Mobile Applications are giving end-to-end solutions to increase brand awareness, improve consumer experience on a high level. Apps are the middle way to connect the market with the customer by giving an exclusive interactive view and exploring activities. 

The wireless industries had a high development that was directed according to circumstances where a number of people are exacting to their mobile phones. Hence custom mobile app development offers the most desirable solution and helps to expand business globally for small and a large scale of businesses.

Doctor On-demand App Development: The Future of Healthcare Domain

In most developing countries like India and Kenya, efficient healthcare delivery has been a major issue for people. 

The Healthcare sector in India is expected to surge among a CAGR of around 23%, transferring $280 billion by 2020.

Many countries spend 3.7% of their GDP on the healthcare industry, the global standard with many of the countries around them

India is one of the largest worlds that provide generic medications, and as of November, 2020 month is the financial year. The country transported pharmaceuticals worth 11 billion U.S. dollars. The high volume of Indian medicines comprised 20% of the global generic medicine exports, and open for North America had the highest commission.

Increasing income percentage, healthcare awareness, and the preference from their lifestyle diseases, and booming health insurance bits of help are considered to remain the important contributors to doing business growth. 

South Africa spends almost 9% of its GDP on health care with more countries like Spain and Malta, although the doctor population ratio stands under 1-to-1000. With the public facilities could poorly implement, and waiting periods long, full private medical insurance acts worth considering for everyone regarding relocating to South Africa.

Kenya is spending 5.7% of its GDP on the health industry, it’s low on global standards and it is higher than some neighboring countries like Sudan and Ethiopia.

Zambia spends 5% of its GDP on health care but less than a third of somewhere like the U.S., and the health system remains at the rank of 182 out of 191 countries on WHO’s group board.

However, they also demanded an equally effective healthcare delivery infrastructure which can be provided with the growing population and demand.

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7 Key Features of Healthcare Mobile App Development

A medical mobile app must have user-friendly and interactive ease. A user would attract only for the app interface and easy login and views. An app would be a better option just a front of that can be done speedily.

On-demand doctor appointment app development company offer exclusive and standard features that help to book an appointment by setting up a schedule and doctor’s app to accept the booking and get a review & rating from their patients.

  1. Real-Time Tracking
  2. The real-time tracking feature is a great role for the patient app that helps to monitor the vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, calorie intake, blood-sugar levels, etc.
  1. Social Media Sign-in
  2. This feature allows fast sign in with social media and can enter into the patient app. However, several users object to sharing private data with Third-party social media apps, then you need to confirm in your app privacy policy the access level to personal profiles by social media.
  1. Schedule & Reminder
  2. That feature offers hassle-free doctor appointments scheduled. It helps to set up the schedule reminders to take medicine intake, water intake, sleep, daily calorie consumption targets, etc.
  1. Doctor Details
  2. A patient app allows checking a doctor’s profile with all details and by specialty, availability with time, location including other parameters. Patients are able to research a specific profile of the doctor in detail before booking a doctor’s appointment.
  1. Real-time Chat
  2. Patients can engage with specific physicians through real-time chat and get timely assistance. By the real-time chat features a patient can ask queries regarding their order and can take more details. It can facilitate access to healthcare and establish trust between doctors and patients.

Features and Cost to Online Medicine Delivery App Development

  1. Payment Gateway
  2. Payment gateway integration such as wallets, credit/debit cards, net banking, etc., allows patients to choose a payment mode safely and conveniently transactions to insurance.
  1. Reviews & Ratings
  2. This feature helps the doctor app improve by giving reviews and ratings to the doctor app. Patients are able to give their valuable feedback and share experiences with other patients. This would help patients decide more reliably and build credibility and patient loyalty for the online health care booking service.

Mobile App Development Service in India, the US and African Countries

With the exclusive features here, Deorwine infotech is the best healthcare mobile app development company in India that offers the best solution for the health care business and evaluates your idea with the practical knowledge and skills. 

At Deorwine Infotech, we take time to understand the complete requirements and make a better way to reach the goals of our client before committing to deliver the project. We always take care of client’s points of view about their project and we support them by implementing that. 

The best healthcare mobile app development in USA, serves their service globally, as we are not bound with any city or country to support their business. 

Whenever we start a project with a project documentation and agreed after our client, our main agenda would be UX/UI Design of the healthcare app. Because we understand that a user simply looks at the design and easy functionality. 

We always support businesses who are looking for a Growth, increasing sales and trying to make it manageable.

Doctor on demand app development: how much it cost to build doctor app like teledoc


In various countries a healthcare industry is one of the best high-demands where people are just looking at online doctor appointments. Nowadays, doctors, clinics and hospitals are looking to develop an on-demand healthcare mobile app development which would help to manage their patients and their details as well. 

Select the best on-demand healthcare app development company who can create a platform to book online doctor appointments and provides real-time and third-party integration features to give a complete  delivery and panels.

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