With the running in a digital system, many online platforms are ruling in every segment, Also, it is important to have Online Private Space Booking App in Restaurant for Meeting. Booking the online space perfectly meets the growing in-demand where people across the globe and hence there are more firms joining one-by-one.

Right now the time is going where people are only focusing on their work and jobs. People have work but they are just looking at the best space where they can do meetings, work, and maintain the schedule according to office timing.

It helps to manage the meeting time, location, and peaceful environment for co-workers to achieve the business target. The digital world is the most extending unlimited, and in the same mode, the consumers are extending their needs.  

When we all are doing taxi booking, Flight booking, bus booking, doctor appointment, and more, the next is a private space booking app with more benefits.

Private Space Booking App Working Flow

User App Features

When you are looking at booking the online private working space reservation app then you have to ensure the user app features that help your users can enjoy the private space reservation process.

  1. Simple Sign Up/Sign-in
  2. A new user is able to do sign-in to the mobile app using a mail ID and password, also it offers a social login platform such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  1. Advanced Search
  2. Users are able to browse through the restaurants, find working space with the various filters, and whether any kind of special deals is going on these days.
  1. Find Nearby Space
  2. To find a nearby working space by on their GPS location who will refer you to the nearly working space.
  1. View Restaurant Profile
  2. That feature allows you to view the working restaurant profile where you are finding the working area or meeting area.
  1. Reservation Working Space
  2. Once the user selects the required location, they have an easy option to make reservations for any specific restaurant’s desired timings.
  1. Request for Private Room/Table
  2. When users have a meeting or want to work in a peaceful area, requests for the private meeting space can be placed.
  1. Add to favorites
  2. If users want many options or confuse about places, then they can add to the favorites so next time whenever they want to book, it will be displayed in a list or book anytime.
  1. Payment Method
  2. When a worker has no time then the online payment option is the best where payment makes it easy. Hire dedicated developer who has the knowledge to integrate many payment gateways.
  1. Push Notification
  2. Push notification allows users to review or keep updated with the application version and payment alert.
  1. View Reservations Detail
  2. Users are able to view the reserved room or table so they can get an idea of the booked space, and pick the seat accordingly.
  1. Review & Rating
  2. Users can give reviews and ratings to that place where they have spent working time. It is a simple process to get and give the option.

Space Booking App Feature

  1. Sign Up
  2. Space booking owners can sign up for the app using their credentials.
  1. Update Working Space Profile
  2. The owner has their own business profile that can be updated with information or details such as business name, address, services, working space area, size, and more information.
  1. Membership Plan
  2. The owner can make many membership plans with extra benefits. It allows users to get a lot of benefits according to plan services. The owner can remind the user to renew the plan when it’s going to expire.
  1. Receive Payment
  2. A owner can view the received payment or selected plan or without a plan, it’s time to move to the payment screen and manage them.
  1. Schedule Setup
  2. This is an essential feature that allows restaurant owners to set up the schedule of their working hours as well as list days when the space is available for meetings or work.
  1. Reservation Management
  2. This facility involves checking reservation status, currently available and unavailable tables/room, managing upcoming slots lists, etc.
  1. Shift Overview
  2. That allows you to keep a record of the many visitors to the restaurant within a specific time slot and day and can arrange according to things.

Admin Panel Features

  1. Table/Room Booking Management
  2. Meeting rooms or tablet space can be managed from this section by the admin panel and ensure about all free and occupied seats are updated in time.
  1. Payment Method Manage
  2. That is the essential facility when we go to the online payment, online payments generated from the customer’s shows.
  1. Membership Management
  2. Admin can keep updated on all the membership plans and allow vendors to manage them according to their business.
  1. Email & SMS Notification
  2. To notify the users and vendors allow the facility of emails and text messages sent to the required place such as booking done, payment, etc.

Hire The Best Private Space Booking App Development Company

We are at the level where every client has satisfaction with our services. We at Deorwine Infotech offer you the best private space booking app development for meeting or office work where you will find many features and functionalities for your restaurant or other business. 

We have the best app development team that has good knowledge and skill to understand your needs and offers the best solution to run in the market.

Private Space Booking App Development Process at Deorwine Infotech

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Private Space Booking App in Restaurant For Work & Business Meeting

The cost to create a private space booking app in restaurants depends on one and the only question “what features are required”. That is an important process whenever you are looking at mobile app development.

Hire the best development team or company from here, and get started to select a lot of standards and advanced features, UX/UI design, number of screens, the flow of the app, third-party integration, and more can be here. 

The team is required to develop a private space booking app:

  • Business Analyst
  • UX/UI Designer 
  • Android App Developer 
  • iOS App Developer 
  • Quality Assurance

Do you have an Idea?



Whenever you are looking to develop an app you must have to know the entire process, about this industry, what features can be here according to your needs and many things are there. Choose the best mobile app development company in USA and get more offers.