Today, through websites and mobile apps like UberEat, Swiggy, Zomato, and such similar platforms have been growing day by day. To leverage the advantage of such an emerging market place, it is obligatory to have your website and /or an on demand food delivery app development. It is a trademark loyalty program to convert customers to use your application as a search engine to get the best understanding of the best available Food Delivery App.

Online food Delivery applications are the absolute platform between Restaurant Owners and Customers. Develop a highly interactive and easy-to-manage food delivery Android & iPhone app that combines your restaurant / fast-food association with customers.

Features of Online Food Ordering System

Online Food Delivery App Development is one of the greatest techniques to increase your business and sales. Through the Food Delivery App or Food Ordering Website, your customers simply order their food without any hassle. The quick checkout process and online payment with various payment gateways add a bunch of flexibility to the food delivery app. Online Food Order App Solution offers the following features: –

Customer App Features of Food Delivery App

  1. Social Login – Customer can sign up with their social account like Facebook, google.
  1. OTP Verification – Get verified with valid details of the customer, OTP will be on mail or contact number.
  1. Auto-detected Location – Current location detection via mobile GPS.
  1. Manage Profile – Customer can manage their profile and update name, details etc.
  1. Multilingual – According to countries will be select languages which can be understand.
  1. Add/Manage new address – Customer can manage number of addresses, add, remove, edit and add various address.
  1. Search Nearby restaurants – Customer search new by location restaurant services.
  1. Apply Filters – Whenever customer search restaurant can apply various filters like area, rating, popular etc.
  1. Add favourite restaurant – Customer can add his/her favourite restaurant and can view all favourite restaurant in his/her account.
  1. Restaurant Listing – Customer can view all listing of various restaurants that can open any of them.
  1. Restaurant details –Customers are able to view any restaurant details like name, address etc.
  1. View Menu listing – Customer can view complete menu listing of the particular restaurant.
  1. View Details – View all details about menu, quantity of the food.
  1. Cart – Cart to be need add food for ordering.
  1. Add food instructions – Add food instructions if customer have if customer has need anything extra or less.
  1. Checkout – This checkout is needs to be order the food with selected food with details.
  1. Offers/Coupon – Offer/Coupon is a most beneficial for the customer, they can apply coupon and get discount of the total amount.
  1. Choose Payment mode – Customer can find various payment method like Paytm, PayPal, and COD mode.
  1. Order details (Pickup/Delivery) – Customer view order details with complete billing,
  1. Order Cancellation – Customer can order cancel via mobile app.
  1. Order Tracking – After confirmed order customer able to track their order via, Map integration or status update like Picked up, delivered.
  1. Pickup & Delivery – Customer can find status and details about pickup and delivery of the order.
  1. Notification – Notification is most helpful to know all the activities of customer account.
  1. Rating & Review – After delivered customer can share their experience by give them rating & review to the delivery boy, restaurant and food as per their taste and experience.
  1. Re-order – Re-order features to the favourite taste without searching or find different restaurant from their order history.
  1. Order History – Order history will show all the total orders, it will display in customer account.
  1. Customer Support – Customer support is a most important part of the applications, customer can direct contact and share their good and bad experience with discussion.

Driver App

  1. Login – Driver able to login after approved by admin or vendor.
  1. Availability – Driver can update their status via app that they are available or not for the taking order.
  1. Notification – When any new activity will be happen in driver account then will get notification.
  1. New order details – View complete details of the new order when driver will get order.
  1. Order Tracking – With the complete details of customer driver can track their address that added for delivery.
  1. Accept/Reject order – This functionality is when driver can updated status automatically for the orders.
  1. Active Order – When driver is already reaching on an order, that time status will show active.
  1. GPS Tracking- To detect the delivery boy’s current location via GPS tracking will take place.
  1. Update status of delivery – Driver can update status according to delivery like Picked Up, on the way and delivered.
  1. Google Map Integration – As the delivery boy will be able to deliver the order if he accepted so he can view the customer address on the map and can be navigated to the designation by the Google map.
  1. History – This will display complete history of all order with the details.
  1. Setting – Driver has a setting option to manage their profile or setting.

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Vendor/Restaurants App

  1. Login – Vendor can login with ID, or number and password. Vendor can login
  1. Dashboard – Dashboard will display all the statics or graph about all products sell and payment.
  1. Restaurant/Vendor details – Vendor are able to manage their restaurant details which are display by customers.
  1. Menu Management – Menu management is a duty of vendor, where they can add, remove or update in menu according to their service availability.
  1. Order Management – All orders will manage by vendor, where Order status, order details, assigned to driver and tracking about all.
  1. Payment Management – Vendor will be able to manage payment details that received by customer on their orders.

Admin Web Panel Features

  1. Dashboard – Dashboard will display all the graphs and statics.
  1. Admin Login – Admin have a login ID & passwords for review and entering in admin panel.
  1. Restaurant/Vendor Management – Admin manage all the vendor the restaurants by add all details.
  1. Category Management – Admin can manage categories mean admin add, edit and delete categories according.
  1. Location Tracking – Admin can track location of the drivers according to their details and address.
  1. Customer Management – All the registered customer managed by admin, with the mail id, contact details, name and address. Admin can add more details.
  1. Order Management – Lots of order will be display in Admin and view all orders, track, search, manage and
  1. Notification Management – Notification is an standard feature of an any app that helps to notify all the activity of an app.
  1. Multiple Payment Management – This process in very secure that can managed by admin only where they can view, search, total amount of the customer’s etc. details.
  1. Rating & Review management – Can view all review & rating with comments that given by customers.
  1. Coupon Management  – Coupon Management – Coupon features for more discount to the customers.
  1. Order Listing   – Can search, view all order listing with details of orders.
  1. Offer Management   – For more discount to the customers that will be helpful for more traffic in your app or restaurant.
  1. Driver Management   – All driver details and their order details will be managed by admin that can add, view, and search and export data in excel extension.
  1. Content Management   –  On the live content can update, add new, delete and then can live content over app and web. The best content will increase ranking over google.
  1. Reporting  – All reporting providing and export in excel file.
  1. Multiple Language Management – Manage multi language according to targeted country and select particular in their understanding.
  1. Customer Support Management – Most significant part is support that will be help to support to receive a queries by customers.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Food Delivery Apps

A different question that is almost easy for every start-up’s owner: “How Much Does it cost to build Food delivery apps” or “How much money this app will require?” The cost of making an Online Food delivery app may modify depending on various determinants.

Well, the cost of food delivery app development cost mainly depends on the variety of functionality you wish to implement in your food ordering app.

The initial one is the range of functionality. A sincere platform with few tools will incur a lower cost. However, if you want your app to implement a wide range of functions, the price for app development will surely change. Another next factor is the mobile app development platform: iOS and Android.

Furthermore, the design can also affect the total cost of an app. Compact design schemes will point to a higher price.

  • Project Manager
  • Designer – UX/UI designer
  • Developer – Android App Developer & iOS App Developer
  • Tester
  • Marketing


Based on the recent development cost and time estimates in Deorwine Infotech, there is quite a limited estimated cost. Manageable table-based apps – here customers provide content, directions, and patterns of related applications. There are some additional things, such as GPS Locator, Bell, whistles such as social media integration which add on to the cost.

This kind of food delivery mobile application makes everyday life simpler because people have their food at their doorstep and provide satisfactory service in the online food delivery app.

These factors and costs effectively explain to you what type of food delivery mobile application you need to develop? So if you want to get your business online, please contact Deorwine Infotech. Our skilled team is skilled enough to grow your business in all the latest trends and adhere to growing business standards.

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