and delete, View list and search the users. As they need to block them then it is possible to do so easily.
  1. Manage eBooks
  2. Admin dashboard allows to manage the various books including their description and title.
  1. Category & Subcategory
  2. Admin can manage the category and subcategory of their books by adding, editing and deleting them. It can be displayed in the listing and search.
  1. Reports
  2. Admin allows to download the reports in the different formats such as PDF or Doc where can be viewed and shared with others.
  1. CMS
  2. Content management system is allowed to update and add the content on the mobile applications which can be interacted with the users.

10 Best eBook Apps That Every Bookworm Should Download

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. When you can study conveniently on your smartphone where you don’t have to splurge on a pricey Kindle. The users can simply download the FREE ebook app and be able to access their preferred book from the whole listing which you want to purchase on Amazon from anywhere!
  1. NOOK (By Barnes & Noble)
  2. Android book app maker, with the NOOK app user, can enjoy Barnes and  Noble’s popular eReader right from your smartphone or tablet, additionally, you can access 75,000 titles for free!
  1. FBReader
  2. FBReader stands for Favorite Book Reader is an ebook reader mobile app that synchronizes your library, reading positions, bookmarks, and with its Google Drive-based cloud services.
  1. Scribd
  2. Scribd is a digital library that includes thousands of best-selling headlines from essentially every style conceivable with true crime, romance, travel, and politics.
  1. Bluefire Reader
  2. Bluefire Reader ebook mobile app that allows users to view and read Adobe Content server protected on their devices. Read EPUB and PDF from various retailers, and publishers’ libraries around the world.
  1. Apple Books
  2. Create ebook app for android free already sitting in your mobile phones when you are the owner of an iPhone then Apple Books allows you to explore and enjoy thousands of titles across genres.
  1. Kobo Book
  2. Around 6 million over titles to collect from Kobo has something for each reader. When you buy an eBook and audiobook from Kobo then they will resemble directly in the mobile app and are ready to enjoy anywhere.

Cost to Develop the eBook Mobile Application

Create book reader app is gaining a great reputation as the recorded content continues blasting where people discover the satisfaction of reading. Among quickening digital accesses, and plunging the cost of different devices, there will always be a demand for a specific perfect eBook reader app where essential characteristics are must-haves to allow progress in the growing environment.

Tutor App Development Company has different costs to build eBook mobile apps, it can be estimated cost based on the various platforms, mobile app type, Third-party integration, design complexity, team size, and hourly rate of the developers.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Create an eBook Mobile Application

The E-learning App Development outlines the unique strategic app development for creating effective and high-performing apps.

  1. Requirements Gathering
  2. To create successful mobile apps in-depth knowledge of project requirements and needs which is essential for the developing app.
  1. App UX/UI Design
  2. eBook applications with engaging UX/UI increase the attention of the user and connect the app stores. The ebook mobile App design with medium components and some unique graphics figures beauty to your reapplication.
  1. Development & Testing
  2. The mobile app features such as front-end and back-end server components are developed and tested, it helps to find out bugs and fix them that can take place to make the app effective and respond immediately.
  1. Deployment & Maintenance
  2. After the Mobile App development, the next stage will be on the operating system that you choose is a significant final step. It can be Android or iOS. Make sure the mobile app must give outstanding performance on the selected platform.

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