Ecommerce marketing is a complex matter because it’s tough to find all of the tips in one place. Opportunely, we’ve fulfilled requirements, leading you on the way to marketing success and implementing a list for you to hold on your wall and check off as you make each ecommerce marketing method with an e-commerce app solution.

The Rise of Online Shopping Mobile App with the Prospect:


These facts or statistics show that e-commerce shopping mobile app development is the current favourite of online consumers, and they look ahead to new features that make their shopping experience fun, easy, and cost-effective. Each marketplace provides specific target customers and the learning drop can be steep. For example, Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces, and success there is based on getting the algorithms used to enhance a product’s clarity and sales conversions. This can be challenging.

5 Challenges and Solution for E-commerce Success in Marketplace

1. Competitor Analysis: In the super-competitive e-commerce marketing, many competitors are offering related products and services. So, how do you set yourself aside?

Solution: Competition comes in various forms for small businesses, especially in the e-commerce area. You have to save up with competitive pricing, products, and service. You have to keep a good eye on each of them. Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each of your competitors. Note where they are selling. All of this will assist you to efficiently find the cracks in the market. Those cracks are yours to choose from.

2. Technical Ecommerce Issues: The most typical ecommerce problems that occur after mobile app development for online stores, face today relates to technology. Here are some major technical issues that ecommerce stores face: –

  • Web Hosting: Most of the times the potential speed of shopping mobile app development is because of the type of hosting it uses.
  • Solution: Transfer their store to a reliable ecommerce web hosting such as a guided cloud. They can also move to another hosting solution such as VPS, AWS and dedicated. They are the best hosting for handling loading.
  • Mail Server Problem: Make sure you do not have a mail server problem. Mail servers have a limited email that the ecommerce stores can send to their customers within a day. This limit can become a major obstacle during the Holiday Season because stores get thousands of orders in a single day.
  • Solution: Check your email server, by sending 2 emails or more of the number of orders. If you have outsourced the mail server, make sure the company can auto-scale the email server limit within a minute’s note.

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  • Product URL Issue: Most ecommerce stores have an issue with broken links. This issue increases during the Holiday Season because more people start to visit the stores.
  • Solution: Verify product URLs of your ecommerce web & app store within a reliable link-checking tool. One of the best ecommerce on-site technical SEO tools is Screaming Frog. It will give a list of all pages that have bad URLs.
  • Slow Speed: Slow stores will now not show up in SERPs. However, that’s just the marketing aspect. According to research that visitors leave a website if it needs more than two seconds to load.
  • Solution: Here are the few solutions to slow speed for ecommerce stores:
    • Move to a faster ecommerce web hosting solution.
    • Get a CDN service
    • Install server-level cache
    • Install website cache plugins

3. Online Order Placement: That is the most ecommerce issue that had a limit of orders a user can place. This limit is normally required on certain deals during regular days so any customer does not take advantage of the chance. However, this limit can become a significant obstacle during festive days when customers will place multiple orders at once.

Solution: Just to make sure that review the order placement limit and spread it before a major effect so that you don’t miss out on the order count, and eventually your customer.

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4. Product Return & Refund Policies: More than 60% of using on-demand solutions for ecommerce app development says that they look at a retailer’s return policy before initiating a purchase. Moreover, two in five customers said they quit shopping carts because of delivery dates.

Solution: Never hide or attempt to trick customers about your return policy. Be transparent and make sure customers can simply find details about the return process. Make sure the policy is easily available on your developed website & mobile app, and add FAQs to make matters easier for your customers to understand. Lastly, avoid words that are hard to understand.

5. Data Security: Of all the eCommerce business challenges now, major issues in eCommerce can be one of the most difficult to overcome. The attackers opened the personal information of about 50 million users. Hackers tried to collect private user information like name and hometown.


  • Daily back up your data in case it is stolen.
  • Install security plugins when probable to check your website from being hacked.
  • A few general security plugins add Wordfence, BulletProof Security, and All in One WordPress Security and Firewall. Get a look at our tools for the best WordPress security plugins in 2019.

5 Factors to Success Your E-commerce Business in Marketplace

As an ecommerce business, getting into the best ecommerce app development is an important step towards growing a business and rising profits. For those who are just start-ups, ecommerce can be the foundation of a profitable e-commerce company.

Creating a Great Impression

Good mobile web design and Responsive web design have sources you can follow that will help you convert people to consider a look at what you have. It should not be too loud nor too dull. Everything on it should be easy to understand, yet maintains its personality. Design elements should entertain visitors, such as using full-width images and avoiding confusion with minimal text.

Offer Online Support to Customers

Your customers need to know they will have support later they purchase if required. Guaranteeing to troubleshoot after the purchase and consulting before the purchase can transform possible buyers into loyal, returning customers. Offer support at all steps of the shopping experience to assist new buyers to make their first purchase and returning customers to maintain making purchases. Whether that’s a phone line or a chatbox, obvious from the homepage so that buyers are conscious of those services.

Track Customer Returns & Complaints

The best online marketplaces have difficulties in an extremely competitive, global climate. If you disappoint to track customer returns and complaints, it can instantly damage your business. It’s important to identify, so make sure to resolve any disputes within a couple of hours. The same point goes for issues with payment portals connected to online marketplaces such as PayPal. Stay on top of this.

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Promote on Social Media

Advertise on social media is a powerful method to connect with lots of possible customers in creative, fun ways. Social media advertising can be anything from a simple Facebook feed post to a taco-shaped lens on Snapchat. Use tools, like Google Analytics, to track which ways your target customers are using maximum, and focus your marketing works on these platforms.

Make Your Pricing Right

Make sure that your Shopping Mobile App into Online marketplaces are different from standard e-commerce. They can offer on-demand solutions from pre-sales support to shipping to post-sales reviews. Others focus on running high volumes of stock immediately. Some are focused on high-end niche products with a small audience ready to wait for weeks to get a custom order.


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